Breast Reduction Takes a Load Off Your Back

breast augmentation

When considering breast surgery, most people think about breast augmentation. However, some women can benefit from breast reduction surgery. Experts estimate that close to a million women nationwide experience physical problems due to larger breasts. Lubbock surgeon, Dr. Jane Rowley, knows that a woman experiencing the adverse effects of larger breasts will benefit both physically and emotionally from a breast reduction.

Here are a few things to think about when deciding if a breast reduction is right for you.


How is your Posture?

As women age, their shoulders tend to roll forward. Shoulders of women with larger breasts can roll even further forward, causing problems with posture that can contribute to back, neck, or shoulder pain. Some may even feel numbness in the body caused by nerve damage from poor posture. If large breasts are affecting your posture, consult a doctor about the benefits of a breast reduction. With this plastic surgery, Lubbock women can stand a little straighter with a lighter chest.


How Is your Activity?

We all know the benefits of exercise and living an active lifestyle. Larger breasts make some exercise difficult, or even painful to carry out. If you feel your breasts get in the way, or make normal activities difficult, consider the liberating effects of breast reduction plastic surgery. Lubbock women can move around with more freedom when a heavy chest is lightened.


How is your Self Image?

Having larger breasts can have adverse effects on your self-esteem and contribute to having a bad body image. If you feel self-conscious about your looks because of larger breasts, talk to your doctor about the advantages of having a breast reduction. Women who go through the procedure can have a better body image and rebuild their self confidence.


The benefits of a breast reduction include less back pain, greater mobility, and increased self confidence. Along with these, Lubbock women also have the added benefit of having Dr. Jane Rowley available. One of the top plastic surgeons in Lubbock, Dr. Rowley has considerable experience in carrying out successful breast reductions. Plastic surgery is a personal decision and can be a life changing experience. Call Rowley Plastic Surgery today to schedule your consultation.

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