Lubbock Plastic Surgery Patients and Smoking

The effects of smoking on our lungs and the risks of cancer through tobacco and secondhand smoke exposure are fairly well-known and understood. But the dangers of smoking go beyond our lungs. Smoking introduces nicotine and carbon monoxide to the body which can cause blood vessels to restrict and can impact our tissue, both of which limit the flow of oxygen throughout our body. Oxygen is vital to the healing process, so getting insufficient oxygen during any healing period can result in complications and issues after surgery. Ultimately, patients who smoke can experience longer healing times and worsened scars. It is important for people planning to undergo plastic surgery to quit smoking well before scheduling a surgical procedure with our office in Lubbock. Plastic surgery patients are encouraged to stop smoking at least a few weeks before their scheduled surgery.


The Effects of Smoking


  • Smoking can lead to infections in the surgical wound. Smokers have higher rates of post-op infections.
  • Tobacco use can slow the healing process. Not only does this extend the recovery time, but it can also lead to issues in scarring.
  • Smoking introduces complications to circulation throughout the body leading to a deterioration of the skin during or after surgery.


Don’t Want to Quit?


The effects from smoking can cause serious complications. Some plastic surgeons will refuse scheduling procedures with people who smoke to avoid these risks. Other doctors will set strict parameters requiring patients to stop smoking for a specific amount of time before the surgery. These risks and restrictions may change depending on the procedure.


Quit Anyway


For patients in Lubbock, plastic surgery safety is of utmost importance to Dr. Jane Rowley. Patients should completely avoid smoking and nicotine patches and nicotine gum when preparing to undergo plastic surgery. You should continue to avoid smoking and other forms of nicotine during the recovery period as well.
Dr. Jane Rowley is the leading plastic surgeon in Lubbock who cares about the health and recovery of her plastic surgery patients. Visit our office today at Rowley Plastic Surgery and discover your cosmetic possibilities.

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