Surgery for Breast Augmentation

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Breast augmentation is the most common cosmetic surgery requested. It is the plastic surgery Lubbock plastic surgeons Rowley Plastic Surgery are experts in. The reasons someone chooses this surgery are personal, but you can consider if these common reasons ring true to you.

Maybe you have lost some weight and your breast size is now smaller. Or your body shape allows clothes to fit well around your hips but then fits too loosely around your chest. Perhaps you feel your breast size is too small in proportion to the rest of your body size. Maybe you feel your breasts are noticeably smaller than other people’s’ breasts. Sometimes a one breast may be smaller than the other. Breast implants can solve all of these concerns.

Breast implants are constantly being researched and improved. More options are available now there ever before. Knowing your options along with good communication with your surgeon will help you have the best possible results from your procedure. Depending what your goals with plastic surgery, Lubbock clinics can offer you different implant choices. Know your options. You could choose saline-filled breast implants that are pre-filled before surgery with sterile salt water. But these implants can also be filled during surgery to make minor adjustments.You and your Lubbock plastic surgery doctor may discuss silicone-filled implants. Your general health and the desired shape you are looking to have may determine what type of implant is best for you.

Breast Augmentation – Solution to Brest Shape Problems

Breast augmentation is a long term solution to breast shape problems. They also require regular maintenance check ups. And with any surgery come with the surgical risks. If you have realistic expectations of body image and are in relatively good health, breast implants may be that aesthetic boost you are looking for. Feeling good about yourself is a great feeling. In Lubbock, plastic surgery is at its best.

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