Do Men Like Breast Implants?

Breast augmentation


We sometimes do things to please other people. We want the people around us to be happy. I remember dating a guy in high school that liked my long hair and told me never to cut it. The relationship ended, I realized I really wanted my hair shorter. I had a great afternoon at the salon getting a new hairstyle, and decided that day that when something really mattered to me I didn’t want someone else dictating what I did with any part of my body.


Personal Decisions

If you are considering plastic surgery, Lubbock offers a board certified surgeon that can discuss with you exactly what your personal goals are for the aesthetics of your body. Obviously, cosmetic surgery is a much more life altering change than a haircut; which is all the more reason to know what you want in a plastic surgery procedure. Plastic surgery should be something you choose to do for yourself, and not let someone else dictate the results.


What do Men Think?

When researching whether or not men like breast augmentations, the results are all over the board. In many studies where men were asked about size, approximately 32.7% of men like a medium breast size, 24.4% liked women with larger breasts, 19.1% liked very large breasts, 15.5% prefered small breasts, and 8.3% of men chose very small breasts.


When it comes to the actual implant, some men prefer a more natural feeling implant. Many men will say they really don’t care about size as long as their partner is happy. In a more indepth survey, the real question wasn’t whether or not men liked women with large breasts, but what men did like in their partner. Men liked a woman that personally felt she was sexy, and acted confident.


If breast augmentation is something you are considering, decide the result you are hoping for and clearly communicate this to your doctor. You can discuss your decisions with your partner, but know the final choices with your surgery are yours to make.


Augmentation Choices

In Lubbock, plastic surgery can be a great experience with Dr. Rowley. During your patient consultation, she will explain your breast augmentation choices with breast implant sizes, materials, and shapes. The goal is that you are happy with the results of your surgery, and the look of your body. Ultimately, we try to please the men in our lives with a good meal and daily kindness. We welcome the input of others in many aspects of life. When it comes to your breasts, whether you choose large or small, fake or real, it’s about what you feel comfortable with. Decisions about our bodies are ultimately ours to make.

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