A Look at Breast Implant Options

Not every woman has the same body type or the same desire for the shape and appearance of her breasts. Women in Lubbock have several options to consider when they are thinking about having breast implants. Knowing your options will help you make the best choice for your body and lifestyle.


Silicone Implants

Women will choose silicone implants if they are looking to have an implant with the option of a natural, teardrop shape. The gel feeling of silicone can give the implant a more natural feel. The downside of silicone is the concern of silent, undetected leakage and the health risks involved with a silicone leak.


Saline Implants

Sterile saline does not have the same health risks as silicone. And, when you have a leak with these implants, you are immediately aware of the problem. Some women think that silicone breast implants have a less natural feel and look.


Gummy Bear Implants

Another silicone implant choice, Gummy Bear implants are a high-strength silicone that holds its shape with a low rate of breakage. The high cohesiveness of these implants also means they hold their shape no matter how you are trying to lay for a comfortable night’s sleep.


The Ideal Implant®

If you are looking for an alternative to silicone but don’t like the feel of traditional saline breast implants, you now have the option of the Ideal Implant®. These saline-filled implants have different shells and chambers that reduce rippling and fluid movement giving them a more natural feel.

Women in Lubbock are all different. Each breast implant patient needs to look at her body structure and type, cosmetic goals, health concerns, and budget before choosing the best implant for her breast augmentation procedure. Dr. Jane Rowley gives patients in Lubbock so many choices as she is one of the few doctors in Texas to offer the Ideal Implant®. Dr. Rowley will thoroughly explain your breast implant options. As a woman, she understands the importance of having confidence in your appearance while respecting your ability to make choices for your body. Call today for your no-obligation consultation and learn more about the expert care you can expect from Rowley Plastic Surgery.

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