What Will My Scars Look Like Post-Procedure?

Plastic Surgery and Scarring: What Will My Scars Look Like Post-Procedure?


You may be so excited about your upcoming plastic surgery procedure and your new look. That’s great! Excitement and enthusiasm before surgery rather than anxiety and nervousness is a good thing. However, you should know that after your surgery is complete, you will see some scars for awhile. If you choose to get multiple procedures done at the same time, (sometimes called a “mommy makeover”) then you will have scars in varying locations on your body. Before surgery, your plastic surgeon will give you complete details on what kinds of incisions will be made, and how long your scars will take to heal and to what degree they will appear permanently.


Here are some common plastic surgeries and the scarring associated with each:


Tummy tuck:

You can expect a low horizontal abdominal incision. If you have more skin that needs to be removed, the incision typically will be longer. Most incisions are made at or below the bikini line, so the final scar is not obvious to others even in swimwear.


Breast augmentation:

This incision is about two inches long and can be made in a couple of different locations. Some patients choose to have the incision underneath the breast. However, you can also have the incision under the armpit, or around the areola. If you have a breast lift along with an augmentation, then your surgeon should outline the best place for the incisions to be located. Since this is a short incision, the result will be two short and small scars.



Incisions for liposuction are much smaller than other procedures, which results in less noticeable scars. They usually fade significantly over time. Sometimes a mark is left on the skin after liposuction called a dyschromia, which is a dark or light spot on the skin. This is not a true scar, but it can happen.


In Lubbock, you don’t have to go far to find an expert, personable, educated plastic surgeon with over twenty years of experience. Dr. Jane Rowley devotes her time and energy to her patients, making them feel instantly comfortable and secure in every part of their decision. At your no-obligation consultation, she will go over each procedure you choose step-by-step and explain the incisions and scars associated with each one. Contact her office today to find out more.

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