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Breast Reduction: Sometimes Bigger isn’t Better

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Losing weight can make a small difference in your breast size, but Lubbock women who feel their breasts interfere with their lives benefit from breast reduction plastic surgery. No amount of diet or exercise will reduce the size of large breasts. Even though Hollywood would like women to believe that larger breasts are better, many women who naturally have a bigger chest size can tell you differently. Large breasts can make some aspects of life challenging.

  • Limit your ability to exercise or participate sports activities
  • Breathing problems while you sleep
  • Cause skin rashes under breasts
  • Tension headache
  • Shoulder pain
  • Chronic back pain
  • Low self-esteem
  • Difficulty finding clothing that fits property

When you are ready to make a life-altering change in your life, consider the benefit of plastic surgery. Lubbock surgeon, Dr. Jane Rowley has seen the countless lives positively changed from a breast reduction procedure.

Breast Reduction Surgery

Incisions around the nipple and then down vertically to underneath the breast allows Dr. Rowley to reposition your nipple, reduce the size of the areola, and remove excess breast tissue. In most cases, milk ducts, nerves, and blood vessels are left intact so a women would still be able to breastfeed after the surgery.

Reductions Aren’t Just for Women

Some men who have larger fat deposits in their breasts can reduce their chest size with diet and exercise. But,  men who have excess glandular tissue because of genetics or some medications will also benefit from breast plastic surgery to give a more masculine breast contour.

Breast reduction patients are some of the happiest people who choose to have plastic surgery. Lubbock women and men with larger breasts feel greater self-confidence, less physical discomfort, and an overall sense of relief. Dr. Rowley carefully talks with her patients to know their individual expectations for their surgery. She is committed to giving the best care with breast reduction procedures. Call for your personal consultation today.

Nurses are Smart Patients


When you are a smart patient, you’re involved with all aspects of your surgery. Whether planning to have breast implants or a facelift, you make better choices with your healthcare and experience better results from those choices, when you are an informed patient.

You can choose the doctor you see, but you can’t always choose the nurses that help you, yet nurses have a profound effect on your experience. Nurses in Lubbock partner with your doctor to give you excellent care and comfort. They also can give some useful tips on how you can be a smart patient.

  • Ask Lots of Questions

Asking specific questions helps you understand your plastic surgery plan, know the risks involved with the procedure, and be aware of any details that are relevant to you personally.

  • Choose the Right Surgeon

Nurses in Lubbock will tell you that not all doctors are alike. Plastic surgery is not the time to go bargain shopping for your procedure. Get the opinion of nurses and healthcare workers, look at doctor reviews, schedule a consultation visit before you decide on the physician that’s right for you. It’s also important to look for the doctor who is a board-certified plastic surgeon.

  • Know What to Expect During Recovery

Coming out of surgery without knowing what to expect can be a scary experience. Your body will need time to heal, time for swelling to go done, and time before plastic surgery results are fully seen. Your doctor will have recommended post-surgery recovery plan. Being prepared for the recovery period before your surgery will help you heal better.

At Rowley Plastic Surgery, we know the importance of caring nurses in providing calming comfort and expert care to patients. Because nurses are smart and so well informed, they make great plastic surgery patients. We celebrate the wonderful service of nurses and healthcare professionals and offer special programs to reduce their surgery costs. If you are a nurse with questions about breast implants, tummy tucks, or face procedures, call to schedule your consultation appointment today.

Mommy Makeovers: Breast and Belly Enhancement

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A popular plastic surgery procedure in Lubbock is sometimes called a Mommy Makeover. The name can be deceiving as a Mommy Makeover is not just one procedure but an individualized combination of plastic surgery options. The goal of the surgery is to change the effects of childbirth on a woman’s body. After pregnancy and nursing, stomach muscles weaken and abdominal skin sags or loosens. Breasts are deflated and droopy. Often a woman’s body can have stubborn pockets of fat that are unresponsive to diet and exercise. Childbirth is an exciting and emotionally fulfilling life event, and now with proven surgical techniques, a post-childbirth body can regain the firm, youthful look it once had.

A few procedures that work well together to improve the appearance of both belly and breasts are:

  • Breast Augmentation— helps breasts that have lost volume and enhances fullness with breast implants.
  • Breast Lift— works well with breast augmentation, reduction, or on its own, reshaping sagging breasts and enhancing contour.
  • Breast Reduction— benefits women who feel they have too much breast tissue. A reduction will give better symmetry and shape, and relieve discomfort caused by larger breasts.
  • Liposuction— targets stubborn pockets of fat to enhance your body’s contour.
  • Tummy Tuck— takes care of stretched and hanging skin. Be sure you discuss with your doctor concerns about past scars and stretch marks.

It’s important to communicate clearly with your doctor your cosmetic expectations and to consult on which procedures are best for your body type. If you are thinking about a Mommy Makeover, make sure you are in good health, are at a stable weight, and have realistic expectations of your surgical results. We can’t completely stop the effects of aging or life changes on our bodies, but with a Mommy Makeover, Lubbock women can turn back the clock a few years.

At Rowley Plastic Surgery, you have access to a caring, board certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Jane Rowley feels that the best results from plastic surgery start with a careful consultation with the patient. Patients seeking greater confidence in their physical appearance know they are in good hands with the experience of Dr. Rowley and her staff.

Call today to learn more about your Mommy Makeover possibilities.