Plastic Surgery for Breast Reduction

breast augmentation

Sometimes too much of a good things is no longer a good thing. Many women suffer from chronic back and neck pain because of too much breast weight pulling on neck and back muscles. A breast reduction from trusted doctors may be the right plastic surgery Lubbock women with breasts too large for their body frame can consider.


Breast reduction is a plastic surgery procedure that is called reduction mammaplasty. It involves removing excess glandular tissue, breast fat, and skin in the effort to create a breast size that better fits with your body size. A breast reduction is the opposite of breast augmentation which increases the size of the breasts. With a breast reduction. the goal is to find relief from the discomfort of neck and back pain, and also create a better self image of yourself.


When looking into plastic surgery, Lubbock has different options for you. If you are thinking about breast reduction, ask yourself some questions to see if you are a good candidate for this procedure…..

— Do you notice uncomfortable grooves in your shoulders from your bra straps

— Do you have chronic neck and back pain

— Is your skin sufficiently elastic to aid in the healing process after surgery

— Are you in good health with no serious preexisting health conditions.

— Do you have a difficult time shopping for tops and dress, or can’t find clothing that adequately fits around your chest.

— Have you given birth to your children already and no longer plan to breastfeed

— Are you self conscious about the size of your breast

— Are you emotionally stable and mentally ready to patiently go through a surgical healing process.

— Do you have realistic expectations for a surgical procedure


If you have good health and have discomfort because of overly large breasts you have the best surgeons for plastic surgery Lubbock has to offer. A conversation about your options and what to expect with surgery is is just a scheduled visit away.

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