Celebrating 50 Years of Trust: Rowley Plastic Surgery’s Legacy in Lubbock

Trust is built with consistency, expertise, and compassion, something that Rowley Plastic Surgery has cultivated for an impressive 50 years in the Lubbock community. As we celebrate this golden milestone, we honor not only our history but the unwavering commitment to patient care and excellence that defines our practice.

A Legacy of Expertise

Our journey began with Dr. Milton “Mac” Rowley, who founded the practice in 1974. He was the embodiment of dedication and skill, having graduated from Creighton University’s School of Medicine, completed a prestigious plastic surgery residency at New York University, and served as a major in the United States Air Force.

Until his passing in 2019, Dr. Milton worked alongside his daughter, Dr. Jane Rowley. Together, they upheld high standards and cultivated the deep expertise that have become synonymous with the Rowley name.

Dr. Jane Rowley: Home Grown in Lubbock

A Monterey High School graduate and a proud product of Creighton University, Dr. Jane Rowley’s educational achievements include graduating magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree before completing her medical degree in 1989.

Unlike many in the field, Dr. Rowley insisted on completing a full general surgery residency, including a year of surgical research and six months of international surgical training in the United Kingdom. Her desire for excellence led her to New York University’s Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, where she trained under world-renowned plastic surgeons.

A Team Committed to Excellence

The success of Rowley Plastic Surgery depended on our skilled and dedicated team, each committed to providing the best patient experience.

  • Sandy Cox, Dr. Rowley’s First Assistant since 2004, praises the camaraderie and excellence that define the office.
  • Nancy Little, our Billing and Coding Specialist, loves the positive culture and flexibility of the practice.
  • Rhiannon Newsom, our Nurse Practitioner, is thrilled to bring her expertise in injectables, fillers, and other nonsurgical options to compliment surgical options.

50 Years of Trust

Trust is not simply granted; it is earned through consistent care, understanding, and above all, precision expertise. Rowley Plastic Surgery’s 50-year legacy in Lubbock is a testament to these principles.

Whether you’ve been part of our journey or are new to our practice, we invite you to experience the trust and excellence that have shaped our history. Here’s to the next 50 years of transformation, confidence, and unparalleled care.

Thank you, Lubbock, for trusting us with your most personal transformations for the past 50 years.