Will my Breast Implants Feel Natural?

Wondering about the natural feeling of breast implants is a common question when considering breast enhancement plastic surgery. Lubbock women not only want a particular look from their implants, but they are also hopeful for a particular feel–a natural one. Post-surgery, women eventually stop thinking about their new breasts as implants and start considering them to be their breasts. A lot of variables contribute to this feeling. While some of those variables are psychological, let’s focus on the physical ones here.


  • Silicone or Saline

The type of implant can have a significant role in how quickly you feel back to “normal.” Softer silicone implants feel natural sooner following your plastic surgery than saline implants. But, you have different implants to try before you make that final decision. Lubbock Doctor Jane Rowley can give you the chance to feel both materials before making your choice.


  • Over or Under

The implant needs to be placed deeper than directly under your skin. So if you do not have enough breast tissue to cover the implant, the implant must be placed under the chest muscle. When placed below breast tissue but above the muscle, the implanted breast has a more natural feel. If placed under the muscle, the muscle will need time to stretch and thin out.


  • More or Less

The more natural breast tissue you have supporting the implant, the more quickly the implant will blend with your body and convey that natural look and feel. When considering plastic surgery, Lubbock patients can come into our office to get a thorough evaluation on their bodies, including an assessment of available breast tissue.


  • Smaller or Larger

The larger the implant, the longer it may take to get that natural feel back. Some implants may be so large that they will never quite obtain that feel. If your goal is to simply augment what you already have and gain or regain some shape, then, you should be careful with the size.


What Can You Do?

Apart from the psychological and physical aspects to owning your implants as your breasts, there are things that you have control over and do contribute to obtaining a natural feel.


  • Massages:  Deep massages to the implants, especially early after the surgery are important. While this is not the most comfortable thing following surgery, it is important to work the surrounding tissue, helping it feel supple and natural. And if your implant is under your chest muscle, this can help that muscle stretch and relax as well.
  • Right Surgeon: Select a surgeon who truly knows how to give you more natural results. Selecting a doctor certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, like Dr. Rowley, will significantly increase your likelihood of achieving your desired results.
  • Patience: A natural feel can take from two to nine months post-surgery to obtain. Be patient with your body. Love your new body. And give it the time it needs to become yours in both look and feel.


Dr. Jane Rowley is the leading Lubbock plastic surgeon who can help you with your breast augmentation decisions and questions. Learn more at www.rowleyplasticsurgery.com


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