Why Did You Decide to get a Breast Augmentation?

breast augmentation


Your breasts are a small part of the whole you. Yet, for some women, breasts can have a considerable impact on self image and their confidence in life. Women choose to have breast augmentations for a variety of reasons. Maybe some of these reasons fit your ideas as you look at your own Lubbock plastic surgery options.



Asymmetry with breasts is when breasts are significantly different in size from each other. Breast implants will give breasts a more even size and shape. With a variety of shape and implant choices, breast augmentation can give a your breasts a natural look while also giving you the shape and symmetry you want.


Clothes Fit Better

Breast augmentation is the plastic surgery Lubbock women can consider when wanting to feel better in or out of their clothes. Lack of breast tissue can make it difficult to find clothes that look nice on your body right off the rack. Some women choose breast augmentation because they feel they look nicer in the clothing styles they want to wear.  


Breast Shape

Life always takes its toll on our bodies, including our breasts. Age, nursing babies, weight loss and gain, even gravity can all have an effect on the appearance of our breasts, and give us a reason to consider what Lubbock plastic surgery procedures are available. Breast implants come in so many choices with shape, size, and material that can give rounder, fuller, and natural looking breast. Breast augmentation can reverse some of the changing effects that time has on our bodies.


It’s important to feel good about yourself. The choice to have any plastic surgery procedure is personal and should be made by the patient. The doctors and staff at Rowley Plastic Surgery always want our patients to achieve their personal aesthetic goals. When you are making decisions about plastic surgery, Lubbock plastic surgeon, Jane Rowley, is the board certified professional you can trust. Call today for a consultation!

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