Mommy Makeovers: More than Just a Tummy Tuck in Lubbock

In our youthful anticipation of the joys of motherhood, many of us underestimate the toll that pregnancy, the demands of child rearing, and age can take on our bodies. Before we know it, we’re no longer those glowing, expectant mothers. While many of us may have never imagined we would want to consider something like a tummy tuck in Lubbock, we also probably didn’t understand the changes our bodies would experience. With a little help from modern surgical technology, there are many ways to regain your sense of youthfulness, to boost your confidence, and reclaim the figure you sacrificed to have a family. 

At Rowley Plastic Surgery, we consult with many mothers considering a tummy tuck in Lubbock who are surprised to learn how many options they have after childbearing. While not everyone loves the phrase, pop culture often calls it a “Mommy Makeover” when multiple procedures are done together. It’s a popular term that refers to a combination of procedures to target different areas of your body during a single surgery. Several areas may be treated with multiple procedures performed at the same time to create the full package look patients desire. On the right patient, a mommy makeover can provide the look you want with minimal downtime and a dramatic effect. 

Whether it’s a post pregnancy body deflating your confidence or simply the aging process, you have several options to combine plastic surgery procedures if you’d like to see a little more (or less) curve here or there. Dr. Jane Rowley offers options that treat different areas like tummies, breasts, hips, and buttocks. You can even add submental liposuction to tighten up the beginnings of a double chin.  

You get to decide—with only a single recovery.  So let’s discuss your options.

Breast Procedures: Breast Enhancement, Breast Lift, and Breast Reduction

When most people think about plastic surgery for breasts, they think of implants to increase breast size. But there are other breast procedures that can help women feel better about their appearance and themselves, aside from simply increasing their cup size. If your breasts sag or are too large for your liking, a breast lift or reduction can help you achieve the look you want. But how do you know which procedure is right for you? A lot depends on your body and your preferences, and the decision is best made in consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Breast Enlargement

After pregnancy, a woman’s breasts can sag, look deflated, and lose their feminine shape. If you’ve had a baby, you know all too well about the various changes your body undergoes as it prepares to bring a new baby into the world. The need for a procedure like a tummy tuck in Lubbock might not surprise many mothers. But many women are caught off guard by the unwanted changes they see in their breasts after they finish breastfeeding. And, for most of these mothers, extra bra padding is not enough to help them feel as confident as they once were in their appearance. 

Breast sagging and deflation are also common for women as they begin to age. If you would like to add volume and fullness to your breasts, then a breast augmentation with breast implants is a good option. The procedure is customizable to fit the needs of each individual woman. With choices for implant type, placement, size, and even incision location, breast enhancement can help you rebuild your confidence and satisfaction with your appearance.

Contrary to popular belief, most breast augmentation patients do not wish to end up with big, obvious plastic surgery results. A natural look and feel is the goal for the majority of women who seek the procedure. You get to decide what you want your surgical outcome to be, whether that means a modest enhancement or a drastic increase in cup size. With the latest breast implant technology, decades of experience, and a keen eye for aesthetic beauty, Dr. Rowley can help you achieve the look you want. 

Breast Lift

Let’s say that breast fullness is not a concern for you. You’re perfectly happy with your cup size, but the way your breasts sag has you feeling a little droopy yourself. It is common for breasts to lose their forward projection as gravity and age affect the body. Sometimes the nipples start to point downward or the top of the areola sits lower than the crease under the breast when viewed from the side. If you are dealing with these types of issues, you could benefit from a breast lift.

Also known as mastopexy, a breast lift corrects sagging by getting rid of excess breast skin and tissue. Once the loose skin is out of the way, your plastic surgeon can then reshape the breasts and raise the nipple/areola complex to a higher position. Even if you’ve had multiple pregnancies or are maturing in age, you can have youthful, perky breasts again.  

It’s not uncommon for women to choose both breast implants and a breast lift, restoring their youthful appearance while adding fullness. If you want to address both sagging and loss of volume at the same time, talk to your doctor about your goals. An experienced plastic surgeon can recommend the right breast implant size so that the extra volume does not weigh your breasts down too much (which can cause them to sag even more). Whether you want to combine it with breast implants or a tummy tuck in Lubbock, mastopexy often works well alongside other procedures. 

Breast Reduction

What if you have too much breast tissue? In addition to making some women feel uncomfortable with their appearance, having breasts that are too large can create physical discomfort. The heavy weight on their chests can cause back, neck, or shoulder pain. Some women get rashes or irritations in the crease of the breasts. Some may even have numbness or tingling in their hands and arms. If any of this sounds familiar, a breast reduction may be a good choice for you (and may be covered by your insurance). This procedure has some of the highest patient satisfaction rates in cosmetic surgery.

Extra large breasts can become a source of unwanted attention. Even modest clothing and swimwear fit in a way that accentuates the chest, causing increased anxiety and self-consciousness. If you feel insecure about your body because of the size of your breasts, plastic surgery can help you achieve a more proportionate shape. Breast reduction brings balance to your figure and improves confidence. 

Women love breast reduction because it gives them more freedom. Large breasts can inhibit a woman’s ability to move the way she wants. By decreasing their size, she can exercise without the weight of her breasts holding her back. Breast reduction also offers more freedom to wear what you want without worrying about concealing a large bust. 

Abdominal Procedures: Liposuction and Tummy Tuck in Lubbock

Most women accept the fact that they will have some weight to lose after delivering a baby. Some have to work harder than others to get back to their pre-baby measurement on the scale. Whether the weight comes off quickly or you’re still working toward your goal, there could be another cosmetic issue you may have not anticipated: loose belly skin. 

The skin and muscles in a woman’s abdomen stretch tremendously to accommodate a growing baby. But, even after the extra pounds are shed, the skin and muscles don’t often regain their pre-pregnancy shape. No matter how committed you are to your health and fitness regimen, diet and exercise will not tighten or shrink loose belly skin. Plastic surgery is an effective way to get rid of a belly bulge once and for all. 

Firm Up With a Tummy Tuck in Lubbock

A tummy tuck (or abdominoplasty) removes baggy, stretched skin that hangs around after you have had children or lost a significant amount of weight. A tummy tuck can even remove some stretch marks from pregnancies. The procedure also includes the tightening up your abdominal muscles. While a tummy tuck in Lubbock might not result in significant weight loss, it does have a significant effect on the abdominal core.

Abdominoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgeries in the U.S. In fact, since 2000, the number of patients having tummy tucks has risen by 97 percent. Not only does a tummy tuck enhance the appearance of your midsection, studies have also shown that it can have significant health benefits. In addition to repairing stretched or torn abdominal muscles, a tummy tuck in Lubbock can help patients who suffer from lower back pain and urinary incontinence. 

The procedure requires a horizontal incision on the lower abdominal area. Excess skin and tissue is removed, and the ab muscles are tightened with permanent sutures in multiple layers. An extended tummy tuck uses a slightly longer incision to shape the hips, and is often combined with liposuction to tighten and shape the side of the waist.

You can expect to have a drain in place for a week following a tummy tuck in Lubbock. A full recovery can take 6-8 weeks, but most patients can return to work after 2-3 weeks.

Target Fat With Liposuction   

While a tummy tuck gets rid of loose skin, liposuction is the procedure that removes excess fat in your belly and hip areas. This procedure is designed to remove areas of localized fat that persist despite any constant efforts to eliminate them, such as diet and exercise. Liposuction can successfully reshape your body and works well as part of a mommy makeover, as women’s bodies tend to hold on to fat as they age. 

Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure; however, the right patient may see more dramatic results with liposuction than they would by simply shedding pounds. The procedure is about sculpting your figure and smoothing out areas that are tough to address at the gym. The hips, outer thighs, and chin (or submental) region typically respond best to liposuction. If you want to know how liposuction can help you get rid of your stubborn fat, watch Dr. Rowley’s informative video below:

Pregnancy can leave you with loose, excess skin around your midsection, stubborn pockets of fat that won’t respond to diet or exercise, or a laxity of abdominal muscles (diastasis). When even your most diligent diet and exercise efforts don’t solve these issues, plastic surgery can be an effective tool. If you have concerns about your belly, hips, or thighs, talk to your doctor about whether liposuction or a tummy tuck in Lubbock may be right for you.

Why Lubbock Women Choose Dr. Jane Rowley 

Combining plastic surgery procedures can yield impressive results. However, with each added procedure, it’s even more important to find a trusted, board-certified plastic surgeon. All types of surgery come with risks, and when you have more than one at a time, those risks can increase. It is crucial to have thorough, honest conversations with your plastic surgeon so you can both be clear on the surgical expectations. It is wise to do your homework on your doctor and your procedure, whether you want a breast surgery, or an abdominal surgery such as a tummy tuck. In Lubbock, Dr. Jane Rowley is the plastic surgeon you can consult with about your cosmetic goals who shares your perspective. Dr. Rowley always listens to her patients and is well known for being a collaborative guide that helps women develop a plan that best fits their individual needs and bodies.

A mommy makeover can restore your confidence by helping you regain your natural, youthful beauty with a tighter stomach, slimmer hips, and a fuller or more proportionate bustline. If you’re looking for a tummy tuck in Lubbock or the surrounding areas, or any combination of cosmetic procedures to get the look you want, take time to chat with Dr. Rowley. She wants her patients to be happy with their results–and themselves–she wants you to fully understand all of your options and what procedures would work best for your lifestyle and body type. She will spend whatever time is necessary to make your plastic surgery experience the best one for you. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Rowley is the leading surgeon in Lubbock that offers plastic surgery with a woman’s perspective.  Discuss your options at a no-obligation consultation with Dr. Rowley. Call to schedule yours today.

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