Breast Lift Results

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Life can give women a variety of reasons to consider breast lift plastic surgery. Lubbock surgeon, Dr. Jane Rowley is the trusted surgeon with knowledge and expertise that extends to  breast lifts, breast augmentations, and breast reductions. Depending on the personal cosmetic results you are looking for, any of these procedures or a combination can be an option.


What is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift, called a mastopexy, helps to raise the breasts by removing extra skin then tightening the skin around the surrounding breast tissue to support the new breast shape. The nipple and the areola are also moved to a more upward position. The surgery is usually done as a same-day-surgery, and can also remove unwanted stretch marks if they are part of the extra skin that is removed.


What a Breast Lift Can do for You

A breast lift restores sagging breasts to a firmer, fuller shape. A breast lift can’t change the size of your breast, but the procedure can give your breasts symmetry, and a more youthful appearance. If you are wanting to also change the size of your breasts, a breast augmentation or breast reduction can be done in combination with a lift to achieve your desired look.


Life After Surgery

You will have some discomfort, swelling, and some draining initially after surgery. It’s important to follow your doctor’s post-surgery instructions carefully. You can expect to return to regular exercise after about 4 weeks of recovery. Scarring is minimal and will continue to fade over time.

A breast lift is an excellent way to bring life back to your sagging bustline. And, you can expect to enjoy the results of your surgery for years to come. It is best to plan this procedure after you are finished having children and nursing babies as that can change your surgery results.

Dr. Jane Rowley is a board certified surgeon trained specifically in plastic surgery. Lubbock patients interested in breast lifts, augmentations, or reductions can call for a consultation today.

What is a Breast Lift?

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With many technological and procedure advances, Lubbock plastic surgery offers a variety of options to meet the individual goals of each patient. Breast augmentation is still the most performed plastic surgery, but another breast procedure is also becoming popular: the breast lift. This procedure can restore a more youthful look to your breasts without using implants. In fact, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons have seen a 70% increase in breast lift procedures being performed around the nation, a statistic that beats out breast augmentation 2-1. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your breasts, and unsure about having breast implants, a breast lift may be the procedure for you.

Why Consider a Breast Lift

As women age, breasts will naturally begin to sag. Childbirth, gravity, and aging ligaments won’t let your breasts keep their youthful appearance forever- no matter how much you exercise or eat right. If you are not interested in breast augmentation with breast implants, a breast lift procedure may better fit your cosmetic needs. Some of the aesthetic concerns women who are candidates for a breast lift have, are:

  • Enlarged Areolas
  • Droopy or saggy breasts
  • Pronounced stretch marks
  • Nipples that point down
  • Asymmetry with breasts

A breast lift is not the procedure to change your breast size. If you want your breasts to have a fuller look or to be a smaller size, you can consider combining a breast lift with augmentation or breast reduction procedures. Lubbock plastic surgery patients can easily tell if they are a good candidates for a breast lift by placing a pencil under their breast and see if the pencil stays in place when they let go.

Things to Consider with a Breast Lift

Breast lifts are usually done as outpatient plastic surgery. Lubbock cosmetic surgery is generally not covered with insurance unless it is part of a breast reconstruction. You can have a breast lift at any time after your breasts are fully mature. And, women can still breastfeed after the procedure.

Whatever your personal reasons for considering plastic surgery, Lubbock surgeon, Dr. Jane Rowley, has the expertise you are looking for. Call today to schedule your consultation. Our friendly staff, along with Dr. Rowley will guide you through the steps to reach your cosmetic goals.

Why Did You Decide to get a Breast Augmentation?

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Your breasts are a small part of the whole you. Yet, for some women, breasts can have a considerable impact on self image and their confidence in life. Women choose to have breast augmentations for a variety of reasons. Maybe some of these reasons fit your ideas as you look at your own Lubbock plastic surgery options.



Asymmetry with breasts is when breasts are significantly different in size from each other. Breast implants will give breasts a more even size and shape. With a variety of shape and implant choices, breast augmentation can give a your breasts a natural look while also giving you the shape and symmetry you want.


Clothes Fit Better

Breast augmentation is the plastic surgery Lubbock women can consider when wanting to feel better in or out of their clothes. Lack of breast tissue can make it difficult to find clothes that look nice on your body right off the rack. Some women choose breast augmentation because they feel they look nicer in the clothing styles they want to wear.  


Breast Shape

Life always takes its toll on our bodies, including our breasts. Age, nursing babies, weight loss and gain, even gravity can all have an effect on the appearance of our breasts, and give us a reason to consider what Lubbock plastic surgery procedures are available. Breast implants come in so many choices with shape, size, and material that can give rounder, fuller, and natural looking breast. Breast augmentation can reverse some of the changing effects that time has on our bodies.


It’s important to feel good about yourself. The choice to have any plastic surgery procedure is personal and should be made by the patient. The doctors and staff at Rowley Plastic Surgery always want our patients to achieve their personal aesthetic goals. When you are making decisions about plastic surgery, Lubbock plastic surgeon, Jane Rowley, is the board certified professional you can trust. Call today for a consultation!

Why You Shouldn’t be Afraid of a Breast Augmentation

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Whether you’re having a breast augmentation, tummy tuck, or liposuction, plastic surgery can cause anxiety. If you are feeling anxious or even fearful about an upcoming breast augmentation, understanding the source of the fear will put you in the right direction towards calming those feelings.


Consider Your Doctor

It’s important to choose a board certified plastic surgeon in Lubbock. Plastic surgery performed by a board certified plastic surgeon means your surgeon has graduated from medical school, completed years of surgical training, completed additional training for plastic surgery, and passed both oral and written exams. Board certified surgeons are required to operate in an accredited facility. An experienced and certified doctor is the foundation to having the best possible experience with your breast augmentation procedure.


Consider Your Implants

With research and technological advances, breast implants are safer than ever! Breast implants are regulated by the FDA to ensure they are a safe product for patient use. Lubbock plastic surgery patients can exercise without worrying that a good workout will rupture a breast implant. You can also elect to have your implants safely removed down the line, and contrary to popular belief, you can still breastfeed after having a breast augmentation.


Consider the Results

Thinking of your post surgery pain and recovery is also a cause of concern. If you can, talk to a friend who has already had the type of surgery you are planning. First hand accounts of what to expect with your surgery will give you more information and ideas of what to discuss with your doctor. Then talk to your doctor and share your concerns so that your surgeon can explain expected recovery, pain, and final results from your surgery.


In Lubbock, plastic surgery doesn’t need to cause fear or anxiety. Dr. Jane Rowley can explain your procedure and recovery expectations thoroughly, giving you clear information about your surgery, and what to expect. Lubbock women have the best possible care available when they visit Rowley Plastic Surgery. Call today to schedule your consultation!