Back to School Plastic Surgery?

Back to School Plastic Surgery?

Gathering school supplies and shopping for new clothes have always been ways to prepare for a new school year. But along with back-to-school trends in clothing, there’s a growing summertime trend for youth needing rhinoplasty, or a “nose job,” to get the surgery before summer vacation ends. And, rhinoplasty isn’t the only procedure happening during summertime months for youth in Lubbock. Plastic surgery of all kinds are on the rise for teens in Lubbock and across the country.


1. “Everyone Is Doing It”

Classic, right? Well, the statement rings true today as much as ever. Social media and reality television has made plastic surgery seem ubiquitous among teens. Teen magazines, like the September issue of Seventeen, show youth highlighting nose jobs and breast implants, and the social media attention on Kylie Jenner’s new lips are sure to cross a teen’s newsfeed. Five years ago, the playing field for teens to compete with each other in dress and appearance didn’t include plastic surgery, and now, even for youth in Lubbock, plastic surgery is as much of an option for preparing for the new school year as is a pair of new shoes.  


2. Are Teens “too young”?

This question invites quite a bit more subjectivity to the conversation. Parents help their youth determine if a surgery is right for them, but many doctors will also turn teens away if they’re looking to alter minor physical features that will also change as they age over the next few years. Doctors may also turn away youth who have unrealistic expectations or the lack of maturity to understand what they want and the process to achieve it. But many doctors are also very supportive of minor changes that can have a major impact on a teen’s confidence levels and self-worth.


3. Practical, Not Just Pretty

Many teens have a need for plastic surgery, like the correction of collapsed sinuses and a mangled nose after multiple soccer injuries. The privacy of the summer months allows youth to make these kinds of corrections in between school years and away from the scrutiny of judging teens. Because youth undergo so many developmental changes during this time of their lives, peers may not even realize the surgery occurred, while the teen may feel an increase of confidence and functionality.


For teens in Lubbock, plastic surgery is a serious consideration and should be treated with the respect and caution of any medical procedure. Youth interested in plastic surgery should talk with their parents and schedule a no-obligation consultation with Dr. Jane Rowley to assess their goals and expectations.

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