What Are The Top 5 Tips for Recovering After Tummy Tuck?

What Are The Top 5 Tips for Recovering After Tummy Tuck?

We put attention and preparation toward the weeks and days leading up to our plastic surgery procedure, but it’s just as important to think about and prepare for our recovery following the procedure. If you’re prepping for a tummy tuck, here’s a bit of advice from Dr. Rowley’s Lubbock office on how to have a successful recovery.


  • Follow your plastic surgeon’s advice.

We’ll say this one first because it’s the most important. The instructions you receive from your board certified surgeon about caring for your post-surgery body may feel generic, but it is critical that you follow them carefully. You may even receive specific advice in addition to the general instruction that will help you care for your body’s unique needs. Listen to your doctor.


  • Don’t do it alone.

If possible, arrange for a helping hand for a day or two following your tummy tuck. Our Lubbock staff provide top quality care before and during your surgery to ensure the procedure is successful, and support at home can help your after-surgery recovery succeed as well. Simple tasks like getting out of bed, showering, changing clothes, and managing your home and health will be much less stressful if you have help. Relying on someone else for help can allow you to remain comfortable and avoid straining yourself. Lots of rest and low-body strain is necessary during your recovery. Plan on taking off work for at least two weeks following the surgery.


  • Fuel your body with nutritious foods, and quit smoking.

A successful recovery relies on quality nutrition both before and after the surgery. Dark leafy greens, pineapple, and other foods rich in vitamin C can aid in recovery. Foods that might cause gas, such as cabbage and beans, should be avoided. Drinking lots of water is also important. And it is essential that patients quit smoking at least 4-6 weeks before their surgery and avoid smoking during recovery. If you have concerns about the need to quit smoking, you can call our Lubbock office to discuss this requirement.


  • Keep walking, but maybe you shouldn’t run.

It’s important to keep moving to avoid blood clots after surgery. Walking will also keep your body from becoming stiff and can help speed up the recovery of your swelling. But it’s important to find the right amount of movement that helps and doesn’t hurt your recovery. Heavy lifting or other strenuous activities can be very harmful to a recovering tummy tuck patient.


While these ideas are a good starting point for recovery advice, Dr. Jane Rowley and her caring staff in Lubbock have more than just this handful of tips to ensure your safe recovery. Choosing a qualified, skilled doctor like Dr. Jane Rowley and following that doctor’s instructions is the best thing you can do for your body. Give Dr. Rowley’s office a call today!

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