When Do Breast Implants Start to Feel Natural?

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Size and shape of your new breast implants matter for your personal satisfaction, but the feel of your breasts is also very important to your overall happiness with your procedure. When getting anything from a little lift or a total reconstruction, there are multiple factors at play determining the end-result feel of your implants. If a very natural feel is your ultimate goal, there are a few things to consider before your surgery. And if you have already had implants, these variables will also give you direction as to when you can expect to feel natural again and what you might do along the way to help your body get there faster.



  • Type of Material


Silicone implants tend to be softer than saline right from the onset. Those who get silicone implants may be more inclined to say things feel “normal” earlier than those with saline implants. Eventually saline can also feel soft, but because of the viscosity of the silicone, they have the potential to feel softer than saline even over an extended amount of time.



  • Sufficient Breast Tissue: Location and Ratio


Individuals who have inadequate natural breast tissue to support the implants need to have the implants placed under chest muscles to provide that coverage. This chest muscle needs to be stretched and thinned out over time to feel supple and soft like breast tissue. This process is not immediate, so the location of your implant can have a great effect on the overall feel of your new breasts when you first arrive home. The more natural breast tissue you have to start with, the more likely you will be able to mask the implant.



  • Patience


You choose the material, shape, and size of the final look that you want. Having healthy and realistic expectations, along with a sufficient dose of patience will go a long way toward ensuring your satisfaction with your surgery at our Lubbock facility.

Whether you are planning a single breast implant procedure or are combining it with a complete mommy makeover, Dr. Rowley will carefully listen to your cosmetic goals, so you are happy with your results. To discuss your implant choice, schedule a consultation today.

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