The Future of Breast Augmentation

Breast implants


Breast augmentation still ranks as the highest asked for cosmetic surgery procedure. But, trends don’t last forever. Hollywood has given us images of full, large, rounded breasts as the idea of the perfect bust, but the “bigger is better” idea is shifting towards a more natural looking breast augmentation.


Ideas About Size

When a women has less breast tissue than she would like, the idea of breast augmentation is a real option to increase a bust size. In the past, the only implant shape available was a rounded implant that gave lift to the breast on the bottom as well as the top. This gave a less natural look with an overall fullness. Images of women with extra large, perfectly round breasts flooded the media suggesting this was the perfect breast image. We have been told that men thought ‘the bigger the better,’ when it came to breast size. Now women are wanting younger looking breasts, maybe even larger than they currently have, but with a more natural size and look. Some studies have suggested that most men and women feel that an average C cup bust is the best breast size. What you want is entirely up to you, and should be discussed with your doctor.


More Implant Options

With technology advances in plastic surgery, Lubbock plastic surgeon, Jane Rowley, has many different implant options for you to choose from. The FDA has approved silicone filled implants that feel more like your natural breast tissue. You can also choose from round or teardrop shapes, and a saline filled structured implant that has different layers of fluid gives a more natural look, without the concerns associated with silicone.


Changing Past Augmentation Choices

If you were someone that went for the bigger bust, and feel a change is needed- you are not alone. Many women who had breast augmentation for bigger breasts are able to come to the best plastic surgeon in Lubbock, and change your older implants for a new look that fits your current lifestyle today.


Breast augmentation is still the most popular requested plastic surgery. Now that surgery comes with so many choices, you don’t need to feel it is a ‘one size fits all’ world.

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