Understanding Your Breast Implant Options

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With all the talk of diets and weight loss, you would think that getting a tummy tuck is the most requested cosmetic plastic surgery procedure. But, it isn’t. The most requested procedure is breast augmentation. Women are concerned about lack of breast tissue, breast symmetry, or want to return to pre-pregnancy breast volume. When deciding to have a breast augmentation procedure, you should know the different breast implant options available for your plastic surgery. Lubbock is a great place to explore your options with Dr. Rowley, a board certified surgeon with the experience to find exactly what will fit your personal goals.


Saline Implants

These implants are similar to a water balloon filled with sterile salt water. They provide a firm, uniform shape, and if they leak, you have no need to worry about adverse effects on your body. Saline implants can tend to wrinkle, and some people believe they do not have a natural breast tissue feeling.


Silicone Implants

A silicone gel filled implant feels more like your natural breast tissue, and come more naturally tear dropped shaped or round. These implants are generally pre-filled before your plastic surgery. Lubbock patients need to know the risk of possible punctures of the implant during surgery, and also be aware of the need for periodic MRI’s or ultrasounds to check for leaks in the future.


The Ideal Implant

If you like the more natural feel of a silicone implant, but also want the peace of mind of a saline implant, then a structured implant may be the option you are looking for. This option features an inner shell surrounding an inner chamber which holds the inner saline filler. Then an outer shell surrounds the outer chamber that holds an outer saline filler. This structure gives ideal implants a more natural feeling as movement of the saline is more controlled, and eliminates concerns of a rupture that come with a silicone implant.


With Dr. Rowley and the option of the Ideal Implant, the place you want to be for a breast augmentation consultation is in Lubbock. Plastic surgery is a personal choice with so many personal options. Know your options and discover what is the perfect implant for your breast augmentation.

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