From Flab to Fab: What Arm Lift Plastic Surgery in Lubbock Can Do for You

The appearance of your upper arms is probably something you never imagined you would care much about. Maturing in age has its benefits but it also comes with some drawbacks, and worsening arm flab can be one of them. The upper arms can also be a source of frustration for people who have lost a significant amount of weight. Reaching your weight loss goal is supposed to be something to celebrate, but it can be hard to feel like you’ve achieved the look you want when you still see “bat wings” in the mirror. Whether you dislike your arms because they’ve started to sag with age or they didn’t bounce back after your weight loss, brachioplasty, or arm lift plastic surgery in Lubbock, is a convenient way to get rid of that flabby look. You don’t have to hide your arms by wearing long sleeve shirts year-round anymore. For the right candidate, an arm lift can turn the arms from flabby to fabulous. 

What Does an Arm Lift Do?

If you are doing your research about brachioplasty, you have probably lived with sagging arms long enough to know that diet and exercise do not solve the problem. No amount of pushups, arm circles, or weight lifting will get rid of the excess fat and skin that hangs off the arms. With Lubbock plastic surgery, your arms can finally have the shape you desire. Not all arm lifts are exactly the same since patients have varying degrees of tissue that needs to be removed. In general, you can expect your plastic surgeon to create a better contour of your arms from the elbow to the armpit. The goal is to give you slimmer arms that appear more toned and are better aligned with the proportions of the rest of your body. 

What Does Arm Lift Surgery Involve?   

An arm lift is a fairly straightforward plastic surgery in Lubbock. The operation takes about one hour under general anesthesia in outpatient surgery. Your doctor will make an incision either on the inside of your upper arm or on the backside, and then remove the excess skin and fat.  Internal sutures may be used to tighten and reshape the underlying tissue. Dr. Jane Rowley does not place drains, and the sutures are absorbed by the body. Although liposuction alone cannot eliminate hanging arm skin, some patients opt to add liposuction to their brachioplasty procedure to target specific fat deposits on their arms. Talk to your doctor to determine whether combining liposuction with your arm lift will give you the best results.  

Brachioplasty patients are sent home from surgery with compression wraps that should be worn for up to 2 weeks. Your arms will be noticeably slimmer right after your operation, but you should be able to see the full results within 6 to 8 weeks, after any swelling and bruising has subsided. If you can maintain a stable, healthy weight, your Lubbock plastic surgery outcome can last a very long time. 

Is Brachioplasty Worth It?

One of the most important considerations for brachioplasty patients is whether they are comfortable with scarring on their arms. Just about every type of Lubbock plastic surgery will leave a scar, but arm lift scars tend to be longer and more noticeable than with other procedures. The way your scars will look depend on the location and amount of sin and fat that is removed. Brachioplasty scars are not as easily hidden as the ones you might get from breast augmentation or a tummy tuck, but many patients feel the benefits of arm lift plastic surgery in Lubbock far outweigh the costs. A board-certified plastic surgeon with brachioplasty experience can help you decide if the procedure is right for you.  

Dr. Jane Rowley has been performing brachioplasty for over 20 years. She is always honest and candid in her consultations with patients, and will only recommend the procedure for those who will see the best results. She says:

“Patients really need to have a significant amount of excess skin to be happy with the results after this operation. There is a fairly significant scar that can be noticeable in clothing, but on the right patient, the results can be dramatic.”

When you are trying to make a decision about Lubbock plastic surgery for your arms, it can also be helpful to talk to other patients or read online reviews. 92 percent of RealSelf brachioplasty patients say the procedure is “worth it.” One reviewer said:

“My verdict on the arm-lift is that it is very much worth the cost. I feel much more confident now that my wings are gone and while the scars are a pretty big trade-off, in the end I would still opt to have the surgery as opposed to spending forever with big, flappy arms.”

Arm Lift Plastic Surgery in Lubbock With Dr. Rowley

You don’t have to live with embarrassment or insecurity about your appearance. If you are tired of hiding your arms because of excessive hanging skin or fat, an arm lift could give you back the confidence you deserve. Dr. Jane Rowley is the most experienced plastic surgeon in Lubbock, and she can tell you whether an arm lift is the best way for you to achieve your aesthetic goals. To learn about your plastic surgery options, schedule your no-obligation consultation with Rowley Plastic Surgery today. 

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