How Can I Help Reduce My Plastic Surgery Scars?

When you schedule an appointment for a plastic surgery procedure, your goals for the procedure never include getting as many scars as possible. Scars are a natural result of the surgery incisions and are often unavoidable, but there are things you can do to help minimize the appearance of scars.


Select the Right Doctor


For patients in Lubbock, plastic surgery performed by a board certified surgeon like Dr. Jane Rowley will not only give you confidence in the quality of the surgery but also in the care shown to avoid extensive scarring. Although MDs can perform cosmetic procedures, they are not necessarily trained in the aesthetic aspects of plastic surgery. Board certified plastic surgeons have the training and techniques to minimize scarring and to ensure that not only is the procedure medically correct and safe but that it also looks as natural and appealing as possible after it heals.


Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle


Your diet and lifestyle choices can have an effect on how your skin heals. There isn’t a special diet specifically to promote healing, but a diet balanced with good nutrition, full of vitamins and nutrients, will help your body better heal and recover after surgery. One of the biggest lifestyle choices that determine how you will heal after your Lubbock plastic surgery is whether or not you smoke. We hear all the health warning about how smoking contributes to cancer and lung disease. But smoking also causes problems with the circulation in your skin and can slow down the healing process after surgery as well as increase your risk for complications. So, before your plastic surgery, make sure you eat a healthy diet and if you smoke, decide to stop smoking for the benefit of having healthier skin.

Other Issues to Consider Before your Plastic Surgery


Lubbock patients are as different as the types of cosmetic procedures they can choose. Scarring also has a variety of reasons to consider. Things such as:


  • Incision Placement
  • Genetics
  • Type of Procedure and Technique Used
  • Silicone Tape on Incisions
  • Topical Creams

Dr. Jane Rowley will always carefully consult with her patients before any procedure to explain a procedure and the expected scars that can be associated with the surgery. Dr. Rowley is the leading board certified surgeon for options in plastic surgery Lubbock patients trust. Call today and schedule your no-obligation consultation.