How to Choose Between Liposuction and Non-invasive Fat Reduction

Often people discover that certain areas of their bodies seem to be diet- and exercise-resistant. In spite of personal efforts to thin the thighs or smooth the back or tone a stomach “pooch” after pregnancy, localized fat can feel impossible to target and permanently remove. In these cases, individuals can turn to plastic surgery. Lubbock residences can choose liposuction to support their efforts with diet and exercise. Liposuction is a safe and effective way to reduce fat permanently and refine the body’s appearance. Recently, however, nonsurgical or minimally invasive alternatives to liposuction have become more popular.


What’s the Difference?



  • Surgical procedure
  • Removes fat through the suction of a hollow tube (called a cannula)
  • Especially effective on legs, abdomen, back, arms, face, and neck
  • More impactful than non-surgical approaches
  • Recovery up to six weeks
  • Results visible immediately following recovery
  • Higher cost than non-surgical procedures


Non-invasive Procedures

  • Non-surgical
  • Removes fat through a variety of methods including targeting the fat cells through cooling or radiofrequency
  • Particularly effective on hips, thighs, buttocks, or abdomen
  • Less impactful than non-surgical approaches, with up to approximately a 25% reduction of fat in the treated area
  • Though patients feel slightly sore and swollen following the procedure, there is no downtime needed for recovery
  • Results take time and multiple treatments
  • Lower cost than liposuction


Which Is Right for Me?


When questioning what is right for you for any plastic surgery, Lubbock board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jane Rowley, recommends a personal consultation. Although the internet has a lot of information to offer, meeting with a professional face-to-face is the best way to ensure you are considering all of the variables factoring into the right decision for you and your body. If you feel you are at your ideal weight and have good skin elasticity but just need some help targeting a few stubborn areas, non-surgical methods may be right for you. If you are looking to reduce a larger deposit of excess fat, Liposuction may be an excellent option.


To take the next step in making a choice between the various non-surgical options and liposuction plastic surgery Lubbock has to offer, contact Dr. Jane Rowley today.

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