What You Need to Ask Yourself Before Lubbock Plastic Surgery

The decision to permanently change your appearance is a very personal one. Everyone has different reasons for wanting cosmetic surgery. Some patients want to regain their pre-pregnancy body, some need help targeting areas of stubborn fat, and others simply want to fight the effects of age. Whatever your goals and expectations are for your plastic surgery in Lubbock, there are some important things to consider before you schedule that surgery. A little bit of honest self-reflection can help you sort things out to be sure that plastic surgery is something you are ready to pursue. If you are seriously thinking about having some work done, you should start by asking yourself the following questions.  

Am I a Good Candidate for Lubbock Plastic Surgery?

Just because you want plastic surgery doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Before you consider a cosmetic procedure, you need to make an honest evaluation of your overall health. A good plastic surgery candidate should:

  • Be in good general health
  • Have no issues with excessive bleeding
  • Not smoke (or be able to quit before and after surgery)
  • Be at a stable weight
  • Have realistic expectations

These are general guidelines that give Lubbock plastic surgery patients a starting point when thinking about having elective surgery. Your doctor will also want to evaluate your skin type for some procedures. You will need to be honest and thorough when you discuss with your doctor what you would like to do to see if the procedure you want is a good fit for you. 

What are My Cosmetic Goals?

Lubbock plastic surgery patients have different ideas about what they want from cosmetic surgery. Some patients want dramatic and noticeable changes in their appearance while others want a subtle effect that highlights their own natural look. Are you looking for a full body package or do you just want to change a little detail that has always bothered you? Your surgeon is the best source of plastic surgery information if you have questions about different procedures. They can help you make the right decisions when you have realistic expectations and accurate information. That’s why it’s so important to communicate your goals clearly to your plastic surgeon during your initial consultation.

If your goal is to perfect your body or to look exactly like someone else, you may be disappointed with the way your plastic surgery turns out. No amount of surgery can fix every flaw you see in the mirror. The point of plastic surgery is to enhance your look in a way that complements your natural features. If you love yourself first, then you’re much more likely to be happy with the results of your procedure. 

Is Now the Right Time?

All types of plastic surgery in Lubbock require time for planning as well as recovery. Make sure you can block out the amount of time you’ll need to let your body properly heal from your procedure. If you are in the middle of an important project at work or have other big plans in the near future, now might not be the right time for plastic surgery. Lubbock patients should ask their doctor about the details of their recovery so they can get a specific timeframe for how long their recovery period will be.

Can I Afford Plastic Surgery?

We all love to take advantage of a great deal when we see one. But when you are researching your Lubbock plastic surgery options, it’s no time to look for bargains. Do you want a safe surgery with a quality surgeon? Do you hope for long-lasting results that look great? Then you’ll want to save your discount hunting for those shoes you’ve been eyeing. Patients have the best chance of achieving their cosmetic goals with an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon. Don’t hesitate to ask direct questions about training and experience before you commit to any surgeon. In Lubbock, the best plastic surgery experience is with Dr. Jane Rowley at Rowley Plastic Surgery.  

Patients can get help paying for some procedures through insurance. For example, insurance may cover all or part of a breast reduction if you can prove that you have experienced health issues because of your large breasts. Other reconstructive surgeries such as nose jobs and weight loss procedures can also be eligible for coverage through some companies. Insurance plans vary widely, so be sure to check with your provider if you think your procedure might be covered. 

Think it Through

When thinking about having plastic surgery, Lubbock candidates would benefit by asking themselves the personal questions that only they can answer. Then they will be able to have the clarity they need to feel confident moving forward with their procedure. Other questions that are advantageous to consider are: 

  • Why do I want cosmetic surgery?
  • What do I want to change about my appearance?
  • Is this something I really want or is it for someone else?
  • Do I have realistic expectations?
  • Am I ready to make the changes to my lifestyle that my surgery may require?

These questions will only help if you are honest with yourself about the answers. Explore your true motives for wanting Lubbock plastic surgery to see if it is really something you will be happy with long-term. Keeping realistic expectations is also key because it helps to understand that plastic surgery will not magically give you a perfect body or solve your problems for you.

What the Experts Say

Eileen Bradbury is a consultant psychologist who has been working with plastic surgery candidates for two decades. She advises taking the decision to have a cosmetic procedure very seriously. “You’re the one who has to live with the outcome,” she says. “If you rush into the surgery without properly thinking about it, it might be the wrong result, even if the surgery goes well.” 

Do Your Part

Bradbury says, “It’s like having a personal trainer. You have to do most of the work yourself. Your well-being includes your lifestyle, nutrition, work and social life.” Your plastic surgeon can perform your procedure perfectly, but it’s up to you to make sure you follow post-surgery instructions and give your body the long-term care it needs. For the benefits of Lubbock plastic surgery to last, it is important to take care of yourself. Maintaining a healthy weight, eating right, and keeping a positive mental outlook will help make the most of your surgery results. 

Consult With Loved Ones

Having a heart to heart with yourself is an essential step to determine whether you are ready for plastic surgery, but talking to trusted friends and family can help too. The people who love and support you can help you come to know if it is something that is right for you.  

Take the Next Step With Dr. Jane Rowley 

If you decide that you are ready for plastic surgery, Lubbock surgeon Dr. Jane Rowley can work with you to help you understand your options. Dr. Rowley has extensive training and over 20 years of surgical experience. She carefully and intently listens to her patients to make sure she understands their expectations. She has the answers to your questions and will present you with the best options for your cosmetic goals. Call today for a no-obligation consultation to see how you can gain the confidence that comes with loving how you look.

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