Do You Offer Any Special Payments or Financial Options for Plastic Surgery?

Lubbock plastic surgery

Medical procedures can be costly. And even with good insurance, elective cosmetic surgery procedures usually aren’t covered. But when you are serious about plastic surgery, Lubbock patients have a few payment options to look into. The first option is simply to pay out of pocket for elective procedures. That long hoped for tummy tuck after children are born can be that favorite birthday present you give yourself.


If an out of pocket payment sounds scary, then consider a credit option. That cosmetic boost you are wanting just might be more than the budget can handle with an all at once, one time payment. Most doctors have “payment in full due at time of service” policies. They are not set up to be credit companies, keeping track of payments and balances. You can still consider that tummy tuck with CareCredit. This is a credit card that is specifically designed for procedures and treatments that are not generally covered under a medical insurance plan. This card is a little different than a regular credit card, as they have no interest payment plans and a variety of pay off options. They have short repayment times giving you the ability to manage your healthcare costs better. CareCredit may be that payment option for you so that tummy tuck is all the more possible. Visit their site for more information.
Some plastic surgery procedures are covered by insurances. If you are interested in a nose job, breast reduction, and eyelid surgery, Lubbock plastic surgery candidates may be covered with insurance if the procedures are needed for medical reasons. It is always important to check with your insurance company before having any medical treatment or procedure to clearly know what your benefits are. And always discuss with your doctor expected expenses and payment options and expectations before treatment. Good communication is key to having a positive experience with your plastic surgery procedure.

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