Am I a Candidate for Breast Reconstruction?

breast reductionIf you are needing a mastectomy, breast reconstruction is a very personal decision that you may consider if you are eligible. More than just a breast reduction or breast implant,  breast reconstruction is plastic surgery, Lubbock breast cancer patients will need to consider after a mastectomy as part of the their full recovery cancer.

Immediate Reconstruction

Lubbock plastic surgery at the time of the mastectomy is called immediate reconstruction. This approach allows all of the surgical work to be performed as one procedure since Lubbock plastic surgery and the breast cancer surgeon coordinate their efforts.

You may be a candidate for immediate reconstruction if you do not need additional treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy; if you are getting a mastectomy as a preventative measure due to a high risk of breast cancer (a prophylactic mastectomy); and if you do not have diabetes, circulatory problems, or a bleeding disorder.

Delayed Reconstruction

If a reconstructive surgery is postponed until you have had time for a full recovery of your mastectomy, this is called a delayed reconstruction. If some reconstructive surgery is performed at the time of the mastectomy but is completed later with plastic surgery, this is called a delayed-immediate reconstruction. Unlike a breast reduction or implant independent of a mastectomy, the priority for your body is ensuring the cancer is completely treated. If a delay in reconstruction is needed, just know that the health of your body is the top priority of your health care providers.

Ultimately the choice of whether to get reconstructive plastic surgery, Lubbock doctors would advise you make carefully and for yourself. It is something you can choose much later after your mastectomy, so there is no need to rush into it. Healing emotionally after breast cancer is just as important as healing physically, and reconstruction may be part of that healing or may come after other cancer treatments. Your health care providers should be able to guide you in knowing what your options are for reconstruction and support you through the process.

Surgery for Breast Augmentation

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Breast augmentation is the most common cosmetic surgery requested. It is the plastic surgery Lubbock plastic surgeons Rowley Plastic Surgery are experts in. The reasons someone chooses this surgery are personal, but you can consider if these common reasons ring true to you.

Maybe you have lost some weight and your breast size is now smaller. Or your body shape allows clothes to fit well around your hips but then fits too loosely around your chest. Perhaps you feel your breast size is too small in proportion to the rest of your body size. Maybe you feel your breasts are noticeably smaller than other people’s’ breasts. Sometimes a one breast may be smaller than the other. Breast implants can solve all of these concerns.

Breast implants are constantly being researched and improved. More options are available now there ever before. Knowing your options along with good communication with your surgeon will help you have the best possible results from your procedure. Depending what your goals with plastic surgery, Lubbock clinics can offer you different implant choices. Know your options. You could choose saline-filled breast implants that are pre-filled before surgery with sterile salt water. But these implants can also be filled during surgery to make minor adjustments.You and your Lubbock plastic surgery doctor may discuss silicone-filled implants. Your general health and the desired shape you are looking to have may determine what type of implant is best for you.

Breast Augmentation – Solution to Brest Shape Problems

Breast augmentation is a long term solution to breast shape problems. They also require regular maintenance check ups. And with any surgery come with the surgical risks. If you have realistic expectations of body image and are in relatively good health, breast implants may be that aesthetic boost you are looking for. Feeling good about yourself is a great feeling. In Lubbock, plastic surgery is at its best.

Plastic Surgery for Breast Reduction

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Sometimes too much of a good things is no longer a good thing. Many women suffer from chronic back and neck pain because of too much breast weight pulling on neck and back muscles. A breast reduction from trusted doctors may be the right plastic surgery Lubbock women with breasts too large for their body frame can consider.


Breast reduction is a plastic surgery procedure that is called reduction mammaplasty. It involves removing excess glandular tissue, breast fat, and skin in the effort to create a breast size that better fits with your body size. A breast reduction is the opposite of breast augmentation which increases the size of the breasts. With a breast reduction. the goal is to find relief from the discomfort of neck and back pain, and also create a better self image of yourself.


When looking into plastic surgery, Lubbock has different options for you. If you are thinking about breast reduction, ask yourself some questions to see if you are a good candidate for this procedure…..

— Do you notice uncomfortable grooves in your shoulders from your bra straps

— Do you have chronic neck and back pain

— Is your skin sufficiently elastic to aid in the healing process after surgery

— Are you in good health with no serious preexisting health conditions.

— Do you have a difficult time shopping for tops and dress, or can’t find clothing that adequately fits around your chest.

— Have you given birth to your children already and no longer plan to breastfeed

— Are you self conscious about the size of your breast

— Are you emotionally stable and mentally ready to patiently go through a surgical healing process.

— Do you have realistic expectations for a surgical procedure


If you have good health and have discomfort because of overly large breasts you have the best surgeons for plastic surgery Lubbock has to offer. A conversation about your options and what to expect with surgery is is just a scheduled visit away.

Do You Offer Any Special Payments or Financial Options for Plastic Surgery?

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Medical procedures can be costly. And even with good insurance, elective cosmetic surgery procedures usually aren’t covered. But when you are serious about plastic surgery, Lubbock patients have a few payment options to look into. The first option is simply to pay out of pocket for elective procedures. That long hoped for tummy tuck after children are born can be that favorite birthday present you give yourself.


If an out of pocket payment sounds scary, then consider a credit option. That cosmetic boost you are wanting just might be more than the budget can handle with an all at once, one time payment. Most doctors have “payment in full due at time of service” policies. They are not set up to be credit companies, keeping track of payments and balances. You can still consider that tummy tuck with CareCredit. This is a credit card that is specifically designed for procedures and treatments that are not generally covered under a medical insurance plan. This card is a little different than a regular credit card, as they have no interest payment plans and a variety of pay off options. They have short repayment times giving you the ability to manage your healthcare costs better. CareCredit may be that payment option for you so that tummy tuck is all the more possible. Visit their site for more information.
Some plastic surgery procedures are covered by insurances. If you are interested in a nose job, breast reduction, and eyelid surgery, Lubbock plastic surgery candidates may be covered with insurance if the procedures are needed for medical reasons. It is always important to check with your insurance company before having any medical treatment or procedure to clearly know what your benefits are. And always discuss with your doctor expected expenses and payment options and expectations before treatment. Good communication is key to having a positive experience with your plastic surgery procedure.