In Lubbock, Plastic Surgery Should be for the Right Reasons

For many people in Lubbock, plastic surgery is something that will help boost self-esteem and body image. It can be a powerful tool in changing the way you feel about how you look. Otoplasty is an example of a confident-boosting procedure. When your ears are too large or noticeably stick out, plastic surgery can eliminate your self-consciousness over the appearance of your ears. Sometimes, people turn to plastic surgeons for the wrong reasons. It’s a good idea to have a heart-to-heart conversation with yourself and your doctor before chosing to change your body permanently.

Assess Your Motives

We all go through turbulent times in our lives. This is perfectly normal, but it is not an ideal time to seek out plastic surgery. If you are looking into cosmetic surgery in hopes that it will end your troubles, mend relationships, or prove something about yourself, it may not be right for you at that moment. The best candidates for Lubbock plastic surgery are those who have specific areas they want to improve to boost their confidence and be happier with how they look. If you want to take charge of your appearance instead of letting life or age decide for you, cosmetic surgery could be a healthy choice.

Expect Realistic Results

Your board certified plastic surgeon can help you picture the most realistic outcomes for your specific procedure and body type. Understanding that plastic surgery will not make you look perfect is important because it will help you be happier with your actual results. No operation is going to make you flawless, and it is unreasonable to hold your doctor to that expectation. What plastic surgery can do, though, is build your confidence in your physical appearance.

With more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Jane Rowley is the leading cosmetic surgeon in Lubbock. Plastic surgery patients can expect communication combined with expertise and skill under her care. Schedule your no-obligation consultation today.  

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