Plastic Surgery Popularity on the Rise

 Americans Are Spending Billions of Dollars on Plastic Surgery Procedures

Since 1997, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, or ASAPS, has compiled statistics on plastic surgery and emerging trends throughout the U.S. The data just released for 2016 shows that Americans put $15 billion dollars towards both surgical and nonsurgical plastic surgery procedures. This is an 11% increase from the year 2015. What’s one of the most popular procedures? Liposuction. Here’s how many men and women underwent the top 5 surgical plastic surgery procedures:


  • Liposuction                                  414,335
  • Breast Augmentation                 310,444
  • Tummy Tuck                                181,540
  • Eyelid Surgery                             173,883
  • Breast Lift                                     161,412


The Reasons for the Trend

Daniel C. Mills, MD, President of ASAPS, says that there are several reasons why plastic surgery is becoming more popular, “A healthy economy with the lowest unemployment rate since 2008, a desire on the part of baby-boomers and their offspring to remain competitive in a youth-centric workforce, younger generations recognizing the value in preventative anti-aging care, and of course, procedural and technological innovations that provide patients with more personalized options in both the surgical and nonsurgical categories. In other words, there’s something for everyone.”

Pick a Plastic Surgeon You Trust

With such a variety of plastic surgery options to pick from, make sure you pick a board-certified plastic surgeon you trust to help you with your desired procedure. At Rowley Plastic Surgery in Lubbock, Dr. Jane Rowley understands how to listen to her patient’s’ goals. She will explore and focus on the best procedure to help you achieve your goals. She wants her patients to remember that liposuction should not be viewed as a weight loss tool. “It is for localized areas of fat and it can give exceptional and dramatic results if used on the right patient in the right areas.” Schedule your no-obligation consultation today to help determine which cosmetic procedure is right for you.

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