The Pros and Cons of Breast Reduction in Lubbock

In Lubbock, women with uncomfortably large breasts can find significant relief as a result of having cosmetic surgery to reduce their size. If you are thinking about having surgery to make your breasts more manageable, you should consider the following pros and cons will help you make the right decision.


  • Relief from pain. Overly large breasts can cause some problems including neck, back, and shoulder pain. With the load being lightened in the bust, the strain on the upper body disappears.
  • Enhanced appearance. Even with the right size bra, women in Lubbock who would benefit from a breast reduction tend to feel self-conscious. The surgery allows women to avoid unwanted attention directed at their chest and gives them a more proportionate figure.
  • Improved physical ability. Working out is tough. Now imagine adding a heavy chest that causes skin irritation while you sweat it out at the gym. Plastic surgery can eliminate those problems and free women up to exercise and move much more easily.


  • Scars. Plastic surgery is not a magic process that happens in the blink of an eye. There are incisions that have to be made, and they take some time to heal. Just remember that if you are wearing clothes or even a swimsuit, no one else in Lubbock can see those scars.
  • Cost. The price of the surgery has a wide range that depends on where you live and how complex the procedure is. Some insurance companies will cover the cost of the surgery if the patient can show that their breast size causes chronic pain for which they need medical care.
  • Risks. The risks associated with breast reduction surgery are fairly minor. Patients who are healthy and are not overweight have a lower rate of complications from the procedure.

At Rowley Plastic Surgery, breast reduction patients are some of our most satisfied clients. Dr. Jane Rowley has over 20 years of experience and will thoroughly discuss your plastic surgery options with you. Call today to schedule your obligation-free consultation.

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