A Natural Approach to Breast Reconstruction

breast augmentation


Hearing a diagnosis of breast cancer can feel like a nightmare. No woman wants to undergo the fear of cancer with its treatments which may include mastectomy. Breast cancer affects one in eight women. It is treatable if detected early. Each individual patient will need to discuss treatment and recovery with their doctor. Breast reconstruction may be something to opt for. Breast reconstruction is more than just a breast augmentation. It usually requires more than one surgery. Breast reconstruction can not only help restore your body physically but can be instrumental in healing you emotionally after a mastectomy.

In Lubbock, plastic surgery patients can choose to have their breasts reconstructed with implants. Implants are put into place immediately after the mastectomy procedure. Patients may have tissue expanders put in place to increase the space for a future breast reconstruction procedure. But there are other options for a more natural breast reconstruction.

Natural Breast Reconstruction Technique

A more natural breast reconstruction technique uses a flap of the patient’s own tissue. The tissue has blood vessels, fat and skin and sometimes muscle that is moved from a place on the body to rebuild the breast. This can give a more natural feel and look to the reconstructed breast area. These flaps can be taken from different areas, stomach, inner thigh, buttocks, or the back of your body, depending on where your doctor feels is best. These flaps make breast reconstruction more natural and will even respond like the rest of your body, enlarging and shrinking if weight is gained or lost. Before this type of plastic surgery, Lubbock doctors will advise you of the risks and what to expect so you can know if this is the right type of breast reconstruction for you.

Whether implants, fat transfer, or tissue flap procedures, reconstructive breast surgery is a personal choice between patient and doctor. For women in Lubbock, plastic surgery may be what you need to feel completely recovered from the experience of breast cancer. Having a good doctor to discuss your options with is so important. Rowley Plastic Surgery has the trusted doctors and experience to help with difficult choices.

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