Why Men and Women in Lubbock Consider Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is always a personal choice. That choice should be made intelligently after careful consultation with your Lubbock board certified plastic surgeon. Maybe some of the following reasons fit why you are considering a cosmetic boost this year with plastic surgery from Rowley Plastic Surgery.


Fight the Aging Battle


Modern medicine can help you feel better and live a healthier lifestyle. Statistically, men and women are enjoying life longer than ever before. Living longer and feeling good doesn’t always mean that our appearances are keeping up with how we feel. Plastic surgery is the option that gives you the opportunity to look as young as you feel. Technology and training offer patients procedures by highly skilled, certified surgeons that smooth wrinkles, add contour to body and face, and remove saggy, excess skin. If you are older and want to turn back the clock on your appearance, you can consider surgical options like:

  • Face Lift
  • Eye Lift
  • Chin Implant

Even the smallest procedure can make a dramatic change in your looks that can that added spring to your step. Having another birthday doesn’t mean you are required to look and feel old.


Take Care of Imperfections


Some characteristics of your body you just can’t change on your own. People in Lubbock can choose plastic surgery to fix ears that are too big, give more prominence to your chin and jawline, or add symmetry to your breasts. Plastic surgery can help restore confidence in your looks that has emotional benefits as well as physical.

Lubbock plastic surgery patients are as varied as the procedures or combination of procedures they choose. Dr. Jane Rowley is your leading board certified plastic surgeon who can tailor a surgical experience to fit your personal expectations. So whether you are interested in breast augmentation, tummy tuck, face lift, or ear gauge repair, you know you are always in good hands at Rowley Plastic Surgery. Call today for your no-obligation consultation visit.

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