Plastic Surgery in Lubbock for Ear Correction

​​While parents don’t often encourage their teenagers to get plastic surgery, Lubbock teens could experience significant benefits from otoplasty, or cosmetic ear surgery. In this digital age, teens may post several pictures of themselves on social media every day. But when you find out that your child is not winning the popularity contest, instead getting bullied online over something as little as the appearance of ears, it is natural to want to help them. Otoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure that can have a lifelong impact on self-esteem and confidence. Adolescents should not be worried about how their ears look. The self-consciousness can even carry over into later life. Sensitivity about protruding ears can be detrimental to a person’s quality of life, and no one should have to live that way, especially when the issue can be corrected with plastic surgery in Lubbock.

Otoplasty is used to correct

  • Asymmetry in one or both ears
  • Abnormally large ears
  • Protruding ears

Scientific Evidence Supports Otoplasty in Children

Teens are not the only kids who are concerned about their looks. Younger children may suffer psychologically when they are subjected to the teasing of their peers. The playground can be a tough place when others either make fun of or ostracize classmates who look different. Bullying can also damage self-esteem and cause other lifelong problems for children who fall victim to it.

Studies have consistently shown that cosmetic ear surgery has significant benefits for children with protruding or misshapen ears. One such study found that children who received otoplasty reported a marked improvement in quality of life. The results were overwhelming: 97 percent reported an increase in happiness; 92 percent felt an increase in self-confidence; 79 percent reported improvements in their social lives; 100 percent reported bullying reduced or stopped. Researchers concluded, “Otoplasty is an effective procedure in alleviating psychosocial distress in the vast majority of children that undergo the operation, and hence this study supports the continued availability of otoplasty on the NHS for children with prominent ears.” 

Another study published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, The Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, found that “parents reported significant improvement in their children’s health-related quality of life following otoplasty.” The participating children also noted a higher satisfaction with their quality of life after the procedure; in fact, 88 percent reported feeling happier with the appearance of their ears after otoplasty and 93 percent would choose to have the surgery again if they were offered a second chance.

There are so many challenges that children face, but insecurity about their appearance doesn’t have to be one of them. Cosmetic ear plastic surgery in Lubbock can help by eliminating negative attention and inspiring a boost in self-esteem. 

When is the Right Time for Ear Surgery?

The decision to have plastic surgery is one that takes thoughtful planning and consideration, especially when the patient is your own child. The ideal timing for otoplasty depends on several factors, and your plastic surgeon will be able to help you make an informed decision. Otoplasty is a safe, routine surgery that can be performed at any age. If your child is going to have ear correction surgery, it is best if they wait to undergo the procedure until they are about five or six years old. This is when the ears are developed enough to benefit from cosmetic surgery, yet are still flexible and can easily take on the new shape. Furthermore, children do not typically develop feelings of self-consciousness before this age. If protruding or misshapen ears are corrected before children reach the school-age years, teasing and bullying may be avoided altogether. 

Ear Plastic Surgery in Lubbock for Adults

Otoplasty isn’t just for children. The procedure can provide a positive impact for teens and adults as well. Maybe you haven’t necessarily suffered bullying because of your prominent ears, but their appearance is enough to cause you some insecurity. A recent study concluded, “Otoplasty can provide significant positive psychosocial benefits, even in an adult population. Therefore, this type of surgery should be offered to any patient seeking a solution to prominent ear-related psychosocial problems regardless of age.” Whether you endured years of teasing or simply felt the personal desire to enhance the appearance of your ears, otoplasty can enhance your confidence by giving you the look you want. 

Preparing Your Child for Otoplasty

Children and adults both need to understand that their surgical results may not be fully visible immediately following the procedure. Healing will take some time and they will need to remember to leave the incision area alone during recovery. Even if your child is at the recommended minimum age for otoplasty, it still may not be the right time to pursue the procedure if a certain level of maturity is not yet reached. Children who undergo ear surgery must be able to understand the importance of their cooperation before and after the procedure. Doctors’ instructions must be followed, and if your child is not ready to comply with directions from your plastic surgeon, it may be necessary to put your plastic surgery in Lubbock on hold for a time.   

How is Otoplasty Performed?

The ear surgery is an outpatient procedure performed under general anesthesia. The doctor will make incisions in the front folds of the ear or on the back of the ear to hide potential scarring. The incisions allow the doctor to pin the ears back or reshape them into a more standard appearance. After these simple steps, the doctor stitches up the incisions and the healing process begins. The patient will need to wear a head dressing for a week as the incisions heal. Pain and complications are minimal, but always contact your doctor with any questions or concerns you may have. Watch the video below to learn more about otoplasty from Dr. Jane Rowley.

What is the Recovery Like?

After this plastic surgery in Lubbock, the ears are covered with bandages and wrapped with gauze to protect the incisions while they heal. The area of the procedure will swell as a response to the incision and corrections. Cold compresses and prescribed medication can help reduce this swelling and assist in pain management during the first few days of recovery. The patient should not sleep lying on the ears until they fully heal. Usually, the bandages and stitches can be removed about a week after the plastic surgery, and Lubbock patients can then see their results more clearly. After the bandages are removed, the swelling will continue to diminish until the area is completely healed. A full recovery from otoplasty typically takes about six weeks, and the final results are meant to be permanent.

Gauged Ear Correction—Return to Normal Earlobes 

With the help of plastic surgery, Lubbock patients can correct other ear issues as well. Some people who have gauged ears decide they are ready to change their look. If you have ears that call too much attention to themselves due to gauges or for other reasons, your board-certified plastic surgeon can help. This type of procedure is often referred to as ear reconstruction, as it requires the surgeon to rearrange tissue to rebuild the earlobe. 

Restoring Natural Earlobes 

Earlobes can be intentionally stretched with gauges, also known as cogs, caps, plugs, or tunnels. Once an earlobe hole is stretched past six millimeters, it will not shrink back. People are increasingly seeking to correct their stretched lobes because of career choices, age, or social stigma. With the aging process, some people may experience earlobe stretching or sagging. Others may have drooping or even split earlobes from prolonged wearing of heavy earrings. Whatever the reason, a simple corrective surgery can restore earlobes to their natural look.

Procedure and Results

Each person has different needs with their repair. Your doctor will carefully examine your earlobes to know what needs to be done during your plastic surgery. Lubbock ear gauge correction is performed as an outpatient procedure with local anesthetics. Excess lobe tissue is removed, and then the lobe is stitched up. An experienced surgeon can carefully reshape your earlobe to a more natural look. If you want to re-pierce your ears, you can have that done during the procedure. Your earlobe may be smaller than it was originally. Remember to follow all of your doctor’s recovery instructions carefully. If you smoke, you will need to stop smoking before your surgery and during your recovery.

Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon

Although ear correction is considered a cosmetic procedure, the process is much more involved than the beauty treatments you might get on a regular basis. Choosing a hair stylist or a nail salon is fairly simple; you can safely rely on reviews or word of mouth to find someone who will make you look great. Plastic surgery is different. It involves your health and well-being, and the changes made to your appearance are permanent. Spend the extra time and effort to find a well-qualified plastic surgeon you can trust. 

For starters, the surgeon you select should be board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Did you know that any doctor can legally perform cosmetic procedures? This means that if you don’t do your research, you could end up with a doctor who does not have the proper training and experience to handle your surgery. The last thing you want to do is place your health and appearance in the hands of an unqualified medical professional. When you select an ABPS board-certified plastic surgeon, you can rest assured knowing you have a doctor with a level of training, knowledge, and skill to give you a safe experience. Watch the video below for more information on how choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon will affect your surgical experience.

Once you are certain your surgeon is board-certified, find out more about their professional background. Do they specialize in the procedure that interests you? How much experience do they have performing ear plastic surgery? Lubbock Dr. Jane Rowley welcomes questions from her patients and spends the time necessary to make sure you feel comfortable throughout your plastic surgery journey.  

Researching your doctor’s credentials is important, but it is also a good idea to take a look at their work on previous patients. Most plastic surgeons have a before and after photo gallery for different procedures on their websites. Spend some time going through these pictures so you can get a clear idea of your surgeon’s aesthetic sense. What is beautiful to some may not be appealing to others, so be sure your tastes and preferences align with those of your surgeon. Next, communicate your goals to your doctor. A clear understanding between you and your plastic surgeon is crucial to getting the results you want.  

Simply Restoring Confidence

Plastic surgery is a science and an art. Dr. Jane Rowley is the board-certified, experienced surgeon who can help you regain confidence in your physical appearance. Whether you have earlobes that were accidentally torn or intentionally stretched, your earlobes can be repaired in around 45 minutes. If you are dissatisfied with your ears for other reasons, or if your child wants to make a change, you can consider otoplasty at Rowley Plastic Surgery in Lubbock. This choice will do more than just increase “likes” on social media; it provides new confidence as children begin to define themselves with more than just their appearance. 

Whether you are looking into otoplasty for yourself or for your child, you want to be certain you are in the right hands for the procedure. Plastic surgery can change lives for the better by inspiring greater self-confidence that radiates from the inside out. From your initial consultation to the post-operative recovery period and beyond, Dr. Jane Rowley and her staff at Rowley Plastic Surgery are 100 percent committed to your care, safety, and satisfaction. With over two decades of experience and thousands of happy patients, Dr. Rowley is the plastic surgeon you can trust with your aesthetic goals. Schedule your no-obligation consultation with Dr. Rowley today.

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