The Benefits of Plastic Surgery: Transforming Lives

In 2001, Patrick Hardison was just doing his job as a firefighter when he was trapped in a burning house in Senatobia Mississippi. As a result of the accident and severe burns, he lost his ears, hair, and eyelids. Even though his good nature and kind heart stayed the same, people had a difficult time looking past his injuries to see the man he was. Life became a journey defined by appearance and face values that Patrick had not expected to take.  A team of highly skilled surgeons at NYU Langone used their plastic surgery training to transform the life of Patrick Hardison. With a dream of being able to look normal at his daughters’ weddings, Patrick now has a new face. Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez was the lead surgeon and performed the most extensive face transplant to date.


Plastic Surgery Lubbock Patients Can Appreciate


Dr. Jane Rowley is proud to have studied with the amazing doctors at NYU Langone. She has brought her training and experience to help transform lives in Lubbock. Plastic surgery can help restore personal confidence and dignity to patients who struggle with their self-image. Dr. Rowley always consults with her patients to first understand the individual’s cosmetic goals and second to explain procedures and expectations thoroughly to the patient.


Benefits of Plastic Surgery


Our bodies and how we feel about our appearance can have a psychological impact on our lives. When Patrick was disfigured, he couldn’t walk out his front door without getting constant reactions from people that saw him. He commented that he just wanted to be a normal guy again. With a variety of options in plastic surgery, Lubbock patients can have positive physical and physiological results that boost your self-confidence in life. You don’t have to experience as extreme a situation as Patrick Hardison to benefit from plastic surgery. Some of the happiest patients are those that realize they can change something with their appearance to reflect how they are feeling on the inside. Breast reduction, ear, and tummy tuck surgery are just a few examples of plastic surgery Lubbock men and women can choose to benefit their lives.


Dr. Jane Rowley is excited to share the story of Patrick Hardison and the success her colleagues had in helping his life with amazing plastic surgery results. If you are feeling you need a change in your life and want to regain your confidence in your appearance, call Rowley Plastic Surgery for your personal, no-obligation consultation. When it comes to plastic surgery in Lubbock, you are always in good hands at Rowley Plastic Surgery.

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