Minimizing Risk With the Best Plastic Surgeon in Lubbock

While it’s more fun to focus on the perks of plastic surgery, it is also important to remember that there are always risks associated with any kind of surgery, even when it’s for cosmetic reasons. Dr. Jane Rowley wants you to experience all of the benefits that you hope to gain from your procedure in her Lubbock office, but it is most important to her that you are well informed and that you don’t take any unnecessary risks. Your health and well-being are the highest priority, so Dr. Rowley will always ensure each surgery is handled with the utmost care. Here are the most common risks associated with plastic surgery. 

Top Risks of Cosmetic Surgery

  • Scarring: Even with the best plastic surgeon, Lubbock patients should expect to see some degree of scarring after their procedure. For surgeries like a tummy tuck, Dr. Rowley will minimize the visibility of scarring through strategic placement and smaller incisions. Given proper care and time to heal, scars generally fade and are greatly outweighed by the cosmetic enhancement.
  • Blood Loss: Like scarring, this is also a natural occurrence during surgery; however, when excessive, blood loss can lead to a drop in blood pressure. Both excessive bleeding during the procedure and internal bleeding during recovery can have serious consequences.
  • Infection: It is in your best interest to take advantage of having the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock by following her orders exactly. Dr. Rowley stresses to her patients the importance of following her instructions so they can steer clear of the risk for infection. She prescribes careful post-surgical steps to reduce the chance for infection, but it can still occur for some patients and can sometimes require antibiotics. 
  • Hematoma: Unlike blood loss, this happens when blood remains under the skin but pools together, resembling a large bruise. If severe, an additional operation may be needed to drain the blood.
  • Anesthesia Complications: Anesthesia is used to help you become unconscious and unaware of the surgery and pain during the procedure. This process is used for many medical procedures, but always has inherent risks including waking up confused or disoriented, waking up with a shivering effect, or sometimes even waking up mid-surgery. More serious but less common complications from anesthesia include lung infections, stroke, or heart attack.
  • Dissatisfaction: Most people are very satisfied with their appearance after cosmetic surgery; however, it is always a risk that you will not be completely happy with the final results. As the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock, Dr. Rowley always consults carefully with her patients so she can help them achieve the look they desire. She takes the time to create a realistic set of expectations for every procedure so that there are no unhappy surprises after surgery. 
  • Nerve Damage: Some plastic surgery procedures can leave numbness and tingling or an entire loss of sensation. Some women experience a loss of nipple sensation following breast augmentation surgery.

How You Can Reduce Risks

With the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock, all of the procedures we offer at Rowley Plastic Surgery are approved and safe, but surgery in general comes with certain risks.The degree of risk is different for every patient, because your health plays an important role in the success of your surgery. Maintaining healthy habits like eating right and getting regular exercise can go a long way towards reducing your chances of experiencing plastic surgery complications. People who are ill or have poor nutritional habits may not make the best candidates for cosmetic procedures. 

Break Up With Nicotine

If you are considering plastic surgery and you smoke, the best thing you can do is to stop now. Most surgeons require their patients to stop the use of nicotine in all forms several weeks prior to and following their procedure. Nicotine inhibits blood circulation and can cause surgical wounds to heal poorly. If you smoke, talk to your doctor about creating a plan to quit so you can not only pursue your cosmetic procedure, but also enjoy a much healthier life.  

Choosing the Best Plastic Surgeon in Lubbock

The most important thing you can do to mitigate your surgical risks is to select a qualified and experienced doctor. Dr. Jane Rowley and other board-certified surgeons across the country take the necessary precautions to make plastic surgery as safe as possible. It is important, however, that you understand that plastic surgery is a serious medical operation and a procedure like a tummy tuck is clearly riskier for your body than a simple manicure. It’s essential to be informed, talk to your doctor, and to choose the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock, Dr. Jane Rowley. 

Selecting the right surgeon is key to your plastic surgery success. Whether it’s reconstructive or cosmetic, ear pinning or a breast reduction, you want to make sure it’s done right by a qualified surgeon. How do you know you’re selecting the best plastic surgeon for the job? Here are the two most important questions you can ask.

Are They Board-Certified?

Licensing and board certification are not the same thing. While all medical doctors must be licensed to practice in the United States, board certification is voluntary and proves a surgeon passed rigorous testing, peer evaluation, and continuing education specific to their specialty. These credentials are becoming even more important in an ever-changing medical field. To find the best plastic surgeon, Lubbock patients should limit their search to doctors who are not only licensed but are also board-certified. 

How Much Experience Do They Have?

Licenses and certifications only get a surgeon so far. To be the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock, they need a level of experience that gives them knowledge and insight that new surgeons do not have. How much practice do they have in the field? How much experience do they have with the type of procedure you need? When it comes to handling a surgical procedure that permanently changes the way you look, nothing can replace experience. You don’t want to be your doctor’s guinea pig. 

Dr. Rowley has more than two decades of plastic surgery experience under her belt. She is second only to her father on the list of experienced plastic surgeons in the Lubbock area. In addition to 20 years of practice, she went above and beyond in her training by completing an optional, full general-surgery residency, including a full year of surgical research and six months of training in the UK. Better training and more experience make her the best plastic surgeon Lubbock has to offer. Because she went the extra mile fine-tuning her training and expanding her experience, Dr. Rowley’s patients reap the benefits in their plastic surgery results.

Trust in Our Training and Have Confidence in Yourself

The safety and health of her patients is of the highest priority to Dr. Rowley and her staff. While it is important to understand the risks of plastic surgery, you can rest assured that you are in the best possible care with Rowley Plastic Surgery. Regardless of what type of cosmetic procedure you are considering, you deserve an experienced, board-certified surgeon to give you the best chance of achieving the results you want. Don’t settle for less. With over 20 years of experience and countless happy patients, Dr. Jane Rowley is the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock. Call our office for a no-obligation consultation today.

Minimizing Scars With the Best Plastic Surgeon in Lubbock

You may be so excited about your upcoming plastic surgery procedure and your new look. That’s great! Feeling excitement and enthusiasm before surgery rather than anxiety and nervousness is a good thing. However, it is important to remember that your body will take time to heal and recover. Even with the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock, your full results will not be visible the moment your anesthesia wears off.

One aspect of plastic surgery that is often overlooked is the presence of post-surgery scars. If you choose to get multiple procedures done at the same time, (e.g., a mommy makeover) then you will have scars in multiple areas on your body. The skill and aesthetic eye of your surgeon play a significant role in the appearance of your scars, so you should spend the necessary time to find the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock for you. Before surgery, Dr. Jane Rowley always gives her patients the complete details on what kinds of incisions will be made, how long the scars will take to heal, and to what degree they may appear permanently.

Here are some plastic surgeries Dr. Rowley performs often and the scarring associated with each:

Tummy Tuck

With a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, your surgeon gets rid of excess skin and fat through a low horizontal abdominal incision. If you have more skin that needs to be removed, the incision will be longer, potentially stretching around the flanks to your back. Patients who have extended tummy tucks will end up with more scarring than those who receive the mini or standard version of the procedure. Most incisions are made at or below the bikini line, so the final scar is not obvious to others even in swimwear. For women who have delivered a baby via C-section, the surgeon may be able to cut along the existing scar to minimize total scarring. The best plastic surgeon in Lubbock will be able to use expert skill to hide scars even more.

Breast Augmentation

The first step you can take toward minimizing breast augmentation scars is to find the best plastic surgeon. Lubbock women can expect each incision to be about two inches long and they can be made in a couple of different locations. Some patients choose to have the incision underneath the breast. This is called an inframammary incision, and it is not visible unless the breast is lifted to reveal it. Even in a bikini top, no one else will be able to see the scar. You can also have the incision around the bottom half of the areola.

The incision under the armpit, or transaxillary incision, leaves the breasts completely without scars. However, some surgeons avoid this technique because it makes it more difficult to place breast implants with exactness. If you have a breast lift along with an augmentation, then your surgeon should outline the best place for the incisions to be located. Since this is a short incision, the result will be two short and small scars.


Incisions for liposuction are much smaller than for other procedures because what enters through the skin is a tiny tube called a cannula. This method results in much less noticeable scars that usually fade significantly over time. With the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock, your liposuction procedure will result in minimal scarring. Sometimes after liposuction a light or dark mark called a dyschromia is left on the skin. This is not a true scar and it usually does not last more than 6 months, but it can happen to some patients. These spots may appear more noticeable in people with darker skin pigmentation and for those whose liposuction treatments require the use of larger cannulas.

Reducing the Appearance of Scars After Plastic Surgery

If you want to have plastic surgery don’t let the potential for scars hold you back. The end result of your procedure will far outweigh the scars left behind, which can be well-hidden and usually fade with time. While some scarring is inevitable, the way it ends up looking depends largely on your genetics, the type of surgery, and other factors outside of your control. But even though you can’t do much about genetics, there are many things you can do to mitigate scarring after surgery. Don’t let a fear of scarring keep you from pursuing your aesthetic goals with the best plastic surgeon. Lubbock patients can rely on Dr. Jane Rowley and her extensive experience during the procedure to keep scars minimal from the start. Here are a few things you can do to help.

Natural Remedies

Remedies such as St. John’s wort, aloe vera, vitamin E, and shea or cocoa butter may all reduce scarring and promote healthy skin. Massage can also help by stimulating healthy blood flow to the healing area and reducing the build-up of scar tissue below the surface of the skin. Be sure to check with your doctor to learn when you can begin massaging topical ointment after plastic surgery. Dr. Rowley’s patients can rest assured knowing they have the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock for expert advice and aftercare.

Over the Counter Remedies

There are many over the counter remedies for scarring, but don’t waste your money trying every concoction that claims to magically get rid of them. Sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher should be your first line of defense against scarring. Silicone sheets are one of the more popular remedies for surgical scars. They can protect the wound, hydrate the skin, ease itching, and promote the production of healthy collagen. Creams, lotions, and oils can also help reduce scarring and help keep your skin healthy and moisturized, though some should be used during healing and some shouldn’t be used until the wound has closed. Check with your surgeon on the appropriate timing for each remedy.


Technology offers other options you can pursue to reduce scarring from plastic surgery with the best plastic surgeon. Lubbock patients can ask Dr. Rowley for more information on these procedures, such as laser skin resurfacing, Kenalog injections, IPL (intense pulsed light), microdermabrasion, surgical revision, or radiation.

Don’t Be Afraid of Scars

Scarring should never be a reason not to pursue your aesthetic goals through plastic surgery. No matter which procedure interests you, there are options for reducing the appearance of plastic surgery scars. The best plastic surgeon in Lubbock can help give you increased confidence in your appearance, and the well-placed scars hidden beneath your swimsuit won’t be able to detract from your new look.    

Beautiful Results With the Best Plastic Surgeon in Lubbock

You don’t have to go far to find an expert, personable, educated plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience. Dr. Jane Rowley devotes her time and energy to her patients, making them feel instantly comfortable and secure in every part of their decision-making process. At your consultation, she will go over each procedure you choose step-by-step and explain the incisions and scars associated with each one. If you have questions about scarring, contact Rowley Plastic Surgery today. You can schedule a no-obligation consultation and discuss your concerns with Dr. Rowley and put your mind at ease knowing you’ve chosen the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock. Contact us today!

Get the Most Out of Plastic Surgery With the Best Plastic Surgeon in Lubbock

If you are serious about having plastic surgery, you have probably already given the decision a lot of thought. Online research, talking to friends and family, and some personal reflection should all play a part in helping you make the right choices for your cosmetic goals. Educating yourself will go a long way toward getting the results you want from plastic surgery. The more you know about your procedure, the better your overall experience will be. Learning about what to expect after the surgery and during your recovery will also help you have the right mindset about your results.

Even with the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock, some of the responsibility rests in the hands of the patient when it comes to increasing the odds for the best possible experience. Consider some of the key facts you need to know about the most commonly requested plastic surgery procedures:

Breast Augmentation

  • Outpatient surgery
  • Takes about an hour
  • Back to work in 2-3 days
  • 4-6 weeks before returning to full physical activity

Face Lift

  • Takes 2-3 hours
  • Patient awakens from anesthesia with a dressing and a small drain for 24 hours
  • Sutures are removed in about a week
  • Back to work in 10-14 days
  • Swelling can last 6-8 weeks, often very minimal after the first 2-3 weeks


  • The incisions are small
  • Back to work in 3 days
  • Minor to moderate pain
  • Swelling for up to 4-6 weeks
  • Compression garments typically worn for 2-4 weeks

Tummy Tuck

  • Outpatient surgery
  • Takes 2 hours
  • Back to work in 2-3 weeks
  • Full activity is typically resumed at 6-8 weeks postoperatively

Consider Your Personal Situation

If you have a job that requires physical labor or you regularly participate in strenuous exercise, you may need to schedule more time off work so you can gradually resume your normal schedule. It is never a good idea to jump back into a demanding work environment before you are properly rested and fully recovered. During your consultation, your surgeon should explain each procedure and what you can expect in terms of results and recovery.

The Importance of Realistic Expectations

Even the very best plastic surgeon in Lubbock wants to make sure patients have realistic expectations for the outcome of their surgery. It’s perfectly fine to have high expectations; after all, the procedure costs money and will require some downtime during recovery. However, if your goal is to come out of surgery with the perfect body, you may experience disappointment. The same goes if your hope is to end up looking exactly like your favorite celebrity. Plastic surgery is not meant to change everything about who you are or the way you look, it is an artistic tool to help beautify and enhance your appearance. The best plastic surgeon in Lubbock will tell you that when you have realistic goals for the outcome of your procedure, you are much more likely to be happy with the results.

Reducing the Appearance of Plastic Surgery Scars

When you start thinking about how plastic surgery might look on you, it can be easy to forget that scarring might be part of the end result. Scars are a natural result of surgical incisions and are often unavoidable, but there are things you can do to help minimize their appearance.

Select the Best Plastic Surgeon in Lubbock

All patients want to feel like they are in the hands of the best plastic surgeon. Lubbock plastic surgery performed by a board-certified surgeon like Dr. Jane Rowley will not only give you confidence in the quality of the surgery but also in the care taken to avoid extensive scarring. Although MDs can perform cosmetic procedures, they are not necessarily trained in the aesthetic aspects of plastic surgery. Board-certified plastic surgeons have the training and techniques to minimize scarring. These qualifications also allow them to ensure that the procedure is not only medically correct and safe, but that the results also look as natural and appealing as possible after they heal.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Your diet and lifestyle choices can have an effect on how well your skin heals after plastic surgery. There is no special diet that specifically promotes healing, but eating balanced meals with full of vitamins and nutrients will help your body recover and heal better after surgery. One of the lifestyle choices that determines how you will heal after your procedure is whether or not you smoke. We are all familiar with the health warnings about smoking and the fact that it leads to cancer and lung disease. But smoking also causes problems with the circulation in your skin and can slow down the healing process after surgery as well as increase your risk for complications. If you want the best possible results with the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock, it’s best to stick to a healthy diet and quit smoking before and after your procedure.

Plastic Surgery Experience You Can Trust

There’s a lot that goes into the decision to have plastic surgery. If you are ready to begin your cosmetic journey, Rowley Plastic Surgery can guide you through the entire process with compassion and care. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Jane Rowley is the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock. Her patients feel at ease knowing she has a thorough medical education and extensive plastic surgery experience. She always carefully consults with her patients and handles all of their questions with honesty. Dr. Rowley thoroughly explains each procedure and addresses any concerns her patients may have about the surgery. Call today to schedule your no-obligation consultation.

Your FAQs Answered by the Best Plastic Surgeon in Lubbock

Each plastic surgery candidate is unique and has different needs, goals, and expectations. But patients considering cosmetic procedures often have the same types of questions. There is no harm in doing research online, but it is important to talk to a board-certified plastic surgeon you trust to get the accurate information you need. Banking on unreliable sources could lead you in the wrong direction and can end up being detrimental to your surgical experience.

Your decision whether or not to have a surgical procedure requires good information and knowledge. The more you know about a procedure and its expected outcome and recovery, the better your experience will be. The first key to having a positive experience with plastic surgery is finding the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock for you, and asking them the questions you feel are important for your understanding. Some of the most commonly asked questions include the following:

Is Plastic Surgery Safe?

All surgery has risks. Always discuss with your doctor your medical history and ask about the specific risk factors of the procedure you are planning. For patients in good overall health and who follow their doctor’s instructions, plastic surgery does not have any unique risks over other surgeries. Complete disclosure to your doctor of your previous or current medical conditions and any prescription or non-prescription drugs or supplements you may be taking is a crucial part of ensuring your safety.

Another important element for your safety is the qualification of your plastic surgeon. Board-certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery is a must. When looking for the best plastic surgeon, Lubbock patients should make sure their doctor has the experience and training necessary to perform their specific procedure. Positive referrals from trustworthy sources can be very helpful in finding a surgeon who can provide you with high quality care.

What Makes a Good Plastic Surgery Candidate?

With any plastic surgery, a patient should be in good health, not smoke, and carefully consult with his or her doctor. Your plastic surgery candidacy will also depend on specific factors associated with the procedure you are planning. If you are interested in breast augmentation, you will need to discuss your body size, breast tissue, and breast skin with your doctor. Patients who want procedures like liposuction will have their skin elasticity and muscle tone evaluated to determine their candidacy. Having a positive outlook and realistic goals and expectations are important for any patient considering plastic surgery.

Will My Insurance Cover the Costs?

Most plastic surgeries are considered elective, and even great insurance does not usually pay for procedures that are not considered medically necessary. Check with your insurance policy to know what your payment options are. Some plastic surgery procedures are covered by insurances. If you are interested in a nose job, breast reduction, or eyelid surgery, you may be covered by insurance if the procedure is needed for medical reasons. It is always important to check with your insurance company before having any medical treatment or procedure to clearly understand what your benefits are. Always discuss with your doctor expected expenses and payment options and expectations before treatment.

What are My Payment Options?

If an out of pocket payment sounds scary, then consider a credit option. The cosmetic boost you are wanting just might be more than the budget can handle with an all at once, one time payment. Most doctors have policies that require payment to be made in full at or before the time of service. Even the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock is not set up to keep track of payments and balances like a credit company would.

Many patients find their plastic surgery payment to be more manageable with CareCredit. CareCredit is a credit card that is specifically designed for procedures and treatments that are not generally covered under a medical insurance plan. This card is a little different than a regular credit card, as it has no-interest payment plans and a variety of payoff options. CareCredit offers short repayment times giving you the ability to manage your healthcare costs better. Visit their site for more information.

What Factors Impact the Success of My Surgery?

Each patient is an individual case for plastic surgery. There are a wide variety of factors that play into the outcome of your procedure. The best plastic surgeons in Lubbock will be happy to answer all of your questions, and they should thoroughly cover all aspects of your surgery, including recovery. A key factor to a successful plastic surgery experience is starting with an experienced, board-certified surgeon. Dr. Jane Rowley is the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock and is dedicated to providing her patients with a superior experience.

The Trusted Source for Your Plastic Surgery Needs

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Rowley has the skills and expertise to restore your confidence in your appearance. She will spend the time needed for you to understand your plastic surgery options. Schedule your no-obligation consultation today with the best plastic surgeon Lubbock has to offer to find all the answers to your plastic surgery questions.

The Best Plastic Surgeon in Lubbock: A “Mommy Makeover” with Dr. Rowley

Are you ready for a change? Do you want to feel more confident? Are there aspects of your physical appearance you wish looked different? Many women find their bodies simply aren’t what they used to be. Whether from pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight gain, or weight loss, regaining the physique you once had can be difficult. A “mommy makeover” with Lubbock’s best plastic surgeon, Dr. Jane Rowley, could be the solution.

What is a “Mommy Makeover”?

Combining various surgical and non-surgical procedures is one way to achieve multiple desired results all at once. Dr. Rowley explains:

“A ‘mommy makeover’ technically is a combination of a tummy procedure and a breast procedure. Most often a tummy tuck, and a breast lift or augmentation, but sometimes even a breast reduction. Often times, liposuction is in the mix. But regardless, it’s a bigger procedure. Almost always a little longer operative time, and you need to be realistic about what we can accomplish. But you also need to know that the term ‘mommy makeover’ sounds really cute, but it’s always more than one surgery. It’s going to be more than one recovery. A little more recovery time, a little more down time. There’s lots of people that are excellent candidates for a ‘mommy makeover’, but there are some that there’s just too much to do in one setting, so it’s about the pros and cons, deciding for that person what’s going to be best for them.”

The Best Plastic Surgeon In Lubbock

When choosing a plastic surgeon, there is a lot to consider. As the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock, Texas, Dr. Rowley understands that every woman seeking a “mommy makeover” has unique needs and personal goals. This is why she makes patient education her top priority. She works directly with each one of her patients to make sure they feel comfortable with combining procedures and what that entails. Through an in-depth consultation process, Dr. Rowley takes the time to learn the individual desires and expectations of her patients. If you have concerns, she listens. If you have questions, she provides answers. You will work as a team to develop a customized treatment plan designed just for you. Watch the video below to understand more of Dr. Rowley’s approach to plastic surgery.

What to Consider

Before undergoing plastic surgery, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) offers a few suggestions:

“A mommy makeover is typically performed as a single stage procedure. There are many techniques used to perform a mommy makeover, and many factors should be taken into consideration when choosing which techniques are best:

  • Desired amount of restoration
  • Placement of the incisions
  • Type of implant used

… The mommy makeover is one of today’s most popular combination plastic surgery techniques, designed specifically to address common issues faced by women who have been through pregnancy and breastfeeding.”

Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

You have many choices to make when planning out a “mommy makeover”. Choosing a plastic surgeon is one of them. Dr. Rowley comes highly qualified as a board-certified plastic surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and an IDEAL IMPLANT® Premier Surgeon. A 2016 patient testimonial on Realself by hivalerie1 states:

“I’m not overstating when I say Dr. Rowley is a miracle worker. Eight weeks ago I flew to Lubbock because I felt she was the only plastic surgeon I could trust. She did a combined procedure (tummy/hips/arms/chin). I expected an improvement, but I was completely shocked at what she was able to accomplish. I feel like I got a full ‘hardware upgrade’ and still can’t believe it when I look in the mirror. Before I knew Jane, I really never considered plastic surgery and had a lot of preconceptions about why people do it. It has made such a difference in my personal comfort and confidence, and it frees up so much mental energy for the rest of my life to just not worry about body issues. Her staff just adds to that, they are stellar, super on the ball and experienced, and really do treat you like family—they made me feel right at home while staying in an unknown city on my own for two weeks. They just went above and beyond throughout the recovery process. Even after I came home, there has been continual follow up. I trusted Dr. Jane because of her intensive, high-level training, deep experience, and that she sets clear expectations with straightforward honesty … Based on my experience, I can’t recommend her highly enough, even if you don’t live in Lubbock, it’s worth travelling to know you are in the best hands. I wouldn’t go anywhere else, even though it means a flight. Thank you so much, Dr. Rowley & team, you’ve really changed my life.”

Is a “mommy makeover” right for you? Don’t let choosing a plastic surgeon be a stressful task. Contact Dr. Rowley, Lubbock’s best plastic surgeon, to schedule a no-obligation consultation. Call 806-792-3715 today, or visit to learn more.

Procedures for Men With the Best Plastic Surgeon in Lubbock

It is true that the vast majority of plastic surgery requests come from women, but there is an ever-growing population of men who want similar surgical procedures. Men can benefit from plastic surgery in the same ways women can; enhancing your appearance can boost your confidence, improve your mental health, and even free you from discomfort. Whether you want to make sure you look as good as you feel or you simply want to treat yourself to a few desired improvements, plastic surgery may be the right option for you. If you are unsure about where to start, you can always give our office a call and schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Jane Rowley. You can talk through your concerns with the best plastic surgeon Lubbock has to offer, and she will advise you on the right options for reaching your cosmetic goals.

Makeovers Aren’t Just for Moms

We often hear about women who get mommy makeovers to get back to their pre-pregnancy shape by having plastic surgery on their breasts and belly. Men are beginning to take advantage of the surgical options they have to restore their youthful look as well. Like the typical breast and belly combination of the mommy makeover, the procedures for men can also target these areas. By combining a male breast reduction to treat gynecomastia and abdominal liposuction, men can help their own efforts to improve their masculine ab and chest appearance. A healthy diet and regular exercise are still necessary to maintain the athletic look that many men desire, but sometimes diet and exercise are simply not enough. Pairing these efforts with the skills of the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock can help restore a more youthful look and feel. These makeovers can consist of any combination of procedures that are right for you. Below are a few of the common procedures that men choose from when considering plastic surgery.


Liposuction is one of the top plastic surgery procedures requested by men. That soft stomach that hangs over the top of the pants plagues both men and women, and typically gets worse with age. Liposuction addresses this concern, but it is not meant to be a weight loss technique. Patients should be in good health and at a stable weight before applying this procedure as an additional tool for shaping and refining. When you are working with the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock, the arms, hips, back, face, and legs can all benefit from liposuction as well.

Male Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia, or male breast reduction, can reduce the appearance of breasts on men. Male breast reduction can treat enlarged male chests by removing the fatty excess breast tissue, as well as the excess or stretched skin, to tighten the chest area and produce a more toned appearance. Combining this procedure with liposuction can achieve exceptional results with the best plastic surgeon Lubbock patients trust. The appearance of a female chest from excess fat and skin can cause a great amount of self-consciousness for men. The restoration of tone in the chest area can improve both physical and emotional qualities of life.

Neck Lifts and Chin Augmentation

Men typically have a well-defined jawline and a clean chin to neck connection. If this is lacking due to excess skin and fat on the neck or an abnormally small lower jaw projection, you may look older than you are. A neck lift can resolve that “turkey neck” look and can improve your everyday life by making dress shirts and ties more comfortable. This procedure can also take years off your appearance. For those with insufficient jaw projection, a combination of a chin implant with liposuction of the jawline can give a contoured and sculpted look that creates a strong masculine jaw.

Facial Rejuvenation

Facial treatments can provide benefits through both surgical and non-surgical techniques. They target facial signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, deep creases, facial and neck sagging, crepey skin, and other concerns. Plastic surgery options include a facelift and neck and forehead lifts. Non-surgical procedures include muscle relaxant injections, dermal fillers, and laser treatments.

Get Your Body Back With the Best Plastic Surgeon Lubbock Has to Offer

Men also have options with eyelid rejuvenation (blepharoplasty), nose surgery (rhinoplasty), and much more. Americans are living longer with a better quality of life than ever before, and aesthetic surgery simply helps people look as good as they feel. Whether you’re interested in one or several of these procedures, your first step is to call our office and schedule a no-obligation consultation with Dr. Jane Rowley. At Rowley Plastic Surgery, you can rest assured knowing you are in the experienced hands of the best plastic surgeon Lubbock has to offer. She will walk you through the options that will help you reach your body goals and will counsel with you on the best combination of procedures to help you feel like a new man.  Call us today!

Brachioplasty with the Best Plastic Surgeon Lubbock Has to Offer

It’s that time of year again—fall is in the air. Cooler weather, sending kids back to school, and pumpkin spiced everything make this season so enjoyable. However, some of us look forward to the end of summer so we can wear clothes that hide the unattractive areas of our bodies. It’s not easy to hide flabby arm skin during the hotter months. Hiding should never be a way of life, and if you are constantly trying to conceal yourself, it is time to do something about it. If you are pulling out those big sweaters and sweatshirts a little early this season just to keep your arms out of sight, it might be time to consider an arm lift.  

Arm Lift Candidates

How much arm flab is too much? The answer is different for everyone and it depends on how self-conscious you feel about your arms. Many women develop a bit of loose skin on their arms as they age, but if some arms sag so much that they start to resemble bat wings. If you feel uncomfortable wearing arm revealing clothing because of the excessive skin and fat hanging from your arms, you will likely be a good candidate for the procedure.

Dr. Jane Rowley is the best plastic surgeon Lubbock has to offer. She has performed arm lifts for over 20 years, and she has the experience to advise her patients about the benefits they could see. Here are a few of the criteria she looks for in the right patient:

  • Significant amounts of excess skin and fat on the upper arms
  • Able to maintain a stable weight
  • Not overweight
  • Good overall health
  • Realistic expectations

The Arm Lift Procedure

Before you have an arm lift, you will need to refrain from smoking and other tobacco products for several weeks before surgery because nicotine raises your risk for complications and infection. The procedure is done at an outpatient surgery center under general anesthesia and typically takes about an hour. During surgery, fat is removed using liposuction and excess skin is cut away. The sutures used are absorbable and Dr. Rowley typically does not place drain tubes. A scar is left from the incision made on the backside of the arm.

Benefits of Brachioplasty

An arm lift, otherwise known as brachioplasty, is a procedure with benefits at every level. With sagging skin, it can be hard to see the results of a good workout routine. Removing the extra skin reveals more tone and gives your arms a slimmer contour, making those tricep dips more effective than ever. Brachioplasty will also make your clothes look more flattering; you may even need to buy a few new tops in smaller sizes.

Confidence is linked to feeling good about your appearance, so the improved shape of your arms will give you a boost in self-esteem. Instead of worrying about others noticing your loose arm skin, you will have the freedom to focus on more important things. It is important to spend time researching doctors so you can find the best plastic surgeon. Lubbock brachioplasty patients can feel confident knowing they are in the skilled hands of experience at Rowley Plastic Surgery.

Recovery from an Arm Lift

Upon waking, you may feel groggy from the anesthesia. You will need to have someone drive you home. Your plastic surgeon will give you specific instructions regarding caring for your arms at home and pain management. Don’t ever hesitate to call your doctor’s office if something doesn’t look or feel quite right.

Give yourself several days to take it easy at home after your arm lift. Do not raise your arms above the shoulders for 3-4 weeks and be extra careful not to stretch the arms as this could damage your incision site.

To help reduce swelling, compression wraps are worn for a period that can last up to two weeks following brachioplasty. Most patients return to work within 5-7 days and are completely healed after 6-8 weeks. After brachioplasty, your arms should retain their toned shape nicely for the long term. It is important that you keep a stable weight and take care to manage your diet and exercise habits so that your results will continue to last.  

Get Results with the Best Plastic Surgeon Lubbock Trusts

When it comes to finding the best plastic surgeon, Lubbock patients don’t have to look far. Dr. Rowley knows from over two decades of experience which of her patients will benefit from an arm lift. She always communicates in an open and honest manner with her patients. If she believes it’s not the right procedure for you, Dr. Rowley will be the first to tell you. If brachioplasty is right for you; however, we at Rowley Plastic Surgery are ready to answer all of your questions and assist you during your entire plastic surgery journey. Call today to schedule your no-obligation consultation.

Smart Planning for Your Plastic Surgery in Lubbock

Most plastic surgery patients end up healthy and happy with their results—but those aren’t the stories that make news headlines. Hearing about the less than ideal experience of some unfortunate patient should not deter you from pursuing plastic surgery in Lubbock. If you are willing to do your homework and can commit to being an informed patient, you can minimize your risk of having a negative experience. The most important factor for a successful outcome is to find the best doctor available for the surgery you are considering. We all want to know we are in good hands, but do you know how to go about selecting the right surgeon?

The Importance of Board Certification

Board certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) is a must. The government doesn’t require doctors to be experienced or specifically trained in all of the procedures they may be offering. Beware of doctors who call themselves “cosmetic surgeons,” because any doctor who does cosmetic procedures can advertise themselves as such. A general surgeon won’t have the training or skills specifically needed for cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. Finding yourself in the hands of an inexperienced surgeon can increase the chances of your dissatisfaction with the results of your plastic surgery in Lubbock. Don’t be afraid to ask questions that will give you a better idea of the experience and training the doctor has, such as:

  • Where did you go to school?
  • Are you certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery?
  • What additional training have you received?
  • How long have you been performing the procedure?
  • What complications have you come across with this procedure?
  • Will the surgery take place in an accredited facility?

Shop Smart for Plastic Surgery in Lubbock

Plastic surgery is not the time to go bargain shopping for your procedure. If you find a doctor offering deep discounts, it could be a sign of limited experience or cutbacks on quality staff members. You get what you pay for—and you don’t want to skimp when it comes to your health or your appearance. This is not to say you need to choose the most expensive plastic surgeon, but It will take work on your part to ensure you are getting the best care from the best plastic surgeon. Lubbock doctor reviews can be a great place to start. Get the opinion of nurses and healthcare workers, and schedule a consultation visit before you decide on the physician that’s right for you.

Know What to Expect During Recovery

Coming out of surgery without knowing what to expect can be a scary experience. Your body will need time to heal, time for swelling to go down, and time before plastic surgery results are fully seen. Your doctor will have recommended post-surgery recovery plan. Being prepared for the recovery period before your surgery will help you heal better. To be better informed about your recovery, consider asking these questions and any others you may have:

  • How long will my recovery take?
  • How long before I will see my full results?
  • What are the risks and complications associated with my procedure?
  • What if I have concerns after my procedure?
  • What will my scars look like long-term?
  • Is there anything I can do to aid or speed up recovery?

Follow Your Personal Feelings

It’s important to feel comfortable with your doctor and the staff. Visit their office and get to know who will be taking care of you. Trust your gut when it comes to finding the best plastic surgeon. Lubbock patients should also remember that beauty is often in the eye of the beholder and can mean different things to different people. Make sure that you and your doctor are on the same page so that your cosmetic goals are understood and surgical expectations are realistic.

Plastic surgery involves many important and very personal decisions. Putting forth the extra effort to be a well-informed patient can pay off big in the end by maximizing your chances for great results. When you are mapping out your cosmetic goals, be sure to consider these factors:

  • Board-certification: any doctor can claim to be a cosmetic surgeon. Be certain that yours is board-certified, well-trained, and experienced in your procedure.
  • Just say no to bargain shopping: it might work for some things, but your health and cosmetic results are not worth risking to save a few extra bucks.
  • Plan for recovery: there should not be any surprises during your recovery period. Educate yourself by asking questions prior to surgery day.
  • Listen to your gut: If something feels off during your consultation appointment, trust the feelings you have. Find a surgeon with whom you can communicate clearly.

At Rowley Plastic Surgery in Lubbock, you have the opportunity to work with a board-certified surgeon with over twenty years experience in the field of plastic surgery. Dr. Jane Rowley strives to carefully consult with each patient for the best possible results. Contact Rowley Plastic Surgery today to schedule your no-obligation consultation.

5 Steps for Your Best Lubbock Plastic Surgery Experience

There’s just something about the beginning of a new year that makes us want to start fresh and improve ourselves. If you are looking to enhance your appearance, plastic surgery can provide that positive change and boost your confidence at the same time. Following these five steps will help you get the most out of your Lubbock plastic surgery journey.

1. Start with a Board-Certified Surgeon

The importance of doing your research when it comes to choosing a plastic surgeon cannot be overstated. The skills, experience, and knowledge of a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery will give you a greater likelihood of a positive outcome from your procedure.

2. Have Realistic Expectations

Cosmetic procedures work well for people who have specific areas of their bodies they would like to improve. Lubbock plastic surgery will not give you the perfect body or solve all your problems. It will, however, enhance the body you already have and boost your self-confidence.

3. Communicate Clearly in your Consult

If your doctor is unsure about exactly which areas you want to be treated and how you want your results to look, he or she will have a hard time meeting your expectations. Make a list of questions and concerns to help you organize your thoughts during your initial appointment.

4. Follow Post-op Instructions

It is critical that you follow your doctor’s orders for post-operative care and recovery. If your surgeon instructs you not to do any heavy lifting, let someone else bring the groceries in from the car. These guidelines are meant to help you heal quickly and safely.

5. Make Healthy Life Choices Before and After Surgery

If you use any nicotine product, you will need to cut it out completely before and after having plastic surgery. Maintaining a healthy weight, drinking plenty of water, and eating right will aid in your recovery and optimize your surgery outcome as well.

If you want an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon who will spend the time to discuss your needs, see Dr. Jane Rowley. Call today for your no-obligation consultation.

Why Should I Look for a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon?

Selecting the right surgeon is key to your plastic surgery success. Whether it’s reconstructive or cosmetic, ear-pinning or a breast reduction, you want to make sure it’s done right by qualified surgeon. How do you know you’re selecting the best plastic surgeon for the job? Here are the two most important questions you can ask.

Are they board certified?

Licensing and board certification are not the same thing. While all medical doctors must be licensed to practice in the United States, board certification is voluntary and proves a surgeon passed rigorous testing, peer evaluation, and continuing education specific to their specialty. Lubbock patients should expect a doctor to not only be licensed but also board certified. This becomes even more important in the ever-changing medical field.

How much experience do they have?

Licenses and certifications, however, only get a surgeon so far. How much practice do they have in the field? How much experience doing the type of procedure you need? Nothing tops experience and Dr. Jane Rowley, who has more than two decades under her belt will be the first to tell you that. She is second only to her father in experienced surgeons in the Lubbock area. In addition to twenty years of practice, she went above and beyond in her training by completing an optional, full general-surgery residency, including a full year of surgical research and six months of training in the UK. Better training and more experience mean better results for her patients.

So regardless of what you are considering–a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, breast reduction, a face-life, or any other procedure–you deserve an experienced, board-certified surgeon to give you the best chance of achieving the results you want. Don’t settle for less. Dr. Jane Rowley is a solid choice for Lubbock patients. Call for a no-obligation consultation today.