With Otoplasty, Lubbock Patients of All Ages Can Have Natural Ears

Plastic surgery isn’t just about improving your appearance. It’s about building your self-confidence. Most patients seek plastic surgery to enhance areas of their bodies to achieve personal cosmetic goals. Some patients want to make changes because they are tired of being the butt of so many jokes about their physical imperfections. Even when friends mean no harm with their teasings, their message can still cause hurt. If you have been teased about some aspect of your body, like a large nose or ears that stick out, you’re not alone. Luckily there are many plastic surgery procedures that can adjust or correct unwanted body characteristics, such as otoplasty. Lubbock patients seek otoplasty to correct ear prominence or asymmetry.

Otoplasty: Plastic Surgery with Benefits for Younger Patients

When it comes to plastic surgery, we don’t often think about children coming in to see the surgeon. But plastic surgery can benefit children and youth in ways that some of us take for granted. Young people want to like what they see in the mirror, just like adults do. A board-certified plastic surgeon can remove excess skin and cartilage to reshape or pin ears to a more natural position. Parents can learn from their doctor how their child’s ears will look after surgery.

Growing up with misshapen or prominent ears that attract teasing is never easy. Children can be born with ear deformities or have damage due to accidents or injuries. With ear plastic surgery, Lubbock youth can have cosmetic issues corrected so they no longer have to worry about problems such as cauliflower ears, or ears that are overly prominent, too big, folded, or cupped.

The Right Age for Otoplasty in Lubbock

Dr. Jane Rowley has the experience and expertise to correct ear shape with otoplasty. Dr. Rowley recommends that kids who are being teased at school due to large ears wait to have otoplasty until they are old enough to discuss and understand the procedure and what it entails with their parents. If your child’s ears have cosmetic issues and your child has expressed the desire to surgically fix the problem, it may be time to talk to a well-qualified plastic surgeon.

One of the many advantages of otoplasty is that it can be performed at any age, whether you’re seven years-old or fifty-seven. Patients of any age can see positive results with the procedure. So if you have already suffered through your school years at the mercy of the ridicule of your peers, it’s not too late to improve your self-confidence with otoplasty in Lubbock.

How Does Otoplasty Work?

During ear plastic surgery in Lubbock, an incision is made behind each ear. Internal sutures are placed to reshape the contour of the ear cartilage and to bring the ears closer to the head. The pain associated with the surgery is minimal. Aside from a head dressing for a the first week following otoplasty, the recovery is fairly straightforward with little to no complications. There will be a thin scar behind the ear that is not noticeable as it is usually in the natural crease of the ear. Otoplasty results are visible immediately after surgery.

Is the Surgery Safe?  

While there is some level of risk associated with any type of surgery, otoplasty is one of the safest surgical procedures. Patients need to follow post-surgery instructions to minimize the possibility of infection. Children should be mature enough to understand the importance of following the doctor’s orders. The incision sites may begin to itch as they heal and it is important that the bandages not be removed until the time appointed by your doctor.

Complications can happen with otoplasty in Lubbock, although occurrences are rare. It is possible for the ears to revert back to their original shape or position. This problem is more likely to happen with adult patients than children. After ear plastic surgery, Lubbock patients run a slight risk of developing a blot clot in the ear, which can either be treated with a simple drain or it will resolve on its own. Talk with your surgeon about all of your concerns to gain a full understanding of otoplasty before you undergo the procedure.  

Decades of Experience With Ear Plastic Surgery in Lubbock  

The true benefits of otoplasty are evident in the smiles on the faces of Dr. Jane Rowley’s satisfied patients. Children experience an increase in their confidence when they don’t have to worry about being teased by their peers. Parents experience satisfaction when their child no longer has to endure ridicule. With over two decades of experience, Dr. Jane Rowley is the leading board-certified plastic surgeon in Lubbock who cares about her patients and carefully consults with each one individually. She is the only surgeon with the expertise, knowledge, and honesty who can give you the cosmetic results you are looking for. Schedule your no-obligation consultation today to learn more about your plastic surgery possibilities.

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