The Guide to Sizing for Breast Implants Lubbock Women Need

During your breast augmentation consultation, your plastic surgeon will ask you what size you would like your breasts to be. Communicating these expectations can be difficult for some women as they try to describe their ideal size. You may have a final cup size you would like to achieve, but breast implant sizes do not match up with a certain bra size. As patient and doctor discuss breast augmentation, they should consider long-term goals for the surgical results. And when considering the sizing of their breast implants, Lubbock women should think about their body proportion, lifestyle, and other important factors that will affect their overall satisfaction with the procedure.

Breast Implant Size and Your Body

Size can be one of the toughest topics to navigate when establishing clear expectations for your breast augmentation procedure. We often try talking about breast sizes using bra sizes, but a cup size can look very different on unique body shapes and sizes. Even a standard bra size can vary widely from brand to brand. It often surprises patients at their initial consultation when they find out that cup size is an unreliable way to determine what implant size to get.  

With the same breast implants, Lubbock women can look different depending on their body shape and existing breast tissue. For example, your chest and shoulder width play a role in selecting the width of your implants. Going from a small A cup to a small D cup can produce very different results than going from a full B cup to a small D cup. Rather than selecting a bra from the store shelf or comparing with friends to determine the right size for you, come into our Lubbock office for an in-person consultation. We are here to help you understand your options and explain what may be recommended for your body type.

Consider Breast Augmentation and Lifestyle

It is easy to browse the internet or take a look around the poolside to decide what you think is the perfect size for your breast implants. Lubbock women need to remember that it will be an entirely different thing living with that new body they imagined. The goal after a breast augmentation is not to look back and wish that you had either chosen a size larger or a size smaller. Size dissatisfaction post-surgery can be a result of more than just wishing your clothes fit differently. For very active women, maintaining that lifestyle with a new and larger chest can be difficult. If sports and exercise are an important part of your life, consider an implant that will give you lift, shape, and fullness, but not an excessively large breast size.

Too Much of a Good Thing

When they get breast implants Lubbock women find that it does more than impact their appearance, it also impacts their lifestyle and ability to move. When weight is removed through liposuction, people often find that movement and exercise are much easier. Breast implants, however, add weight to your body and change your balance. Aerobic activities can be a bit tricky with larger breasts, and active individuals may find that while their new, larger breasts look great in a dress, they don’t feel great on the treadmill.

A More Natural Look and Feel

Today’s trends for breast augmentation lean toward more natural looking breast implants. Lubbock patients often do not want the extra unwanted attention that sometimes comes with a larger implant. Most women do not want to end up looking fake after their surgery. Proportion is key when choosing a breast implant size that will look beautiful on you, and sometimes that calls for a smaller implant. If you want a natural look, a smaller implant can help you fill out your clothes comfortably and add definition to your shape without calling excessive attention to your chest.

More than “Bigger is Better”

Ultimately, you need to get the breast implants that you want. Most people who have a healthy self-image and realistic expectations of this procedure find that they are incredibly happy with the results of their breast implants. Lubbock women who get larger implants at the recommendation of someone else often find themselves eventually unhappy and returning for additional procedures to reduce the size of the implants. So do what makes you happy and love your body, because you’re beautiful!

It is also important to remember that breast augmentation is not a competition about size. By correcting an asymmetric chest or adding some lost fullness with the right sized breast implants, Lubbock women can find great satisfaction and an increase in self-confidence. Dr. Jane Rowley knows the importance of spending all the time that is needed to understand her patient’s expectations with her breast augmentation. Schedule your no-obligation consultation today and to learn about the possibilities you can have with breast enhancement surgery.

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