Am I a Candidate for Breast Reconstruction?

breast reductionIf you are needing a mastectomy, breast reconstruction is a very personal decision that you may consider if you are eligible. More than just a breast reduction or breast implant,  breast reconstruction is plastic surgery, Lubbock breast cancer patients will need to consider after a mastectomy as part of the their full recovery cancer.

Immediate Reconstruction

Lubbock plastic surgery at the time of the mastectomy is called immediate reconstruction. This approach allows all of the surgical work to be performed as one procedure since Lubbock plastic surgery and the breast cancer surgeon coordinate their efforts.

You may be a candidate for immediate reconstruction if you do not need additional treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy; if you are getting a mastectomy as a preventative measure due to a high risk of breast cancer (a prophylactic mastectomy); and if you do not have diabetes, circulatory problems, or a bleeding disorder.

Delayed Reconstruction

If a reconstructive surgery is postponed until you have had time for a full recovery of your mastectomy, this is called a delayed reconstruction. If some reconstructive surgery is performed at the time of the mastectomy but is completed later with plastic surgery, this is called a delayed-immediate reconstruction. Unlike a breast reduction or implant independent of a mastectomy, the priority for your body is ensuring the cancer is completely treated. If a delay in reconstruction is needed, just know that the health of your body is the top priority of your health care providers.

Ultimately the choice of whether to get reconstructive plastic surgery, Lubbock doctors would advise you make carefully and for yourself. It is something you can choose much later after your mastectomy, so there is no need to rush into it. Healing emotionally after breast cancer is just as important as healing physically, and reconstruction may be part of that healing or may come after other cancer treatments. Your health care providers should be able to guide you in knowing what your options are for reconstruction and support you through the process.

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