Combining Plastic Surgery Procedures for Greater Effect

Did you know that some plastic surgery procedures work well when performed together? Women in Lubbock who feel they need cosmetic help after pregnancies and as they age with different areas of their bodies like tummies, breasts, hips, and buttocks can combine plastic surgery procedures for a more dramatic effect on their physical appearance.  Mommy makeover is a popular term referring to a combination of procedures to target different areas of your body during one surgical time. What plastic surgery options go well together?


  • Tummy Tuck

This procedure “actually involves the entire core of your body, with the tightening of the abdominal muscles and tightening of the skin, explains Dr. Jane Rowley. A tummy tuck can help correct the saggy belly some women have after c-section deliveries and can remove some stretch marks from pregnancies.


  • Breast Lift and/or Augmentation

Age, pregnancy, and gravity can take their toll on a woman’s breasts. A breast lift removes sagging skin from the breast, moves the nipple in a more upward position and reshapes the breast to a more youthful look. If your nipples currently point down, you may be a good candidate for a lift. A breast lift can be done in tandem with breast implants if the breasts have also lost volume.


  • Liposuction

When stubborn pockets of fat around your hips and outer thighs don’t respond to diet and exercise, liposuction can successfully reshape your body and remove that fat. Liposuction works well in a mommy makeover as women tend to hold on to fat as they age.


With each added procedure, your recovery time will also increase. But the overall change in your appearance also increases. It’s important to find a trusted, board-certified plastic surgeon you can thoroughly consult with about your cosmetic goals. When you are looking at combining plastic surgery procedures, you have many things to consider carefully. Dr. Jane Rowley always listens to her patients and guides them with expertise to the plastic surgery plan that best fits their needs and bodies. You can find our your best options at a no-obligation consultation with Dr. Rowley. Learn more at

Things to Consider When You are Thinking About Liposuction

Liposuction is the plastic surgery option that can give you a second chance to remove stubborn fat in different areas of your body that doesn’t respond to diet and exercise.


What is Liposuction?


Liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes your excess fat in a targeted area. Typically the best areas for the procedure are outer thighs, hips, and submental. Different procedures are available for liposuction, but they operate on the same basic principle: A small incision is made. A small sharp-edged tube is used to suction out the fat. If you are having the procedure done on a small area, then local anesthetic is needed. If you are choosing to have the procedure on different areas, you may need general anesthetics.


Who is a Great Candidate?


Liposuction is not a procedure for general weight loss. A patient should be a stable weight but with stubborn fat that won’t go away through other efforts. Patients need to be in good health and quit smoking before the surgery and during recovery. With any plastic surgery, patients need to have realistic expectations about their surgical results.


What You Need to Discuss With Your Doctor


Finding a board certified plastic surgeon is the first step to having a good experience with your liposuction. Patients that are informed about their surgery also tend to heal better and have more satisfying outcomes with their surgery. So, to ensure you are educated about liposuction don’t hesitate to ask your surgeon questions.


  • What does my recovery look like?
  • Will the fat come back?
  • What type of liposuction procedure do you offer?
  • What are the risks of this surgery?


Liposuction has long been a popular plastic surgery choice. Getting rid of unwanted fat can give you greater confidence in your physical appearance. New studies are even suggesting that getting rid of that fat can have some heart-healthy bonuses as well as the cosmetic benefits. Dr. Jane Rowley is the leading board certified plastic surgeon in Lubbock with over twenty years experience with liposuction. You can have confidence in Dr. Rowley’s ability to help you achieve your cosmetic goals. Call today to schedule your no-obligation consultation.

Is a Breast Reduction Right for You?

There seems to be an ever-present sentiment in our culture that “bigger is better” when it comes to breast size. The women who live with and carry those breasts on a daily basis, however, understand that there is a lot to managing large breasts than what the over-simplification of “bigger is better” implies. For the woman whose back constantly aches due to the weight of her breasts, or feels uncomfortable with aerobic activities due to the weight and size of her breasts, or struggles to find a comfortable and fully supportive bra due to the size of her breasts, maybe it’s time to consider a breast reduction. Lubbock women know that bigger is NOT always better, and a smaller breast size could be the answer to health and lifestyle issues.


Here are a few questions to help you evaluate if a breast reduction is right for you:


  1. Do you think the weight of your breasts contributes to neck, back, or shoulder pain?
  2. Do you have heavy breasts with nipples that point downward?
  3. Is one of your breasts much larger than the other?
  4. Are you unhappy and self-conscious about your appearance because you feel your breasts are too large?

If you answered yes to one or more of the questions, you should consider getting a breast reduction.


Results of a breast reduction:


Lubbock women who have undergone breast reduction surgery enjoy a more proportionate body; an alleviation of neck, back, and shoulder pain; and more confidence in the fit of their clothes and their general appearance.

It’s important to remember that the results of the surgery, for some, include a decrease in sensation in some areas (including the nipple and around the nipple), a difficulty in breastfeeding, and a slight unevenness between the breasts or nipples. In Lubbock, Dr. Jane Rowley will guide you through additional questions to ensure a breast reduction is a good solution for your concerns and goals. Setting up a consultation is a great next step for you to get more information.


Contact Dr. Jane Rowley for a personal consultation today to determine the right procedure, method, and size for you and your body.

Have You Considered Submental Liposuction?

For some patients in Lubbock, plastic surgery procedures may seem a little scary to venture into.  While all surgery has recovery time and some risks, you have many different options in plastic surgery procedures at Rowley Plastic Surgery that give you dramatic cosmetic changes without the feeling of major surgery. Have you considered submental liposuction? On the right patient, liposuction under the chin, cheeks, and neck can have an incredible effect on your appearance. Your new look will be so natural that your friends may assume you’ve lost a few extra pounds and regained a more youthful look. Have you ever heard that dynamite comes in small packages? Well, with small cosmetic surgery procedures you can have dynamite improvements to your physical appearance.


Are You a Candidate for Facial Liposuction?


Facial liposuction is an attractive cosmetic option when you are unhappy with that double chin look or chipmunk jowls.

  • You should be in generally good health.
  • If you smoke, be able to quit smoking before and after the procedure.
  • You need to be at a stable, consistent weight.

Consult with your board certified plastic surgeon to know exactly how you will benefit from submental liposuction and how your skin and face will respond to the procedure.


Your Lubbock Plastic Surgery Procedure


Liposuction for the face is the same procedure as with other areas of the body only on a smaller scale. The procedure is an outpatient appointment done with local anesthetics. Small incisions are made around your chin, and a thin tube is used to suction out the fat. The procedure usually takes less than an hour. Patients can experience some bruising and soreness. Most people can return to normal activities in around five days.

Even though facial liposuction removes only a small amount of fat around your face, it still will have an incredible impact on your confidence with your physical look. Dr. Jane Rowley has extensive experience with facial plastic surgery procedures. She carefully listens to her patients and explains each procedure thoroughly. You can have confidence in your new look, your plastic surgeon, and your Lubbock plastic surgery experience with Dr. Rowley. Call today for your no-obligation consultation.

How to Choose Between Liposuction and Non-invasive Fat Reduction

Often people discover that certain areas of their bodies seem to be diet- and exercise-resistant. In spite of personal efforts to thin the thighs or smooth the back or tone a stomach “pooch” after pregnancy, localized fat can feel impossible to target and permanently remove. In these cases, individuals can turn to plastic surgery. Lubbock residences can choose liposuction to support their efforts with diet and exercise. Liposuction is a safe and effective way to reduce fat permanently and refine the body’s appearance. Recently, however, nonsurgical or minimally invasive alternatives to liposuction have become more popular.


What’s the Difference?



  • Surgical procedure
  • Removes fat through the suction of a hollow tube (called a cannula)
  • Especially effective on legs, abdomen, back, arms, face, and neck
  • More impactful than non-surgical approaches
  • Recovery up to six weeks
  • Results visible immediately following recovery
  • Higher cost than non-surgical procedures


Non-invasive Procedures

  • Non-surgical
  • Removes fat through a variety of methods including targeting the fat cells through cooling or radiofrequency
  • Particularly effective on hips, thighs, buttocks, or abdomen
  • Less impactful than non-surgical approaches, with up to approximately a 25% reduction of fat in the treated area
  • Though patients feel slightly sore and swollen following the procedure, there is no downtime needed for recovery
  • Results take time and multiple treatments
  • Lower cost than liposuction


Which Is Right for Me?


When questioning what is right for you for any plastic surgery, Lubbock board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jane Rowley, recommends a personal consultation. Although the internet has a lot of information to offer, meeting with a professional face-to-face is the best way to ensure you are considering all of the variables factoring into the right decision for you and your body. If you feel you are at your ideal weight and have good skin elasticity but just need some help targeting a few stubborn areas, non-surgical methods may be right for you. If you are looking to reduce a larger deposit of excess fat, Liposuction may be an excellent option.


To take the next step in making a choice between the various non-surgical options and liposuction plastic surgery Lubbock has to offer, contact Dr. Jane Rowley today.

Chin Augmentation: A Quick Recovery Facial Cosmetic Surgery

If random people walking down the street in Lubbock were asked about surgical implants, the majority would comment on breast implants. While breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures, patients have other implant options such as chin implants.


Why Patients in Lubbock Choose Chin Implants


The appearance of your chin contributes to the contour and overall look of your face. When someone has a smaller chin, his or her facial features can seem off balanced. People seek chin augmentation when their chin is:

  • Recessed
  • Squared or pointed
  • Out of proportion with the rest of their face
  • Giving them a fleshy neck look

Patients should be in good health, have reasonable expectations with the surgery, and not smoke before surgery and during the recovery time.


Chin Implant Surgery in Lubbock


A chin implant looks like the chin guard on a sports helmet. They can be shaped and carved to give the patient a custom look. A small incision is made under the chin. Then a small pocket is made where the implant is slipped into place. Patients may need to eat only soft foods during the recovery to avoid too much chewing action.


A chin implant can give the right patient a stronger, natural looking jawline. Dr. Jane Rowley is the leading board certified plastic surgeon in Lubbock who listens to her patients and explains the procedures that will best help them with their plastic surgery goals. Schedule your no-obligation consultation today and find out if a chin implant is right for you.

Gauged Ear Correction— Return to Normal Earlobes

When you think about plastic surgery, you probably think about breast augmentation or tummy tuck procedures. Cosmetic surgery also has benefits to help boost your confidence in your physical appearance in ways you may not initially think about. You know the old song “Do Your Ears Hang Low?” Maybe you were someone who thought low hanging ears looked cool, so you tried the gauge fashion statement. But over time you’ve decided to change your look. If you have ears that call too much attention to themselves due to gauges or for other reasons, your board-certified plastic surgeon in Lubbock can help.


Gauge Correction


Earlobes can be intentionally stretched with gauges, also known as cogs, caps, plugs, or tunnels. Once an earlobe hole is stretched passed six millimeters, it will not shrink back. People are increasingly seeking to correct their stretched lobes because of careers choices, age, social stigma. Whatever the reason, a simple corrective surgery can repair earlobes to their natural look.


Procedure and Results


Each person has different needs with their repair. Your doctor will carefully examine your lobes to know better  what needs to be done during your procedure. The surgery is done as an outpatient procedure with local anesthetics. Excess lobe tissue is removed, and then the lobe is stitched up. An experienced surgeon will carefully reshape your earlobe to a more natural look. If you want to re-pierce your ears, you can have that done during the procedure. Your earlobe may be smaller than you originally had. Remember to follow all recovery instructions from your doctor carefully. If you smoke, you will need to stop smoking before your surgery and during your recovery.


Plastic surgery is a science and an art. A board-certified, experienced surgeon can help you regain confidence in your physical appearance. Whether you have earlobes that were accidentally torn or intentionally stretched, your earlobes can be repaired in around 45 minutes.

At Rowley Plastic Surgery, patients in Lubbock know they are in good hands for all of their plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Jane Rowley wants her patients to understand their cosmetic potential fully and listens carefully to her patient’s expectations. Call today for your no-obligation consultation.

How Can I Make Sure My Plastic Surgeon is Qualified?

More people are choosing to have procedures to restore personal confidence in their physical appearance. Lubbock patients can opt for a facial procedure, tummy tuck, or breast augmentation as just a few ways to make physical changes.


Why You Should Find the Best Lubbock Surgeon


With the increase of plastic surgeries performed every year, comes to the increase of horror stories of surgeries gone wrong. While most patients have great experiences with their surgeries, you can make some choices that minimize your chances of having a bad experience. Probably the most important factor for a successful outcome with your surgery is to find the best doctor available for the surgery you are considering.


Board Certification


Finding yourself in the hands of an inexperienced surgeon can increase your chances of your not liking the results of your surgery. You will want to find an experienced doctor that is board certified. The government doesn’t require doctors to be experienced or specifically trained in all of the procedures they may be offering. A general surgeon won’t have the trained skills specifically needed for cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. You can ask questions that will give you a better idea of the experience and training the doctor has:


  • Where did you go to school?
  • Are you certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery?
  • How long have you been performing the procedure?
  • What additional training have your received?


Follow Your Personal Feelings


It’s important to feel comfortable with your doctor and the staff. Beauty for one person is often different than it is for someone else. You and your doctor need to be able to clearly communicate with each other so that your cosmetic goals are understood and surgical expectations are realistic.


In Lubbock, you have the opportunity to work with a board certified surgeon with over twenty years experience in the field of plastic surgery. Dr. Jane Rowley strives to carefully consult with each patient for the best possible outcome for each patient. Schedule your no obligation consultation to meet her staff and discover your cosmetic options.