The Potential Health Benefits to Breast Reduction


Some people when asked about breast plastic surgery will immediately think about breast augmentation which enhances and enlarges the breasts. For residents of Lubbock, plastic surgery for breasts can also include breast reduction surgery. Having breasts that are too large for your body size can create health issues that decreases your quality of life. Physical and emotional issues can be taxing on your overall life experience.


What can you expect with a breast reduction? Your plastic surgeon will make a few incisions in your breast and remove excess fat and breast tissue. Your breasts are reshaped to a smaller size. Sometimes the dark area around your nipple is also made smaller and may need to be repositioned. Excess skin can be removed and incision openings are stitched up.


Most women report being extremely satisfied with breast reduction plastic surgery. Lubbock women can talk about the possible outcomes of surgery with Dr. Rowley before the procedure. Some things to consider are improved ability to move and to be more active. Exercise will be less restricted. Breast reduction can help with back pain and neck aches. Some report fewer headaches. Sleep quality is improved.  Everyone knows that with better sleep and increased daily exercise, general health and well being increases. Some women with large breast suffer from painful shoulder indents from bra straps. This will be alleviated with smaller and lighter breasts


Don’t forget the emotional impact of a breast reduction. For women with large breasts in Lubbock, plastic surgery can help with anxieties and depression caused by insecurities in self image. When you no longer feel self conscious about large breasts, you can feel an emotional freedom. Whether while wearing a swimming suit or just trying to shop for clothes that fit, this freedom is emotionally healing. Mental health is so important to our overall health and quality of life.
If you have a negative experience because of large breasts, contact Rowley Plastic Surgery for a consultation about options and procedures to get a new lease on life and to learn about the benefits of breast reduction.

Natural Looking Breast Augmentation with Shaped Implants

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Sit on a bench at a busy mall and you will immediately notice how different everyone is. People vary in shape and size. We are individuals even when it comes to breast augmentation. Breast implants come in many sizes and shapes so you can choose the right look and style to fit your individual body type, personality, and aesthetic goals. It is important to talk to your surgeon and discuss your goals so you are completely understood before you have plastic surgery.


Thanks to Hollywood, the idea of breast augmentation gives the thought of very large, round breasts. Most women look to breast implants to enhance their natural body and aren’t looking for the Hollywood artificial look. Shaped implants are available to give a woman a more natural breast shape and look.


Before having plastic surgery, Lubbock doctor, Jane Rowley will want you to consider your body shape and think about the breast implant’s size and shape that best fits your body type. You will also need to consider where your implant will be placed in conjunction with your own tissue and muscle. The doctor can talk to you about where your incision site will be and if that affects your implant choice.


Round breast implants are the most popular implants women choose. They are filled with saline or silicone. These implants also have different projection styles. Round implants give more cleavage and lift for women. This lift is in both the lower and upper region of the breast where the breast generally doesn’t have fullness without implants. This is where some people feel upper lift looks more unnatural.


For a more natural breast augmentation, some women will choose a teardrop shaped breast implant.  These implants have a slope to them so they are more filled out on the bottom of the breast like the shape of a more natural breast. Your natural looking breast implants will have a rough surface that will help keep them in place while healing so they do not rotate and look out of place. Teardrop breast implants might just be the option you are looking for to get that more natural look with a more subtle enhancement.

With so many choices in plastic surgery, Lubbock is a great place to find the new you.

A Natural Approach to Breast Reconstruction

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Hearing a diagnosis of breast cancer can feel like a nightmare. No woman wants to undergo the fear of cancer with its treatments which may include mastectomy. Breast cancer affects one in eight women. It is treatable if detected early. Each individual patient will need to discuss treatment and recovery with their doctor. Breast reconstruction may be something to opt for. Breast reconstruction is more than just a breast augmentation. It usually requires more than one surgery. Breast reconstruction can not only help restore your body physically but can be instrumental in healing you emotionally after a mastectomy.

In Lubbock, plastic surgery patients can choose to have their breasts reconstructed with implants. Implants are put into place immediately after the mastectomy procedure. Patients may have tissue expanders put in place to increase the space for a future breast reconstruction procedure. But there are other options for a more natural breast reconstruction.

Natural Breast Reconstruction Technique

A more natural breast reconstruction technique uses a flap of the patient’s own tissue. The tissue has blood vessels, fat and skin and sometimes muscle that is moved from a place on the body to rebuild the breast. This can give a more natural feel and look to the reconstructed breast area. These flaps can be taken from different areas, stomach, inner thigh, buttocks, or the back of your body, depending on where your doctor feels is best. These flaps make breast reconstruction more natural and will even respond like the rest of your body, enlarging and shrinking if weight is gained or lost. Before this type of plastic surgery, Lubbock doctors will advise you of the risks and what to expect so you can know if this is the right type of breast reconstruction for you.

Whether implants, fat transfer, or tissue flap procedures, reconstructive breast surgery is a personal choice between patient and doctor. For women in Lubbock, plastic surgery may be what you need to feel completely recovered from the experience of breast cancer. Having a good doctor to discuss your options with is so important. Rowley Plastic Surgery has the trusted doctors and experience to help with difficult choices.

Which Breast Procedure is Right for You?

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Plastic surgery covers many procedures from tummy tucks to nose jobs. But women often worry about the appearance of their breasts. Breast surgery offers three different procedures, each with options to consider and different reasons for having the procedure. Clients looking for options in Lubbock plastic surgery can consider each procedure to discover what is best for your personal situation.


Breast Augmentation

If you are interested in enhancing the appearance, breast size, or shape of your breasts with plastic surgery, Lubbock surgeon Jane Rowley can discuss options with you. Breast Augmentation can help women who feel their breasts are too small or have changed after pregnancy. Some women have breasts that are not symmetrical. Breast Augmentation may be the option you are looking for. This procedure uses implants to achieve the client’s desired look.


Breast Reduction

Women who have too much breast tissue can experience back pain, neck pain, and breathing problems. Large breasts can inhibit exercise and other activities. There is also the difficulty of buying clothing that fits well. Tummy Tucks aren’t the only option if you feel you are carrying around a little extra uncomfortable weight. Breast reductions remove excess breast tissue, fat, and skin to make your breasts shapely and lighter. With a breast reduction, women can feel a new life with unrestricted movement and less chest weight from breasts that are out of proportion with your body size.


Breast Reconstruction

With breast cancer and possible mastectomy, some women face actually losing one or both of their breasts. Lubbock plastic surgery is at its best with Rowley Plastic Surgery to help you look at options for breast reconstruction. With the latest technology, surgeons can create a breast that comes close to the feel and appearance of a natural breast. Women who have reconstructive surgery can experience a faster recovery emotionally from the treatments of breast cancer.


With so many options in breast plastic surgery, Lubbock is the right place to be to see the right doctors at Rowley Plastic Surgery to discuss your individual needs and goals.