Fun Things to Do on Your Trip to Have Plastic Surgery in Lubbock

Our patients come from near and far to take advantage of Dr. Jane Rowley’s reputation as a highly skilled and experienced plastic surgeon. If you are planning a trip to come see her for plastic surgery in Lubbock, you may want to come a few days before your procedure so you can enjoy some of the fun things to do here. With educational museums, vibrant nightlife, outdoor activities, and more, Lubbock is a fun and unique place to visit. There is no shortage of attractions for out-of-towners. Even if you bring the whole family along to support you during your plastic surgery in Lubbock, there is something for everyone. Here are some of our favorite things to do in Lubbock.

Joyland Amusement Park

If you are making a family vacation out of your trip to have plastic surgery in Lubbock, the kids and the young at heart will enjoy a day at Joyland Amusement Park. Open since 1948, this traditional amusement park has over 30 rides and attractions including rides for thrill seekers, water lovers, and even the smallest park-goers. Roller coasters, family rides, and kiddie coasters provide thrills for every member of the family. Prepare for some nostalgic vibes at Joyland as the sights, sounds, and smells of the park remind visitors of a simpler time. Joyland is located in Mackenzie Park and is open during the warmer months of the year. Be sure to check the Joyland Amusement Park website for details on admission prices, hours of operation, and other FAQs.   

Prairie Dog Town

Ready for a photo op with some cute furry friends? Prairie Dog Town is a bucket list topper for every Lubbock tourist. This fun stop near Joyland Amusement Park offers views of prairie dogs in their natural habitat. A low wall surrounds the field where they live and play, and you will be able to see dozens of them at any time of day. Children love to watch the prairie dog families stand on their hind legs, peep out of their holes, and chase each other around the field. These prairie dogs are used to having people around, and you can even bring carrots with you if you’d like to see them up close as you feed them one of their favorite snacks.  Prairie Dog Town is a free attraction and would be a pleasant low-key activity for patients recovering from plastic surgery in Lubbock.

Buddy Holly Center

One of Lubbock’s claims to fame is that it is the birthplace of American rock and roll musician Buddy Holly. The Buddy Holly Center is home to artifacts and memorabilia from the icon’s life and music career. Some of the featured relics include his Fender Stratocaster guitar and the actual horn-rimmed glasses he was wearing on the day he died. A statue of Buddy Holly with his guitar, the West Texas Walk of Fame, and the J.I. Allison House are all located near the museum as well. Whether you know his music or not, a trip to the Buddy Holly Center is an interesting and educational way to spend an afternoon after having plastic surgery in Lubbock. If you work up an appetite at the Buddy Holly exhibits, bars and restaurants in the nearby Depot District are plentiful. Click here to plan your visit to the museum and learn about events held at the Buddy Holly Center.  

National Ranching Heritage Center

Located on the Texas Tech University campus, the National Ranching Heritage Center is a museum dedicated to the history of ranching. During your trip to have plastic surgery in Lubbock, you can visit the NRHC to see almost 50 historic ranch buildings that have been preserved. Both children and adults can enjoy learning about west Texas history up close and personal as they walk through buildings including a train depot, blacksmith shop, and an old schoolhouse. The NRHC provides an interesting and educational look at what life was like for the early settlers of the area. There is no cost for admission, but donations are appreciated. Learn more about what the National Ranching Heritage Center has to offer here

Lubbock’s Top Plastic Surgery Expert 

If you are traveling from out of town for your plastic surgery in Lubbock, you may want to consider coming a few days ahead of your procedure so you can enjoy the city’s attractions. With over 20 years of plastic surgery experience, Dr. Jane Rowley is worth the trip alone; however, you won’t want to miss out on the unique things that make Lubbock special. No matter where you live, if you want the very best in plastic surgery, come see us at Rowley Plastic Surgery. Dr. Rowley offers experience, surgical skill, and patient care unmatched by any other plastic surgeon in the area. Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation consultation to discuss your options for plastic surgery in Lubbock.   

Having Fun and Staying Active After Plastic Surgery in Lubbock

For many of our patients, having plastic surgery in Lubbock marks the beginning or continuation of a lifetime commitment to taking good care of themselves. Undergoing a cosmetic procedure can improve your confidence and your appearance, but it still takes effort if you want to maintain your results. Plastic surgery represents an important investment in your body. If you want to continue reaping the benefits for years to come, creating and sticking to a physical fitness routine is a must. It will help you maintain a stable weight, which is especially important for body contouring patients. Not only will regular exercise keep your results from plastic surgery in Lubbock looking great, it also boosts your mood, helps you sleep better, and improves your overall health.

If the thought of working out on a regular basis sounds daunting, remember that physical activity does not have to be a chore. Logging miles on a treadmill is not the only way to stay fit after plastic surgery in Lubbock. There are so many enjoyable ways to get moving, and Lubbock has plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. Hiking is a great way for locals to get their heart pumping while spending time outside. If you’re looking for a fun change to your fitness routine, check out these popular hikes in and around Lubbock. 

Lubbock Lake Landmark

This nature preserve in Lubbock is the perfect place for beginner hiking. The 336-acre landmark is known for its archaeological finds and historical significance. Just a few miles north of Texas Tech University, Lubbock Lake Landmark is home to remnants of ancient people and extinct animals. Stop by the visitor’s center or click here to learn more about the history of this unique site. There are three hikes there for you to enjoy after having plastic surgery in Lubbock:

  • Archaeological Trail: Learn about this site’s 12,000-year history as you walk this half-mile path.
  • Llano Estacado Wildflower Trail: A relaxing half-mile walk through the area’s native vegetation also includes benches and shade so you can stop and smell the wildflowers. 
  • Landmark Nature Trail: This 2.5-3.5 mile trail offers access to views of wildlife in its natural habitat. 

Each of the trails at Lubbock Lake Landmark offers something a little different. If a relaxing stroll doesn’t get your heart rate high enough, a jog or run through these trails would be just as enjoyable. 

Mae Simmons Outer Loop Trail

Plastic surgery in Lubbock requires several weeks of rest and recovery. Once you are healed and ready to get moving again, the Mae Simmons Outer Loop Trail is a convenient place to go for hiking trails in the city. This moderate 7.1 mile loop is perfect for a morning run or evening stroll. With lake views, frequent prairie dog sightings, and other outdoor activities on-site, the Mae Simmons Outer Loop Trail has something for everyone. AllTrails reviewer Nick Wilson says he enjoys the variety the trail has to offer:

“My favorite thing about riding here is that you really almost forget you’re in Lubbock for a good portion of the trails. Lots of trees, switchbacks, and elevation changes (some fairly steep). There are enough trails and options that unless you go out every day you probably won’t get bored and a lot of varying terrain to hone your various skills.”  

Caprock Canyons State Park and Trailway

After having plastic surgery in Lubbock, you will want to be fully cleared to participate in regular exercise before attempting the trails at Caprock Canyons State Park and Trailway. About an hour and a half away from Lubbock, Caprock Canyons is a little bit of a drive outside of town; however, locals say it’s a trip that is definitely worth taking. This state park is full of adventure as it houses almost 90 miles of trails to hike and bike. Trail difficulty levels range from easy one-mile trails to very advanced 15-mile hikes. The scenic canyon views, wild bison, prairie dogs, deer, and other wildlife attract visitors to the park year-round. Visit the Caprock Canyons State Park and Trailway website to learn more about all the outdoor activities available there.   

Plastic Surgery in Lubbock With Dr. Jane Rowley

Staying active has profound benefits for your health as well as for your plastic surgery results. Dr. Jane Rowley provides the best in plastic surgery care, and she also encourages all of her patients to care for themselves by getting regular exercise before and after plastic surgery. In Lubbock, patients have access to some of the state’s best hiking trails right in their own backyard. If plastic surgery is something you are considering, trust the surgeon with over 20 years of experience in Lubbock. Give our office a call today to schedule your no-obligation consultation with Dr. Rowley so you can explore your plastic surgery options.  

What Makes Dr. Rowley the Best Plastic Surgeon in Lubbock?

How much time do you spend reading reviews before you buy something online? Whether you spend days pouring over reviews or a few minutes scanning them, there’s no denying that positive reviews play an important role in your decision making process. Even though we all have different preferences, consistently high ratings are a telltale sign of a great product or service. The stakes are high when you are shopping for a plastic surgeon. In other words, finding the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock is crucial if you want a safe procedure, comprehensive care, and excellent results. Take some time to research the patient testimonials of the doctors you are considering. As a result, you will be able to find a plastic surgeon who fits your needs. Dr. Jane Rowley is the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock and her patients’ testimonials are full of reasons why you should consider her for your next procedure.

An Exceptional Office Experience

A visit with your plastic surgeon should never feel like an appointment with the dentist. As the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock, Dr. Rowley has created a comfortable and inviting atmosphere where her patients can feel at ease the moment they step foot into the office. Read what Becky Geist has to say about coming in to see us:

“I absolutely love Jane and her office crew! Nancy always greets you with a warm welcome and Mitzi is right there with a smile ready to take care of you. Sandy is amazing and so reassuring…they all are! Jane, you do the best work I have ever seen! I’ve been a nurse 29 years and you have that old fashion amazing bedside care, concern and above all perfection. You and the ladies in the office make me feel like I’m part of the Rowley clan! You take your time to visit with me and even believed me through my silliness when I told all of you I was nervous and scared…  I asked a lot of friends and colleagues and hands down…Jane and her office were named over and over for the best care from start to finish and even years down the road. I thank you all for everything!”

Clarity and Communication

When you visit your plastic surgeon, you deserve an honest discussion with a doctor who cares about helping you make informed decisions. The last thing you want for your consultation is an hour-long sales pitch. Part of what makes Dr. Rowley the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock is her ability to communicate clearly with her patients. Her candid manner and thorough explanations give her patients the information they need to have a successful plastic surgery experience. RealSelf user Thoughtful8225 explains what she likes about her visits with Dr. Rowley:  

“Doctor Jane Rowley is amazing! She is both extremely personable and professional. Very easy to talk to and goes way above and beyond for her patients. I can’t say enough about the care and attention she gives to her patients. Beyond all of that though is her work… She is a true expert in her field. My results are so far beyond what I expected!! I’m thoroughly thrilled and literally could not be happier with her work. If you are considering any cosmetic procedure, please go see Doctor Rowley. You will not be disappointed!!”

With the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock, you can expect a personal, one-on-one approach. In a Google review, Abbey Madrid expresses her appreciation for Dr. Rowley’s ability to connect with her as a patient: 

“Dr. Jane was AMAZING!! She gave me exactly what I wanted and very informative on everything. She also has a fun and great personality that makes it so easy to talk to her about any questions you may have.”

Unsurpassed Patient Care

At Rowley Plastic Surgery, our goal is to provide our patients with a superb plastic surgery experience with the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock. From your first consultation through all of your aftercare needs, Dr. Rowley and her staff are always there for you. Our patients can attest to the high level of care that has become synonymous with the Rowley Name.  

“Five stars! Absolutely hands down the BEST! Her office employees tell the true story. They are always happy and a delight to be around. Dr. Rowley is strictly business when it comes to your needs. After they are addressed, her hat comes off and she becomes a dear friend. I would most definitely recommend her to anyone.”

Melissa Dunn Moore, Our Client Testimonials

“Dr. Jane Rowley and her staff are exceptional at providing patients with top-notch care. As a patient since 2006, I have been continuously pleased with my visits and results from beginning to end. Dr. Jane is hands down the best [plastic surgeon in Lubbock]. Her experience, professionalism and attention to detail places her above the rest. Her fabulous staff… always go above and beyond to provide excellent care. I always leave their office feeling confident, beautiful and most of all cared for like family.”

– Jennifer Williamson Busby, Facebook  

Don’t Just Take Their Words for It…

These reviews come from just a few of Dr. Rowley’s happy clients. Having treated thousands of patients over two decades, she has the expertise and experience to give you the results and the care you deserve. Schedule a no-obligation consultation today to find out for yourself why Dr. Jane Rowley is the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock.  

A Tribute to Dr. Milton Rowley, the Best Plastic Surgeon in Lubbock

Dr. Milton “Mac” Rowley, founder of Rowley Plastic Surgery in Lubbock, passed away peacefully in the presence of his loved ones on September 12, 2019. Friends and family remembered and celebrated his 79 years of life at St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Church on September 20, 2019. Dr. Rowley established Rowley Plastic Surgery in 1974 and was well known in his community as the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock. 

Early Life

Mac was born in Clovis, New Mexico, on November 21,1939. His parents, Richard “Dick” and Bertha Rowley had four boys, and Mac was the second oldest. He graduated from Clovis High School in 1957. After being told he likely would not have the grades for it when he became interested in the medical field, Mac continued to pursue higher education anyway. Little did he know he would go on to become the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock, Texas. 

Education and Training

Mac not only proved he had the grades to chase his dreams in medicine, he outshone his peers as he rose to the top of his class. He went on to earn his undergraduate degree from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. There, he met Ann Patrice Burke and they were married at St. Mary of the Woods Church in Chicago, Illinois on August 10, 1963. Mac was accepted to the Creighton University School of Medicine upon completion of his third year of college and graduated first in his class in 1964.

Life moved quickly for Mac and Ann during his 5 years as a general surgery resident at Creighton University Teaching Hospitals; they welcomed 3 children (Jane, Mike, and Susan) to their family in 4 years. After completing his residency, Mac entered the United States Air Force and spent the next 3 years in Misawa, Japan as a major and general surgeon. Mac then made the choice that would lead him to be the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock. Deciding to pursue a career in plastic surgery, he attended New York University’s Institute for Reconstructive Plastic Surgery for 2 more years of plastic surgery training.

A Distinguished Career

Board-certified in both general and plastic surgery, Dr. Rowley opened his new private practice in Lubbock in 1974. Plastic surgery was a passion for Dr. Rowley as he poured his efforts into helping his patients achieve their cosmetic goals. For over 40 years, he was the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock. Mac worked with his daughter, Dr. Jane Rowley, for 18 of those years. During the course of his career, he had many special achievements and honors. 

  • Founder of the Cleft Lip and Palate Clinic at the Texas Tech School of Medicine
  • Chief of Surgery at Methodist Hospital
  • President of the Lubbock Crosby Garza County Medical Society 
  • Hippocratic Oath award winner
  • Texas Tech University department of surgery clinical faculty member

Seeing Life Through a Special Lense

The best plastic surgeon in Lubbock doesn’t just have technical skill and expertise; a keen eye for the aesthetic is also a must-have quality. Mac had the artist’s touch and it showed in his work as well as in his award-winning photography. It was his lifelong love, and he was known for always taking pictures. He found a spot to designate as a darkroom in every place he lived, even if that meant taking over a laundry room or closet.  

A publication in Dr. Rowley’s home state of New Mexico called The Eastern New Mexico News published an article paying tribute to him. In it, Dr. Jane Rowley says her father “always loved working with his hands,” and even built a wine cellar and some pieces of furniture. She explained why his hobbies and talents gave him an edge as the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock:

“There’s a lot of plastic surgeons (with an artistic bent)… I think that really helps, at least in plastic surgery. It’s really three-dimensional and (requires) special thinking.”

Mac also loved to travel, as many true photographers do, and he saw as much of the world as he could. He visited each of the 7 continents, including Antarctica when he was 70 years old. As the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock, Dr. Milton Rowley was well-respected by his peers, trusted by his patients, and dearly loved by his family. His legacy lives on at Rowley Plastic Surgery in our commitment to high standards, deep expertise, and compassionate patient care.

A Family Practice

Dr. Jane Rowley had the privilege of working many years of her plastic surgery career alongside her father, Dr. Milton Rowley. She has more than twenty years of experience and continues to remain dedicated to the health, safety, and happiness of each of her patients. If you are in search of the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock, look no further than the practice that was founded by family over forty years ago. At Rowley Plastic Surgery, you have always been in good hands.    

Get the Best Results With the Best Plastic Surgeon in Lubbock

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was some type of guarantee that your plastic surgery experience would be completely safe, and that you would be highly satisfied with your results? You may not be able to get a 100 percent guarantee, because let’s face it, the only things certain in life are death and taxes. But you can have the next best thing when you choose a board-certified plastic surgeon. If you want the best experience possible, you need to choose the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock. With a physician who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, like Dr. Jane Rowley, you can have the assurance that your surgeon has the training and skills necessary to give you a positive plastic surgery outcome.

Who Needs to Be Board-Certified?    

It is important for your plastic surgeon to be board-certified, but what about other types of doctors? Shouldn’t they be board-certified too? Most of the time, they are. But as a patient, it is not an issue that you need to worry about, because your insurance company and referring doctor take care of that for you. Even when performed by the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock, cosmetic procedures are most often not covered by insurance, so physicians who specialize in them do not need to meet criteria set by insurance companies, such as board-certification.

This is why all the plastic surgery advice forums recommend going to a board-certified surgeon. Patients cannot rely on outside sources like hospitals or insurance companies to do the fact checking for them. It is up to you to make sure you are getting the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock. There are many factors that make a plastic surgeon great, but the first thing you need to check for is their board-certification. After that box is checked, you can focus on their reviews, before-and-after photos galleries, and special training. If you find a doctor that fits all of your requirements on paper, then you can decide if they are a good fit for you when you meet them at your consultation. It may sound like a lot of effort, but if you want to put your health and appearance in the hands of the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock, it is worth the work.     

The Board-Certification Process

After high school, aspiring plastic surgeons have a long and challenging educational track that usually extends about 16 years beyond graduation. They must earn a bachelor’s degree, spend 4 years earning their M.D. or D.O. in medical school, and then complete a 5-6 year residency program. Plastic surgeons in training may also seek a fellowship, which gives them special expertise in a specific area such as breast reconstruction or facial procedures. Finally, they must pass examinations to legally perform plastic surgery procedures. After all of this, they can earn their American Board of Plastic Surgery board-certification. As the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock, Dr. Jane Rowley has all of these qualifications. 

In an article titled “The Importance of Choosing a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon”, The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) explains the rigorous process through which a plastic surgeon becomes board-certified:

“Board-certified plastic surgeons have not only met very demanding requirements in order to sit for their boards, but they have also successfully passed a written and a 2-day oral examination, being critically evaluated for their fund of knowledge, their ethical standing and their safe and effective approach to multiple reconstructive and cosmetic challenges.”

Beware of Bargain Shopping

Plastic surgery can be expensive. Going to a cut-rate doctor, however, is not recommended. The news stories you see about patients having scary or unfavorable experiences with plastic surgery happen because some doctors are performing procedures without the proper qualifications. Plastic surgery tourism has become popular over recent years, with patients seeking to save money on everything from breast augmentation to nose jobs. While it may sound exciting, choosing a doctor in another country is associated with a higher level of risk than going to a reputable, board-certified surgeon in the U.S. If cost is an issue for you, you are much better off either saving up for a little while to pay for your procedure or using a financing option. You can’t put a price on your health, safety, and well-being, all of which you can trust will be in good hands when you choose the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock.

The Importance of Hospital Privileges

The ASPS published an article about the importance of finding a qualified plastic surgeon called “Is Your Plastic Surgeon Board-Certified? That’s the First of Many Questions to Ask”, written by Dr. Jonathan Kaplan. Dr. Kaplan describes a potential scenario that some plastic surgery patients may not anticipate. He says a good question to ask your doctor is whether they have hospital privileges. The best plastic surgeon in Lubbock, Dr. Jane Rowley, has hospital privileges. If you use a general practitioner and experience a complication during your procedure, you may need to be admitted to a hospital. Naturally, you would want your doctor to be the one to continue treating you there. However, Dr. Kaplan says, “The hospital grants privileges to practice medicine only in the field you’re board-certified in.” This means that because your general practitioner is not board-certified to practice plastic surgery, they cannot treat you at the hospital.

Dr. Kaplan says, “Shockingly, there are no laws against a doctor treating someone outside of their board-certification. So while they broke no laws, maybe they broke a moral code when they weren’t forthcoming about their board-certification.” This example provides yet another reason why it is so crucial to limit your search for ‘the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock’ to only those with board-certification by the ABPS.    

The Best Plastic Surgeon in Lubbock

Except for her father, Dr. Milton Rowley, no other plastic surgeon in Lubbock has the training, skills, and experience offered by Dr. Jane Rowley. Dr. Rowley is the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock and is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. She graduated from Monterey High School in 1982, graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree from Creighton University in 1985, and went on to pursue her medical education at Creighton University School of Medicine where she also completed her medical residency. Dr. Rowley spent a year working on surgical research and another 6 months in the United Kingdom undergoing international surgical training. She earned her ABPS board-certification and then continued to gain plastic surgery expertise at New York University’s Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery. She trained there with some of the top doctors in the world such as Dr. Sherrell Aston, Dr. Daniel Baker, and Dr. Joseph McCarthy. She also received extensive cosmetic surgery training at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Hospital.

Dr. Rowley’s extensive training and education combined with her high standards of patient care make her the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock. She cares about her patients and always takes the time to listen to and discuss all of their questions and concerns. Her candid way of explaining procedures and her dedication to patient safety and satisfaction help her patients feel confident in her care. You deserve to have the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock and at Rowley Plastic Surgery, you can rest assured you are in good hands. Call today for a no-obligation consultation.

Explaining The ‘Why’ Behind Plastic Surgery in Lubbock

The number of Americans having cosmetic procedures is at an all-time high, and the statistics show no signs of slowing down any time soon. While there may be a lot of people having the same types of surgeries, their motives vary widely. Are there right and wrong reasons to have plastic surgery in Lubbock? Think about why you want to change your appearance. A trusted, experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Jane Rowley can help you determine whether you are seeking Lubbock plastic surgery for healthy reasons.  

Plastic Surgery for ‘Likes’

More young people are having plastic surgery than ever before. A recent CBS News article called “More Millennials are Getting Plastic Surgery, Driven by Social Media and Jobs” explains the trends that plastic surgeons are seeing with their younger patients. The article features insight from Dr. Patrick Byrne, director of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery at John Hopkins Medicine. He reveals a pattern he finds troubling in his consultations with millennial patients. Dr. Byrne says when he asks his patients what they would like to change about their appearance, many of them start talking about what they see in pictures of themselves. He says,   

“Very often, they can’t actually show you with a mirror in hand. They have to pull out their phones and show you in a picture. That’s a little insane. When you start dealing with young people referencing digital images of their face rather than the image that presents in the mirror in the office, that can be highly concerning that they are seeking surgery for the wrong reasons.”

Having plastic surgery in Lubbock for the wrong reasons can lead to dissatisfaction with your results and even feelings of regret. If you do commit to a procedure, it should be because it is something that will help you feel more confident in yourself. Going to such great lengths to appear more attractive on social media may end up only feeding into your self-consciousness and drive you to do even more drastic things to feel accepted by others. 

Dr. Byrne isn’t the only plastic surgeon who is picking up on the latest fads in plastic surgery. The CBS News article also quotes a plastic surgeon in Long Island, Dr. Stephen Greenberg. In his practice, he sees a lot of millennials who want minimally invasive procedures like Botox, chemical peels, and laser skin treatments. Dr. Greenberg attributes the trend to the all-powerful selfie and its impact on social media users. 

Taking Preventative Measures

Dr. Greenberg also believes that many millennials are seeking plastic surgery for preventative measures. Rather than trying to wind back the clock after their prime has passed, young people are having procedures that will help them to slow down the aging process. Dr. Greenberg says, “Most millennials are seeking to maintain and extend their youthful appearance rather than shave years and often decades off their looks.”   

The best ways to fight the signs of aging include protecting your skin from the sun and taking good care of your body. Lubbock plastic surgery certainly has its place, but the things you can do on your own every day will make the biggest difference. 

Do Bigger Breasts Equal More Job Opportunities?

We would like to believe that if we change something about our physical appearance, then everything in life would fall into place. But that just isn’t true to real life. Some women wonder if breast implants could help their career. In the lives of most women, the answer is probably not. We want people to notice our intellect and ability. Your appearance could matter if you work in an industry that emphasizes your looks. For example, models and actors often have plastic surgery to boost their looks and expand their job opportunities. But most of us would have better career options with more education than with bigger breasts. Breast augmentation can have an indirect effect on your career when you have more confidence in your physical appearance overall. 

Implants in Today’s World

The choice whether or not to get breast augmentation plastic surgery in Lubbock is a deeply personal one. Most of us don’t need to intensely worry about appearance or cup size for our jobs. So, the decision to have plastic surgery needs to be based on realistic expectations and considerations. As a career woman, you can consult with your board-certified surgeon on the type of implant that best fits your lifestyle. You have many options that will give you an enhanced and natural look. You need to consider implant shape, size, and placement. Talking to your doctor and clearly communicating your expectations will help your doctor make the best Lubbock plastic surgery plan for you. Patients also need to consider the timing of their surgery so they can schedule adequate time to properly recover from the procedure.

What are the Real Benefits of Breast Implants?

How we feel about ourselves can have a profound impact on our overall satisfaction with life. A confident feeling about yourself including your looks can affect how you respond in the workplace and life. If you are a woman who feels uncomfortable about having small breasts or if you have breasts that are significantly asymmetrical, you can experience the personal boost that comes with plastic surgery in Lubbock. 

Even if no one directly can tell what is different in your appearance, when you feel inner confidence, it shines in you. Just imagine confidently walking into the clothing store and finding that perfect blouse that perfectly fits you for an upcoming job interview. Then that same confidence in your appearance means you handle yourself in the interview superbly. That inner confidence adds to your ability to show the world what you can do. 

Healthy Motivations

The choice to have plastic surgery is ultimately up to you, whether your reasons are healthy or not. But taking some time to evaluate what’s driving you to seek out these changes can help you in the long run. Consider some of the reasons people commonly have Lubbock plastic surgery.

  • Confidence boost: If there is something specific about your appearance that has bothered you for a while, plastic surgery in Lubbock is a helpful option. Breast augmentation patients often experience higher levels of self-confidence after their procedure.
  • Correct birth defect or deformity: Your social life and emotional health can be affected by defects that can only be resolved through plastic surgery. Ear pinning, or otoplasty, is a procedure that has helped many people overcome issues caused by their prominent ears.
  • Reconstruction after cancer: Lubbock plastic surgery can help with psychological healing after breast cancer. Breast implants can be placed immediately after the mastectomy procedure.
  • Drastic weight loss: Losing a significant amount of weight can leave you with stretched out folds of skin. A tummy tuck or arm lift can get rid of the excess skin to complement the results of your weight-loss efforts.

Moving Forward With Confidence

Plastic surgery should be about being comfortable and confident in your own skin. Dr. Jane Rowley wants all of her Lubbock plastic surgery patients to feel beautiful with their bodies.  She offers more than two decades of plastic surgery experience and will intently listen as you explain your hopes and expectations for your procedure. You can always rest assured knowing you are in good hands at Rowley Plastic Surgery in Lubbock. Call today for a no-obligation consultation.

Your Breast Augmentation Planning Guide

When people decide to have plastic surgery, they do it with the hope that they are making changes that will have them looking and feeling their best. The time, money, and effort they invest in the process is meant to reward them with results that enhance their body and provide a boost of confidence. But those rewards don’t come automatically; they require you to make smart choices about your surgery. If you are having breast augmentation, there are some things you can do to be sure you’re getting the best possible experience and outcome.  

Select a Trustworthy Surgeon

Everyone loves a great deal. We bargain shop for shoes and look for the best prices for our produce. But plastic surgery is not something to pinch pennies on. When it comes to breast enlargement in Lubbock, patients get the best deal when their surgical results reflect the talent and training of a board-certified surgeon. You don’t want the health risks of a surgery gone bad just to save a little money.

Choosing an experienced, qualified plastic surgeon increases your likelihood of having a successful and safe surgery. If you select someone based on price comparison rather than their quality and training, you may be putting yourself at risk for some unnecessary problems, such as:

  • Poor Implant Placement: A talented surgeon can show you where your implants will be placed and how that placement affects your appearance. An inexperienced surgeon might place your implants either too low, too high, too close together or too far apart. An incorrect placement can make your breasts look unnatural or asymmetrical. It’s not just your breasts that you want to enhance, you also want your cleavage to look natural as well. Implant placement is critical for your results. 
  • Incorrect Implant Size Choice: Finding the perfect implant size for an individual requires clear communication between patient and surgeon. Your body type and your expectations both play a role in the implant size you choose for your breast enlargement in Lubbock. A good doctor will help you see which size best fits your frame, so you don’t come out of surgery with a fake looking chest because the implants are clearly too big for your body. 
  • Implant Wrinkling or Rippling: Breast augmentation is a combination of both science and art. How your surgeon places your implants, the type of implant you choose, and how your implants are filled can all have an effect on whether or not they wrinkle or ripple under your skin. An expert plastic surgeon knows how to evaluate your breast tissue carefully to determine the best plan for implant placement. 

Prepare for Your Consultation

Once you have chosen a plastic surgeon you trust, it’s time to book your consultation. You may already be counting down the days until your appointment, but you should also be preparing for it. A plastic surgery consultation is not like a typical trip to the doctor. As one of the most important parts of your journey through plastic surgery, your consultation is the time for you to have your concerns addressed and your questions answered. There is plenty of information out there about breast implants, but it is important to get your facts from a plastic surgeon you trust. Here are some of the questions most commonly asked by patients considering breast enlargement in Lubbock:

  • Are breast implants safe? Yes. The FDA has concluded through decades of studies that both silicone gel and saline implants used for breast augmentation are safe. It has even been said that breast implants have been studied more than any other medical device – ever. Hundreds of thousands of women get breast implants each year and have no negative side effects. Breast implants are constantly under the microscope of global health authorities and they have found no correlation between implants and autoimmune diseases.
  • Should I choose silicone gel or saline implants? The type of implant a woman picks is a personal choice. There are advantages and drawbacks that come with each, but there is no right or wrong answer. Silicone gel implants are known to offer a more natural look and feel. Saline implants, however, provide more peace of mind when it comes to potential rupture or leakage. 
  • What does the surgery involve? Breast augmentation is a relatively routine surgery that usually lasts only about an hour or two, and the incision is typically only about 2 inches long. Experienced surgeons have their own specific methods and procedures, and yours will walk you through what you can expect. 
  • Can I breastfeed after breast augmentation? Yes. The procedure typically does not interfere with the ability to breastfeed if the incisions are made in the creases of the breasts. Implants placed through incisions around the areola have been shown to affect breastfeeding, however. Let your doctor know if this is a concern for you so you can discuss the best surgical plan for your needs. 
  • What happens afterwards? When your procedure is complete, you will be able to notice immediate results. You should plan to have someone drive you home afterward and stay with you the first night. It is normal to experience some discomfort after the anesthesia wears off, but the worst of it should only last a day or two. Exercise should be limited during the first couple of weeks, but most patients are able to return to normal life very quickly.

Plan for Recovery

You can choose a top notch plastic surgeon and ask all the right questions at your consultation, but if you don’t do your part to ensure a successful recovery, you won’t have the best chance of getting the results you want. Amid all the excitement for your upcoming breast enlargement in Lubbock, it can be easy to forget about what happens afterward. Taking proper care of yourself during your recovery period is crucial to achieving optimal results from surgery. If you do not follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions carefully or if you try to do too much too fast, you could be putting yourself at risk for complications.  

Some patients heal more rapidly than others, but you should plan to spend the first couple of days after your surgery resting. Take those days off work and plan to have someone else take care of the kids. Be sure to stock up on groceries, household essentials, and prescriptions before your procedure. Avoid driving for the first week of your recovery and stay away from any form of heavy lifting for four to six weeks. Your doctor will have specific guidelines as to what you should and should not do post-surgery, but if you have any questions or concerns you should contact their office immediately.  

Explore Your Options for Breast Enlargement in Lubbock 

At Rowley Plastic Surgery, we want the outcome of your surgery to be your dream come true. Dr. Jane Rowley is committed to helping her patients achieve their highest aesthetic potential through communication, expertise, and skill. She understands the little and big details of breast augmentation and carefully consults with her patients before any surgery happens. You can have confidence in your surgeon when you choose Rowley Plastic Surgery. Call today to schedule a no-obligation consultation and learn more about your breast augmentation options.

Getting Ready for Your Mommy Makeover in Lubbock

Moms plan themed birthday parties, school fundraisers, and class field trips. There’s no telling how many hours of their lives they spend on meal planning and dinner prep. But how much time have you actually dedicated to planning something that’s just for you? If you just haven’t felt like yourself since having children, a mommy makeover in Lubbock can help you regain confidence in your appearance. Pregnancy and breastfeeding can permanently change your body, but with plastic surgery you don’t have to live with those changes forever. Getting your breasts and tummy back after becoming a mother may take a little planning, but the end results will be more than worth your effort. Here are some things to think about as you prepare for your procedures. 

Choose the Best Surgeon

The best thing you can do when planning your mommy makeover in Lubbock is to choose the right plastic surgeon. It is important to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon with enough experience and skill to create the look you want for yourself. Having a doctor who understands and cares about your concerns, expectations, and comfort will make all the difference. To find the right doctor, you will need to do your homework. The first thing you need to be certain of is that your surgeon is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Look at their before and after photo galleries. Read and learn all you can about them, including their patient reviews and their bio section on their website. An experienced, highly trained, skilled plastic surgeon will be able to give you the results you want and provide the best possible care.  

Have the Right Mindset

Some women worry about the discomfort involved with having multiple plastic surgeries at once, and no one knows true pain as a mother does. The woes of pregnancy, hours of labor and delivery, and all the changes your body goes through make moms some of the toughest people out there. Here’s the good news: when it comes to having a mommy makeover in Lubbock, women who’ve had children can rest assured that they’ve been through worse.

Every woman’s body is unique, as is her tolerance for pain. For example, a tummy tuck might have you feeling sore for several weeks whereas your friend may be back to normal after just a week or two of rest. A lot depends on what kind of health you are in before you have your mommy makeover in Lubbock. If you take good care of yourself, your body will likely respond better to the changes you make.

A mommy makeover in Lubbock is meant to help women repair the effects on their bodies of pregnancy and childbirth. While almost everything a mom does is for her children or other people, this is something she does for herself. Remembering that the pain of recovery will be very temporary and that the results will be long-lasting will help you to tolerate any discomfort much more easily.

Get Help for Your Recovery

The word ‘surgery’ isn’t usually thrown around lightly. When someone says they are going to have surgery, friends and family bring casseroles and care for children. But when it comes to getting a mommy makeover in Lubbock, some women may feel less inclined to ask for help because they may want to keep their surgery private. Whether they are for cosmetic purposes or not, when you undergo multiple surgeries, it is no time to shy away from requesting help from others. 

You will need someone to drive you home after your surgery and stay with you for at least the first 24 hours. If you have little ones, plan to have someone help you take care of them for the first week or more, depending on which procedures you have done. Talk to your doctor about your specific recovery plan so that you can anticipate what things you’ll need help doing. 

Decide Which Procedures You Want

You may already be well aware of the areas on your body you would like to improve, but do you know which procedures will give you the best results? If you have sagging breasts, your plastic surgeon can help you figure out if you would benefit more from a breast lift or augmentation. If unwanted belly fat is an issue, your surgeon can offer guidance as to whether a tummy tuck or liposuction is your best option. No two surgical plans look just alike, but most women choose a combination of the following procedures for their mommy makeover in Lubbock: 

  • Breast Augmentation: It’s the most popular plastic surgery in America for a reason; women (including moms) want fuller breasts. Pregnancy and nursing are known for having a deflating effect on the breasts. Placing implants in the breasts restores and enhances their volume. Breast augmentation is a customizable procedure with options for implant types, shapes, sizes and placement.
  • Breast Lift: A breast lift, or mastopexy, is a procedure that rejuvenates sagging breasts. Breasts that sag or droop significantly are lifted with the removal of excess skin. The nipple and areola are also moved upward to provide a perky, youthful look to the breasts. 
  • Breast Reduction: Some women experience an unwanted addition of volume to their breasts after bearing children. It may sound like a good problem to have, but women with large breasts can suffer from neck, back, and shoulder pain. If you choose breast reduction as part of your mommy makeover in Lubbock, it will alleviate discomfort and bring the bust down to a more manageable size.
  • Tummy Tuck: As a classic mommy makeover surgery known for its dramatic results, a tummy tuck can give you a flat, smooth stomach. Pregnancy stretches the abdomen and for the typical mother, the belly never looks the same again. A tummy tuck tightens abdominal muscles and gets rid of excess skin around the midsection. 
  • Liposuction: Liposuction can achieve great results on its own, or it can complement a tummy tuck by smoothing out the body contour even further. It is common for mothers to struggle with stubborn fat in places like the hips and thighs, and liposuction can turn those problem areas into attractive feminine contours.  

Learn What to Expect from Your Mommy Makeover in Lubbock

A mommy makeover is not something that can be done in your doctor’s office using local anesthesia. It involves procedures that are considered to be major surgeries because they require general anesthesia and prescription pain medication, and there is some degree of disability during the early stages of recovery. There will be scars, and the shape of your body will have permanently changed. It is important to know that risks (although they remain low) do increase because a mommy makeover in Lubbock means having more than one type of surgery at once. The time your body needs to recover will also increase.   

Knowing what to expect with your mommy makeover in Lubbock can be the key to feeling calm and comfortable throughout the process. Keep in mind that the breast and body operations that make up a mommy makeover are routine procedures with a very high satisfaction rating. And, when you are happy with the way you look, you become a more confident person.

Plan Your Consultation 

Dr. Jane Rowley is a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience helping patients achieve their cosmetic goals. She cares about her patients and will take the time to discuss your procedure so you can be well informed and know exactly how to plan for it. Dr. Rowley will candidly talk you through everything you need to know. Whether you are having one or multiple procedures, you can trust you are in good hands at Rowley Plastic Surgery. If you’re considering a mommy makeover in Lubbock, call today for your no-obligation consultation. 

Getting the Most Out of Your Lubbock Tummy Tuck

One of the areas of their bodies that people tend to be most self-conscious about is their midsection. High-waisted swimsuits and pants are back in style again because they are a great way to hide anything from stretch marks to loose skin. But what if you are tired of hiding the problem? Working out and eating right are supposed to help you stay lean and toned, but sometimes even our best efforts don’t pay off. If you stick to a healthy diet and regular exercise and your tummy still doesn’t look the way you want, a Lubbock tummy tuck can help.  

More and more people are turning to plastic surgery to help them get rid of the unwanted fat and extra skin on their stomachs. Some have achieved major weight loss, but are still left with flabby skin. Others have had multiple pregnancies and want their stretched out bellies to look taut again. Whatever your reasons are for considering the procedure, it is natural to wonder whether it is really worth doing. So how can you know if a tummy tuck in Lubbock is right for you?

Ask Around

The decision to have plastic surgery is a personal one that is between you and your doctor; however, it still helps to hear what other people have to say. 97 percent of abdominoplasty recipients on RealSelf reported that the procedure was in fact worth it. Reading reviews and testimonials from others who have already had the surgery is a helpful way to learn whether it might be right for you. 

Do you know someone who recently had a Lubbock tummy tuck? Talking with a friend who has gone through it themselves can provide great insight that can help you make the right decision. They can also be a good source of support if you do decide to go through with your tummy tuck in Lubbock. Just be sure to keep in mind that everyone’s experience with plastic surgery is different. Things like pain tolerance, recovery, and results will vary from person to person, so just because your friend felt a certain way about her surgery doesn’t mean you will too.  

Find the Right Surgeon

If you are worried about the scar, discomfort, or the recovery that comes with getting a tummy tuck in Lubbock, selecting a board-certified plastic surgeon you trust will give you peace of mind. The surgeon you choose can make a world of difference in your overall satisfaction with your procedure. Plastic surgeons who are board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery have gone through rigorous training, passed all necessary exams and evaluations, and are committed to safe and ethical medical practices. A skilled and experienced surgeon like Dr. Jane Rowley will be able to make your tummy tuck incision easy to hide under a bikini bottom. Your doctor will create a plan to help you manage any potential pain you may feel during your Lubbock tummy tuck recovery.

It’s also important to feel a certain degree of chemistry with your plastic surgeon. If you don’t feel at ease during your consultation or if something just doesn’t feel quite right, it’s ok to move on. Follow your gut and choose someone with whom you feel comfortable and who will listen intently to your concerns. After all, you are placing your trust in them to take care of your health, safety, and appearance. 

Think Big Picture

If we could all snap our fingers and transform our bodies to look exactly how we wanted, we would. The reality is we have to invest a little bit of effort in the process. A tummy tuck in Lubbock is an investment that will keep paying off for years to come. Your tummy tuck will give you a flat, smooth stomach that will last a long time if you take care of yourself. The temporary drawbacks to the procedure pale in comparison to the lasting confidence it can give you in your new figure. 

Lubbock Tummy Tuck Options 

Abdominoplasty can get rid of stubborn fat and saggy skin that does not respond to diet and exercise. If you have thoughtfully considered the procedure and are ready to move forward, now it is time to think about the choices you will need to make for your surgery. Did you know that abdominoplasty is not a one-size-fits-all procedure? Every patient has different issues to be addressed and an experienced surgeon can tailor your tummy tuck for your unique body. Understanding your options will help you decide which type of tummy tuck will best fit your needs.

  • The Mini Tuck: This option is ideal for fit people whose main problem area is below the belly button. The incision is smaller than that of a regular tummy tuck in Lubbock and is similar in size to the incision of a c-section. Your surgeon will tighten abdominal muscles and remove excess skin that will leave a short scar at the bikini line. Unlike the standard procedure, the mini does not typically require the navel to move. This less-involved option also comes with a shorter recovery time and patients are usually back to their regular routines after about a week of healing.
  • Standard Tummy Tuck: The traditional procedure is for people who struggle with a more substantial amount of abdominal fat and sagging skin. The incision runs from one hip to the other, but can still be hidden under a swimsuit. Since more skin and fat are being removed, the belly button is repositioned to maintain the tummy’s natural appearance. Lubbock tummy tuck patients should plan for between 2 to 4 weeks for recovery.
  • Extended Version: The extended tummy tuck is like the traditional one, but it also involves a longer incision to continue the fat and skin removal to the flanks, or sides of the abdomen. Your board-certified plastic surgeon can recommend whether this version is best for you. Liposuction is almost always paired with the extended tuck to achieve better contouring effects.

Candidates for a Tummy Tuck in Lubbock

A tummy tuck isn’t always the right solution for everyone with belly flab. On the right patient, it can have dramatic results, but for others, a different route might be better suited. People who struggle with their health or those with certain medical conditions should not undergo plastic surgery. If you smoke or use nicotine, your doctor will recommend that you either quit altogether or stop for a period of time before and after your procedure. 

If you have a positive outlook, realistic expectations, and are generally a healthy person, a tummy tuck may be a good option for you to pursue. An in-depth consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon will provide you the answers you need to make your decision.  

Come See Why Patients Trust Dr. Rowley

If you are tired of trying to cover up loose skin and flab around your midsection and want to feel more confident in your appearance, a Lubbock tummy tuck can help. Dr. Jane Rowley is a leading plastic surgeon in Lubbock who will take the time to talk with you about your individual needs. With more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Rowley is the board-certified plastic surgeon patients trust to achieve their cosmetic goals. Call today for a no-obligation consultation to have all your questions answered.

Why Lubbock Plastic Surgery Could Be Right for You

For those who dislike the effects of aging, childbearing, or drastic weight loss on their bodies, there is help. Cosmetic surgery can give you a more youthful and attractive look, which in turn boosts your confidence by helping you feel better about yourself. Plastic surgery also works wonders for people who were born with certain defects, or who need reconstructive procedures. The decision to permanently change your appearance is a very personal one. Everyone has different reasons for wanting Lubbock plastic surgery, unique problem areas that need to be fixed, and varying expectations for results.The decision might take you some time and require some research, but Rowley Plastic Surgery is here to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

Finding Your Plastic Surgeon

If you were buying a new car, you wouldn’t just go out and buy the same one your friend bought just because they liked it. You would spend time doing research to make sure you were getting a safe, reliable vehicle that gave you good value for your money. You would probably even test drive a few different models to make sure it was the right fit for you. If you’d put this much effort into purchasing a car, wouldn’t you do the same thing when searching for a plastic surgeon?

Choosing a plastic surgeon is one of the most important decisions you will make during your journey through plastic surgery. Lubbock patients should make sure to choose one who is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. They will have the education, ethics, rigorous training, and surgical skill, necessary in a surgeon who you can trust. Be wary of doctors who call themselves ‘cosmetic surgeons’ and those who are not board-certified. Plastic surgery is no time to do your bargain hunting; when your appearance, health, and safety are on the line, choosing a fully qualified surgeon is worth every penny.   

Think it Through

Your decision to have Lubbock plastic surgery should be well-thought out. Try to imagine your life after the operation so you can anticipate any drawbacks or advantages. If you just decided you wanted breast implants on a whim because you saw a friend’s beach photos flaunting her new look, take some time before you schedule your consultation. 

Eileen Bradbury is a consultant psychologist who has been working with plastic surgery candidates for two decades. She advises taking the decision very seriously. “You’re the one who has to live with the outcome,” she says. “If you rush into the surgery without properly thinking about it, it might be the wrong result, even if the surgery goes well.”

Ask the Hard Questions

Plastic surgery can change your life in many positive ways. It has the ability to enhance your body and your self-confidence. The key to maximizing its benefits is doing it at the right time and with the right mindset. When thinking about having plastic surgery, Lubbock candidates would benefit by asking themselves these questions first:

  • Why do I want cosmetic surgery?
  • What do I want to change about my appearance?
  • Is this something I really want or is it for someone else?
  • Am I in good health, generally speaking?
  • What are my goals for the outcome of the surgery?

These questions will only help if you are honest with yourself about the answers. Explore your true motives for wanting the procedure to see if it is really something you will be happy with long-term. Keeping realistic expectations is also key because it helps to understand that plastic surgery in Lubbock will not magically give you a flawless body.

Realistic Expectations

Plastic surgery can make your tummy flatter or your bust larger, but it will not give you the perfect body. It will not solve your problems, make people like you, or turn you into someone else. If you have realistic expectations for your Lubbock plastic surgery, and are not constantly obsessed with small imperfections in your appearance, you might be ready to take the next step.

Do Your Part

Are you prepared to take good care of your body from now on to make the most of your Lubbock plastic surgery results? Eating right and getting regular exercise should become a non-negotiable part of your lifestyle after you have work done. Eileen Bradbury says, “It’s like having a personal trainer. You have to do most of the work yourself. Your well-being includes your lifestyle, nutrition, work and social life.” For the benefits of cosmetic surgery to last, it is important to take care of yourself by maintaining a healthy weight and keeping a positive mental outlook.

Not only is it important to practice healthy habits after plastic surgery in Lubbock, it should be something you try to do beforehand as well. If you are considering liposuction because you have some unwanted fat, you doctor will ask what efforts you have made to try to eliminate it on your own. If you have tried diet and exercise without success, then liposuction could be the right choice. Many patients even try working with a personal trainer or dietician before turning to plastic surgery. 

The Right Motivations

You will be a good candidate for Lubbock plastic surgery if you are doing it to boost your self-esteem and feel better in your own skin. You are the one who will have to undergo the operation and live with the changes, so it should not be something you do to please someone else. If you need a pick-me-up after a break up or are trying to get even with someone, plastic surgery is not the answer.

Healthy Lifestyle

Your doctor will spend time going over your medical history with you, but generally taking good care of yourself can open the door to plastic surgery in Lubbock. It is important that you:

  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Eat right and exercise
  • Are mentally and emotionally stable

These factors play a big role in lowering the risks of surgery, as well as maximizing your results. Be sure to let your doctor know about any medications you regularly take as some of them may not mix well with your procedure.

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

There are a lot of factors that play into your decision about having Lubbock plastic surgery, but many people have found it to be just the thing they needed to reach their cosmetic goals. For the right patient, it can have a dramatic effect on self-confidence. Modern technology and techniques have made it very safe. Whether you want a big change or a subtle adjustment, your results can last for years to come. 

At Rowley Plastic Surgery, we want to help you reach your aesthetic goals so you can look and feel your best. If you feel that you are ready for plastic surgery, Lubbock board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jane Rowley can work with you to help you understand your options. She has over 20 years of experience helping her patients reach their goals and feel happier with their appearance. Dr. Rowley is committed to working with her patients on an individual basis to determine their specific needs. Call today for an obligation-free consultation to see how you can gain the confidence that comes with loving how you look.