Procedures for Adolescents With the Best Plastic Surgeon in Lubbock

Not everyone has the same reason for choosing to undergo plastic surgery. Dr. Jane Rowley wants her patients to decide on the procedure that will improve their self-confidence, and also make sense for their lifestyle. As the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock, Dr. Rowley wants her patients to choose plastic surgery for themselves, and not to please other people. With that being said, the opinions of others can have an impact on the way we feel about ourselves, especially in adolescence. Whether it is online or on the playground, teasing and bullying still happen in the everyday lives of our children, and it is our job as parents to help them navigate those situations. 

Adolescent Bullying and Plastic Surgery: What the Research Says

When a child has an abnormal appearance, peers sometimes respond in ways that make the child feel isolated or bullied. A recent study published in the May 2017 issue of “Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery” found a link between preteens and teens who were involved in bullying and a greater desire for plastic surgery. A group of 750 kids, from 11 to 16 years old, were asked by researchers if they would want plastic surgery to appear different or to alter their physical appearance in some way.

Victimized by Bullying

Those who were victims of bullying were more likely to say they had thought about plastic surgery or considered it as an option than those who were not bullied. Some of these victims felt that if they changed their physical appearance in some way, then the bullying might stop. Those who were bullied were also shown to have reduced psychological functioning. While enduring playground teasing may have been viewed as a type of right of passage for kids in years past, these studies have revealed that it may in fact have more detrimental long-term effects. Teasing can turn into more aggressive bullying and even discrimination. 

The Bullies

Within the group that was studied, the bullies themselves also said they had thought about plastic surgery. According to the research, this may be because, “. . . for bullies, cosmetic surgery may simply be another tactic to increase social status…to look good and achieve dominance.” Dr. Rowley is the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock and she will take the time to make sure her patients young and old are mentally and emotionally stable enough to handle plastic surgery. 

What This Means for You

Three to five percent of adolescents and young adults have had plastic surgery to improve their appearance. Other studies performed in the past have reported that about half of adults who want plastic surgery have been bullied in the past. This current article sheds light on the fact that sometimes that desire to change is present at a much younger age, and especially around the time a kid is bullied. 

If you’re considering plastic surgery with the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock, it’s important to do it for the right reasons. It should be because YOU want the procedure. Not because someone made you feel bad in the past about some aspect of your physical appearance. Plastic surgery is about helping you find greater confidence by enhancing your body in ways that you believe will achieve your goals.  

When Is the Right Time for Young People to Have Plastic Surgery?   

Parenthood is about constantly balancing options with their costs and benefits–all in the best interest of your child. You may have never imagined you would be faced with the choice of letting your child have a cosmetic procedure, but when their self-esteem is at stake, it can be a helpful option to consider. When you have to make a decision about if and when to allow plastic surgery for your son or daughter, having more information will help you make the right choice at the right time. 

Otoplasty for Children With the Best Plastic Surgeon in Lubbock

One of the most common reasons that parents decide on plastic surgery for their kids is because they have protruding or abnormal ears. Teasing and bullying can start at a very early age for children with ear issues, but how do you know when the time is right to pursue otoplasty? The timing of this procedure can greatly affect the outcome, and while some plastic surgeons will take children as young as 4 years old, Lubbock plastic surgery specialist Dr. Jane Rowley recommends waiting until the child is at least 6 for the following reasons.

Maturity Aids in Healing

An older child will be more likely to understand the implications of taking the healing process seriously. They will also be less likely to play with or take off the bandage that’s necessary for them to wear for several days post surgery. This means better results from the procedure and greater chances for proper healing. Even the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock needs patients to follow post-operative instructions to help the surgery be a success.

Desire Begets Investment

When considering plastic surgery for your child, you want to follow the advice of the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock. Dr. Jane Rowley recommends that parents wait to pursue otoplasty until the child is old enough to ask for the surgery. This way the child will be invested in the procedure being successful and will likely be more compliant in the healing process and post-operative instructions. It’s important that the child understands that the healing process and aftercare instructions are both vital to the success of the procedure.

Reduced Complications

While they are rare, complications from otoplasty can happen. Lubbock plastic surgery patients should be aware of these complications, and more importantly how to avoid them, no matter what their age. The most common risks are blood clots, infection, and scarring. With proper wound care, as well as having the best plastic surgeon Lubbock has to offer, these risks can be avoided or mitigated.

How Does Otoplasty Work?

Children who undergo otoplasty with Dr. Rowley are usually administered a general anesthetic. An incision is made behind the ear so that visible scarring is minimal. The ear is brought closer to the head and its shape is recreated using internal sutures. Recovery is fairly straightforward, but it is important that the patient keeps the head dressing bandage on for 5 to 7 days following surgery. Patients may need to wear a headband to keep pressure on their ears at night for up to 3 weeks. Normal activities can be resumed quickly but all of the swelling may take up to 6 to 8 weeks to fully resolve. 

Put Your Trust in the Best Plastic Surgeon Lubbock Has to Offer 

You can put your trust in the experts at Rowley Plastic Surgery. Before making any final decisions about plastic surgery for your child, Dr. Rowley will have a thorough consultation with you and your child. She will determine the reasons you want to pursue the surgery, explain the procedure and tell you what kind of results you can expect. Dr. Rowley dedicates her time and attention to making sure you are comfortable with your choices and have realistic expectations about what to expect post-plastic surgery. 

If you have questions about otoplasty or any other plastic surgery, please call to schedule a no-obligation consultation with the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock, Dr. Jane Rowley. Plastic surgery can be life changing, and you deserve to have an experienced surgeon on your side, especially when it comes to a procedure for your child. Have peace of mind knowing you’ve chosen the best plastic surgeon Lubbock has to offer. Call today.

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