Body Contouring with a Mommy Makeover

Just about everyone in Lubbock knows what a mommy makeover is, but did you know it’s something that could benefit people besides moms? The phrase refers to combining plastic surgeries to achieve body contouring for a more complete made-over look. Having more than one surgery at a time means you go through just one recovery while still reaping the benefits on multiple areas of your body. Here’s a look at some of the procedures you can mix to get the results you want.


While pregnancy often contributes to stubborn pockets of fat, moms are not the only ones who struggle with this problem. Age, genetics, and significant weight loss can all add to unwanted fatty areas that are hard to eliminate. Liposuction targets those specific spots to slim down your figure and get rid of that extra flab.

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck is an effective way to get dramatic results. It tightens abdominal muscles, removes flabby skin, and creates a smoother-looking stomach. This is a popular procedure that is often included as part of a the makeover package, but it works equally as well for people in Lubbock who haven’t had children.

Breast Procedures

Whether your breasts look saggy and deflated, or are too large for your liking, having a breast procedure is the best way to fix the seemingly permanent issue. Breast augmentation adds volume whereas reduction surgery (with a lift) results in more manageable, proportionate breasts; both procedures give you a beautifully contoured, youthful-looking bust.

If you have multiple problem areas, a mommy makeover or combining other procedures could be right for you. Dr. Jane Rowley is the leading plastic surgeon in Lubbock, and she will be honest and thorough in her discussion with you about your options. At Rowley Plastic Surgery, we are committed to giving you the best possible cosmetic surgery experience. Call today to schedule your no-obligation consultation.

Surgical VS Non-Surgical Tummy Tuck Procedures

You want to look your best but can’t seem to do anything for that sagging skin around your belly. It just won’t respond to ab crunches or no-sugar diets.


You see that perfect person on a huge billboard like a light in the sky telling you how much you need the latest non-surgical treatment to tighten your skin and get rid of that stubborn belly fat. And, you can have it all without the invasive experience of surgery. Lubbock is no different than other cities across the country that have clinics offering radiofrequency, ultrasound, or cryolipolysis treatments to tighten your skin or help you lose fat. Surgery is a big decision. Non-surgical options can seem pretty attractive at first glance. For the perfect candidate, non-surgical treatments can give the results they advertise, but here are a few things to think about before you make your final decision.


The Only Complete Treatment for Sagging Belly Skin

Excess skin around your abdomen can be the result of pregnancy, significant weight loss, or genetics. Non-surgical procedures can reduce fat and help firm the skin. But even with multiple treatments, moderate or severe sagging cannot be corrected. A traditional tummy tuck is still the tried and true option to remove sagging, excess skin from around your abdomen.


A Tummy Tuck is not a One-Size-Fits-All

Non-surgical treatments are not patient-specific options. Results from these treatments can be unpredictable as each person responds to the procedure differently. A highly trained surgeon will carefully tailor a tummy tuck to address the specific needs of the patient. Surgical results are more predictable, and patient satisfaction is higher with a traditional tummy tuck. The billboard with the perfect model doesn’t give the full story on non-surgical tummy tuck alternatives.
In Lubbock, Dr. Jane Rowley is your expert board certified plastic surgeon who can design a tummy tuck procedure to help with your specific needs. Talk to her about concerns with stretch marks, belly button appearance, and excess belly skin. She encourages frank discussions about patient expectations and what is the best approach to achieve those cosmetic goals. The more you know, the more your doctor listens and explains, the better your plastic surgery experience will be. Schedule you no-obligation consultation today.

Choosing a Body Contouring Procedure

Your Lubbock surgeon has a lot of body contouring options to choose from, and it can be difficult to know what is right for you.  Ultimately, meeting with your board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss your questions and concerns surrounding procedures like liposuction or breast augmentation is important, but before you go in for that consultation here are a few things that can help guide your decision when you are considering body contouring.


1. Recovery Time

Choosing a plastic surgery procedure is obviously much more complicated than simply selecting an item from the menu at your favorite restaurant. Along with choosing the result you hope to achieve, you should consider the procedural risks and recovery time. Some surgeries take significantly longer than others to recover from, so if you are not prepared for recovery time or if you are expecting immediate results, you should take these into consideration. For example, CoolSculpting is a non-invasive approach to addressing fat cells that are not responding to diet or exercise. No anesthetics are needed, and the recovery is relatively quick. This may be a better fit for you and your goals than liposuction; however, if you are looking for a more aggressive approach to these difficult fat cells and you expect to see significant results, maybe liposuction is right for you.  


2. Budget

Like that restaurant menu, you can’t simply pick what you want and expect to receive it without paying. Each body contouring procedure comes with its own price tag, and some may be more expensive than your budget can afford. For some people, this may be the driving force behind your decision. Again, using our CoolSculpting example, a CoolSculpting procedure may not get you all of the results you would achieve with liposuction, but a CoolSculpting treatment may be much more affordable for you. Also, consider that if you need more than one CoolSculpting treatment, your price could end up being the same as a traditional liposuction procedure.


3. Body Type

The beauty of our bodies is that each and every one is unique! This is why meeting directly with your Lubbock surgeon is so important when evaluating what procedures are right for you. Dr. Jane Rowley takes the one-on-one time you need to work through your questions and to help you decide on the procedures that are right for all of your goals, including your schedule, budget, and body. It’s also important to remember that body contouring is not meant to be a weight loss program, but rather to target the hard-to-reach areas that have not responded to diet and exercise.
Create a plan that is right for you and your goals by meeting with your Lubbock surgeon today. Dr. Jane Rowley will help you craft an individualized plan to set you on the path toward the body that you will feel great in. Call today!

Are There Other Ways to Contour my Body and Improve my Appearance Other than Surgery?

Breast implants


A group of friends was having lunch when one of those women said she was getting breast implants after years of shopping for bras in the children’s department. Another woman said she was so deathly afraid of needles, doctors, and surgery that breast implants might not be an option for her. That fear didn’t mean she doesn’t want to improve her appearance or wouldn’t mind making some cosmetic changes to her body. So, what are the non-surgical cosmetic options available?


Laser Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing improves the appearance of your skin by carefully removing layers of skin with a pulsating beam of light. Resurfacing procedures treat:

  • Acne scars
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Age spots
  • Crow’s feet
  • Fine lines


Non-surgical Fillers

Dermal fillers are a rejuvenation treatment that restore fullness to eyes, lips, and face. Injectable filler can’t do the same thing as an eyelift or facelift, but they can slow the effects of aging, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and improve the appearance of recessed scars. Restylane is a hyaluronic injection that also adds moisture to your skin for younger looking and feeling skin.


Non-invasive Fat Reduction

Sculpsure is a non-invasive fat reduction procedure that laser heats fat deposits to destroy unwanted fat cells. You can expect to reduce fat by 20-25% in the treated area. It offers a non-surgical option with no post pain or downtime for Lubbock patients who want options for body contouring but are not interested in surgery.
Dr. Jane Rowley carefully listens to her patients until she understands all of their cosmetic goals. At Rowley Plastic Surgery we offer a variety of surgical and non-surgical options for your individual aesthetic goals. We want you to have the best possible experience in gaining greater confidence in your physical appearance. Schedule your consultation today and learn more about your plastic surgery options.