Finding New Facial Definition With Chin Implant Plastic Surgery in Lubbock

When we think about plastic surgery in Lubbock, the first thing that usually comes to mind is breast implants. But there are other types of implants that can have equally dramatic improvements on your appearance. Facial implants are a plastic surgery option that come with minimal downtime and can enhance your look and give you greater confidence. Chin and cheek implants are often referred to together as facial implants, and they can help your face look younger and more balanced.

What are Facial Implants?

Chin and cheek implants do for your face what breast implants can do for your body—they augment, reconstruct, or rejuvenate the shape of the face with the help of plastic surgery. Lubbock patients have access to all shapes and sizes of these implants to ensure their implant provides a balanced and proportional improvement to the face, rather than a manipulated or unnatural leap toward a false perfection. Facial implants can add volume to areas of the face that look flat. An experienced and talented plastic surgeon will be able to add subtle distinction to correct these issues and give your face a fresh look.

Am I a Good Candidate For a Chin Implant?

Although it is often overlooked, the appearance of your chin contributes to the contour and overall look of your face. Patients with smaller chins can have facial features that seem off balance. You may be a good candidate for chin augmentation if your chin is:

  • Recessed
  • Squared or pointed
  • Out of proportion with the rest of your face
  • Causing the neck to look fleshy

Patients seeking this type of plastic surgery in Lubbock should be in good health, have reasonable expectations from the surgery, and not smoke before surgery and during the recovery time.

What Can Facial Implants Do For Me?

Studies have shown that people define a face as beautiful when it is balanced and symmetrical. Faces that appear top-heavy due to a large forehead or nose may benefit from a chin implant to achieve greater balance. Facial implants can also provide an enhanced or stronger looking cheekbone or jawline. If you have lost contour or structure in your face due to aging, facial implants can help repair this. And, anyone struggling with natural or injury caused asymmetry or deformities can find confidence through corrections provided by facial implants. Counseling with your board-certified plastic surgeon is necessary for ensuring that you select the right procedure for your goals.

Chin Implant Plastic Surgery in Lubbock

A chin implant looks like the chin guard on a sports helmet. It can be shaped and carved to tailor your surgical result to your exact needs. The implant itself feels like your chin bone and with the right surgeon, results look very natural. The surgery to place the implant is relatively simple and takes only about 30 minutes. First, a small incision is made under the chin, and then a small pocket is made where the implant is slipped into place. Patients may need to limit their diet to only soft foods during their recovery from chin plastic surgery in Lubbock to avoid too much chewing action. A dressing will need to be worn on the chin for 2-3 days, and sutures are removed after one week. Chin augmentation patients should sleep on their back with the head elevated during their initial recovery.

Chin augmentation is meant to give distinction to the jawline to visually separate it from the neck and creates balance and proportion with the rest of the face. Some patients may benefit from submental liposuction in combination with their chin implant procedure. The two procedures work together to slim the neck and define the chin.

When considering any kind of plastic surgery in Lubbock, it is important to be aware of the risks. Like all surgeries, there is a risk of post-surgical infection following a facial implant. Damage to facial nerves and musculature is possible and the structure or location of the implant may alter over time. Talk to your surgeon about any concerns you may have before your procedure. They can help you understand the potential for risks and what your expectations should be for your results.

Achieve Your Cosmetic Goals With Lubbock’s Leading Plastic Surgeon

A chin implant can give the right patient a stronger, more natural looking jawline. You can take the first step toward getting rid of that double chin or fleshy neck by calling our office to schedule a consultation. With more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Jane Rowley is the leading board-certified plastic surgeon in Lubbock. She will spend all the time her patients need to make sure procedures and expectations are clearly understood. She listens to her patients because her first priority is to help them safely achieve their goals with plastic surgery in Lubbock. Schedule your no-obligation consultation today to find out if a facial implant is right for you.

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