A Tummy Tuck to Get Rid of That Unwanted Fat

Try CoolSculpting or a Tummy Tuck to Get Rid of That Unwanted Fat

Nothing is worse than going to pick out a cute swimsuit for the summer, and finding that you feel uncomfortable in everything you try on. It’s easy to hide that belly bulge in a T-shirt and jeans, but summer is quickly approaching, and you can’t wear your clothes in the pool. Instead of spending those sweltering summer months covered up, consider a contouring procedure like CoolSculpting or a tummy tuck to give you that instant confidence in a swimsuit.

What is CoolSculpting?

It actually “cools” your fat cells or freezes them to low temperatures, thus eliminating unwanted fat cells without any surgery. CoolSculpting is approved by the FDA and is ideal for people who can’t get rid of stubborn fat pockets around their belly, love handles, arms, or thighs. The “cool” thing about CoolSculpting is that you won’t see any scars because there are no incisions involved. During the procedure you feel pressure and extreme cold in and around the targeted areas. You may feel a pulling, tugging, or pinching sensation and should expect some numbness. The procedure takes about an hour, (depending on how many areas you’re treating) and most of the discomfort is only in the first seven minutes. Some side effects include:

  • Brief numbness
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Tingling

Multiple sessions may be needed depending on the patient’s goals.

How a Tummy Tuck Compares

Yes, a tummy tuck is a surgical procedure, but it does yield dramatic results. It can transform your body and make that belly fat disappear. This procedure can remove up to 10 pounds of skin from a patient’s abdominal area. If your abdominal muscles are weak from past pregnancies or significant weight loss, then the muscles can be tightened and repaired during surgery as well. While CoolSculpting decreases fat by about 30 percent, some patients say that after a tummy tuck they see a 90 percent physical improvement. That may be part of the reason why the number of tummy tucks has risen by more than 100 percent over the last ten years. The surgery takes about 2 hours, and recovery time varies from patient to patient.

Choose a Plastic Surgeon With Expertise

Whether you decide on CoolSculpting or a tummy tuck, Dr. Jane Rowley in Lubbock has the experience and knowledge to help you get the results you desire. At your no-obligation consultation, she will explain all of the risks and benefits of each one, and go over your tummy tuck procedure step-by-step with you. Contact her office today to schedule an appointment.

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