Adolescent Bullying and Plastic Surgery

 Adolescents Who Are Involved in Bullying Are Interested in Cosmetic Surgery

Not everyone has the same reason for choosing to undergo plastic surgery. Lubbock’s highly rated doctor, Dr. Jane Rowley, wants her patients to decide on the procedure that will improve their self-confidence, and also make sense for their lifestyle. She wants her patients to choose plastic surgery for themselves, and not to please other people.

What the Research Says

A recent study published in the May 2017 issue of “Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery” found a link between preteens and teens who were involved in bullying and a greater desire for plastic surgery. A group of 750 kids, from 11 to 16 years old, were asked by researchers if they would want plastic surgery to appear different or to alter their physical appearance in some way.

Victimized by Bullying

Those who were victims of bullying were more likely to say they had thought about plastic surgery or considered it as an option than those who were not bullied. Some of these victims felt that if they changed their physical appearance in some way, then the bullying might stop. Those who were bullied were also shown to have reduced psychological functioning.

The Bullies

Within the group that was studied, the bullies themselves also said they had thought about plastic surgery. According to the research, this may be because, “. . . for bullies, “cosmetic surgery may simply be another tactic to increase social status…to look good and achieve dominance.”

What This Means for YOU

Other studies performed in the past have reported that about half of adults who want plastic surgery have been bullied in the past. This current article sheds light on the fact that sometimes that desire to change is present at a much younger age, and especially around the time a kid is bullied. If you’re considering plastic surgery, it’s important to do it for the right reasons. Because YOU want the procedure. Not because someone made you feel bad in the past about some aspect of your physical appearance.

You can put your trust in the experts at Rowley Plastic Surgery. Lubbock patients consistently choose Dr. Rowley as their board certified plastic surgeon. Before making any final decisions, Dr. Rowley will have a thorough consultation with you to determine the reasons why you are wanting plastic surgery, explain the procedure and expected results. Lubbock’s Dr. Rowley dedicates her time and attention to making sure you are comfortable with your body and have realistic expectations about your life post-plastic surgery. Give her office a call today.

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