The Potential Health Benefits to Breast Reduction


Some people when asked about breast plastic surgery will immediately think about breast augmentation which enhances and enlarges the breasts. For residents of Lubbock, plastic surgery for breasts can also include breast reduction surgery. Having breasts that are too large for your body size can create health issues that decreases your quality of life. Physical and emotional issues can be taxing on your overall life experience.


What can you expect with a breast reduction? Your plastic surgeon will make a few incisions in your breast and remove excess fat and breast tissue. Your breasts are reshaped to a smaller size. Sometimes the dark area around your nipple is also made smaller and may need to be repositioned. Excess skin can be removed and incision openings are stitched up.


Most women report being extremely satisfied with breast reduction plastic surgery. Lubbock women can talk about the possible outcomes of surgery with Dr. Rowley before the procedure. Some things to consider are improved ability to move and to be more active. Exercise will be less restricted. Breast reduction can help with back pain and neck aches. Some report fewer headaches. Sleep quality is improved.  Everyone knows that with better sleep and increased daily exercise, general health and well being increases. Some women with large breast suffer from painful shoulder indents from bra straps. This will be alleviated with smaller and lighter breasts


Don’t forget the emotional impact of a breast reduction. For women with large breasts in Lubbock, plastic surgery can help with anxieties and depression caused by insecurities in self image. When you no longer feel self conscious about large breasts, you can feel an emotional freedom. Whether while wearing a swimming suit or just trying to shop for clothes that fit, this freedom is emotionally healing. Mental health is so important to our overall health and quality of life.
If you have a negative experience because of large breasts, contact Rowley Plastic Surgery for a consultation about options and procedures to get a new lease on life and to learn about the benefits of breast reduction.

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