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How Can I Make Sure My Plastic Surgeon is Qualified?

tummy tuck

More people are choosing to have procedures to restore personal confidence in their physical appearance. Lubbock patients can opt for a facial procedure, tummy tuck, or breast augmentation as just a few ways to make physical changes.

Why You Should Find the Best Lubbock Surgeon

With the increase of plastic surgeries performed every year, comes to the increase of horror stories of surgeries gone wrong. While most patients have great experiences with their surgeries, you can make some choices that minimize your chances of having a bad experience. Probably the most important factor for a successful outcome with your surgery is to find the best doctor available for the surgery you are considering.

Board Certification

Finding yourself in the hands of an inexperienced surgeon can increase your chances of your not liking the results of your surgery. You will want to find an experienced doctor that is board certified. The government doesn’t require doctors to be experienced or specifically trained in all of the procedures they may be offering. A general surgeon won’t have the trained skills specifically needed for cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. You can ask questions that will give you a better idea of the experience and training the doctor has:

  • Where did you go to school?
  • Are you certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery?
  • How long have you been performing the procedure?
  • What additional training have your received?

Follow Your Personal Feelings

It’s important to feel comfortable with your doctor and the staff. Beauty for one person is often different than it is for someone else. You and your doctor need to be able to clearly communicate with each other so that your cosmetic goals are understood and surgical expectations are realistic.

In Lubbock, you have the opportunity to work with a board certified surgeon with over twenty years experience in the field of plastic surgery. Dr. Jane Rowley strives to carefully consult with each patient for the best possible outcome for each patient. Schedule your no obligation consultation to meet her staff and discover your cosmetic options.

Fall is a Great Time for a Mommy Makeover

mommy makeover, Lubbock

Fall seems to have a routine with school starting, vacations over, and yard work winding down. Routine can also seem dull when the clouds move in. Now would be a good time to consider having a mommy makeover. A mommy makeover is a casual way to refer to a combination of plastic surgery procedures aimed to change the effects that age and childbirth have on a woman’s body. With all of the summer activities calming down and cooler weather moves in, a woman can consider taking some time to do something for herself.

Procedure Combinations

The more procedures added to your mommy makeover plan will add more dramatic changes to your body. Also, consider that with each added procedure you will want to add extra recovery time. Several plastic surgery options are available to fit your personal cosmetic goals.

  • Breast lift
  • Breast Reduction or Augmentation
  • Liposuction
  • Tummy Tuck

Consult with your board certified Lubbock plastic surgeon to make the best surgical plan for your individual expectation.

Expected Recovery Time

How you handle pain and how your body heals is an individual experience. The average recovery time for a mommy makeover is three to four weeks. You will need to have help with family responsibilities and household jobs while you recover from your surgery. The longer you can give your body to recover, the better your healing will go.

The New You

When you are finished having children and want to give some attention to your personal appearance, a mommy makeover can help with saggy breasts, hanging abdominal skin, stretch marks, and stubborn fat handles on your hips that exercise and diet seem to do nothing for. A mommy makeover in the fall will have you ready for the holidays, feeling and looking your best.
With any plastic surgery procedure, it is so important to consult with your doctor and discuss your expectations, learn as much as you can about what will happen during and after the surgery, and have a post-surgery plan figured out. Dr. Jane Rowley is the leading plastic surgeon in Lubbock, TX who carefully listens to her patients and creates individual plans based on each patient’s unique goals. Come in today to meet her caring staff and schedule your consultation appointment.

Medical Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

liposuction, Lubbock

A tummy tuck, officially called abdominoplasty, tightens the muscles and trims stretched or loose skin and excess fat from the abdomen giving the midsection of the body a flatter and more toned appearance. This procedure is occasionally paired with liposuction of the abdomen or other areas and is often associated with a “mommy makeover” to restore a pre-pregnancy body shape. Beyond pregnancy situations, many patients requesting tummy tucks or liposuction are correcting and trimming loose skin after experiencing extreme weight loss in a short period of time.

Although the primary reason people undergo a tummy tuck in Lubbock is to improve appearance, there are several additional benefits to the procedure.

Reduction of Stress Urinary Incontinence

For those getting a post-pregnancy “mommy makeover,” a tummy tuck can correct more than the stretched skin left after delivering a baby. After a vaginal delivery women can develop a bladder control issue known as Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) where they experience uncontrollable urinary leakage when coughing, sneezing, exercising, or simply laughing, and a tummy tuck can aid in the recovery of SUI by creating a slight soft tissue bladder obstruction near the pelvic area.

Hernia Relief

Procedures like liposuction will help with fat reduction, but a tummy tuck can help correct weakened abdominal muscles and pressure on the skin caused by a hernia. A doctor may choose to combine the tummy tuck procedure with that of the hernia correction which is not only a safe approach; it can save time and money in surgeries and recoveries.

Better Posture

By tightening the weak abdominal muscles that are associated with lordosis, or swayback, the muscles will be better able to support the spine. This will improve posture and can relieve certain types of back pain.
Overall, getting a tummy tuck from Dr. Rowley here in Lubbock will not only help you look great, but it will help you feel great from all of the added benefits of the surgery. Call today for a no-obligation consultation. Find more information at