Explaining The ‘Why’ Behind Plastic Surgery in Lubbock

The number of Americans having cosmetic procedures is at an all-time high, and the statistics show no signs of slowing down any time soon. While there may be a lot of people having the same types of surgeries, their motives vary widely. Are there right and wrong reasons to have plastic surgery in Lubbock? Think about why you want to change your appearance. A trusted, experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Jane Rowley can help you determine whether you are seeking Lubbock plastic surgery for healthy reasons.  

Plastic Surgery for ‘Likes’

More young people are having plastic surgery than ever before. A recent CBS News article called “More Millennials are Getting Plastic Surgery, Driven by Social Media and Jobs” explains the trends that plastic surgeons are seeing with their younger patients. The article features insight from Dr. Patrick Byrne, director of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery at John Hopkins Medicine. He reveals a pattern he finds troubling in his consultations with millennial patients. Dr. Byrne says when he asks his patients what they would like to change about their appearance, many of them start talking about what they see in pictures of themselves. He says,   

“Very often, they can’t actually show you with a mirror in hand. They have to pull out their phones and show you in a picture. That’s a little insane. When you start dealing with young people referencing digital images of their face rather than the image that presents in the mirror in the office, that can be highly concerning that they are seeking surgery for the wrong reasons.”

Having plastic surgery in Lubbock for the wrong reasons can lead to dissatisfaction with your results and even feelings of regret. If you do commit to a procedure, it should be because it is something that will help you feel more confident in yourself. Going to such great lengths to appear more attractive on social media may end up only feeding into your self-consciousness and drive you to do even more drastic things to feel accepted by others. 

Dr. Byrne isn’t the only plastic surgeon who is picking up on the latest fads in plastic surgery. The CBS News article also quotes a plastic surgeon in Long Island, Dr. Stephen Greenberg. In his practice, he sees a lot of millennials who want minimally invasive procedures like Botox, chemical peels, and laser skin treatments. Dr. Greenberg attributes the trend to the all-powerful selfie and its impact on social media users. 

Taking Preventative Measures

Dr. Greenberg also believes that many millennials are seeking plastic surgery for preventative measures. Rather than trying to wind back the clock after their prime has passed, young people are having procedures that will help them to slow down the aging process. Dr. Greenberg says, “Most millennials are seeking to maintain and extend their youthful appearance rather than shave years and often decades off their looks.”   

The best ways to fight the signs of aging include protecting your skin from the sun and taking good care of your body. Lubbock plastic surgery certainly has its place, but the things you can do on your own every day will make the biggest difference. 

Do Bigger Breasts Equal More Job Opportunities?

We would like to believe that if we change something about our physical appearance, then everything in life would fall into place. But that just isn’t true to real life. Some women wonder if breast implants could help their career. In the lives of most women, the answer is probably not. We want people to notice our intellect and ability. Your appearance could matter if you work in an industry that emphasizes your looks. For example, models and actors often have plastic surgery to boost their looks and expand their job opportunities. But most of us would have better career options with more education than with bigger breasts. Breast augmentation can have an indirect effect on your career when you have more confidence in your physical appearance overall. 

Implants in Today’s World

The choice whether or not to get breast augmentation plastic surgery in Lubbock is a deeply personal one. Most of us don’t need to intensely worry about appearance or cup size for our jobs. So, the decision to have plastic surgery needs to be based on realistic expectations and considerations. As a career woman, you can consult with your board-certified surgeon on the type of implant that best fits your lifestyle. You have many options that will give you an enhanced and natural look. You need to consider implant shape, size, and placement. Talking to your doctor and clearly communicating your expectations will help your doctor make the best Lubbock plastic surgery plan for you. Patients also need to consider the timing of their surgery so they can schedule adequate time to properly recover from the procedure.

What are the Real Benefits of Breast Implants?

How we feel about ourselves can have a profound impact on our overall satisfaction with life. A confident feeling about yourself including your looks can affect how you respond in the workplace and life. If you are a woman who feels uncomfortable about having small breasts or if you have breasts that are significantly asymmetrical, you can experience the personal boost that comes with plastic surgery in Lubbock. 

Even if no one directly can tell what is different in your appearance, when you feel inner confidence, it shines in you. Just imagine confidently walking into the clothing store and finding that perfect blouse that perfectly fits you for an upcoming job interview. Then that same confidence in your appearance means you handle yourself in the interview superbly. That inner confidence adds to your ability to show the world what you can do. 

Healthy Motivations

The choice to have plastic surgery is ultimately up to you, whether your reasons are healthy or not. But taking some time to evaluate what’s driving you to seek out these changes can help you in the long run. Consider some of the reasons people commonly have Lubbock plastic surgery.

  • Confidence boost: If there is something specific about your appearance that has bothered you for a while, plastic surgery in Lubbock is a helpful option. Breast augmentation patients often experience higher levels of self-confidence after their procedure.
  • Correct birth defect or deformity: Your social life and emotional health can be affected by defects that can only be resolved through plastic surgery. Ear pinning, or otoplasty, is a procedure that has helped many people overcome issues caused by their prominent ears.
  • Reconstruction after cancer: Lubbock plastic surgery can help with psychological healing after breast cancer. Breast implants can be placed immediately after the mastectomy procedure.
  • Drastic weight loss: Losing a significant amount of weight can leave you with stretched out folds of skin. A tummy tuck or arm lift can get rid of the excess skin to complement the results of your weight-loss efforts.

Moving Forward With Confidence

Plastic surgery should be about being comfortable and confident in your own skin. Dr. Jane Rowley wants all of her Lubbock plastic surgery patients to feel beautiful with their bodies.  She offers more than two decades of plastic surgery experience and will intently listen as you explain your hopes and expectations for your procedure. You can always rest assured knowing you are in good hands at Rowley Plastic Surgery in Lubbock. Call today for a no-obligation consultation.

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