Improving Breast Augmentation Results with a Lift

breast augmentation


Having children along with your body’s natural aging process will change your breasts. You will see and feel changes in breast tissue, shape, and appearance. Women sometimes think that implants alone will make the desired changes in their breasts. A breast augmentation with implants will help with the loss of volume, but adding a breast lift to the procedure can enhance the contour and shape as well as adding volume to your breasts. A lift focuses on repositioning the existing breast tissue and nipple for a more contoured look. Doctors in Lubbock used to feel that combining the two procedures would increase a patient’s risk for complications. But now it is accepted that performing breast procedures in tandem is safe without increasing risk.


When to Consider a Breast Augmentation with a Lift


Your breast may have more changes than just loss of volume. Consider adding a breast lift with your implants if your breasts:


  • Droop and have lost firmness.
  • Have areolas that are larger than desired.
  • Have nipples that point downward.


Consulting with your doctor will help you determine if the degree of sagginess in your breasts makes you a good candidate for a breast lift. A breast lift will take care of extra, sagging skin that will accent the volume increase from implants.


Having a breast augmentation in tandem with a breast lift is a cost effective way to get the most out of your plastic surgery experience. Both procedures are straightforward and work well together. The right implant with the right combination of procedures can restore your breasts to a youthful, perky appearance. The goal of Dr. Jane Rowley is to listen carefully to your personal cosmetic goals and then recommend which procedures will best fit those goals and your body type. If you are in good health, are finished having children, and your weight is stable, find out if a combination of breast augmentation with a lift is what you are looking for to restore confidence in your physical appearance. Schedule your consultation today.

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