Which Breast Procedure is Right for You?

Lubbock plastic surgery


Plastic surgery covers many procedures from tummy tucks to nose jobs. But women often worry about the appearance of their breasts. Breast surgery offers three different procedures, each with options to consider and different reasons for having the procedure. Clients looking for options in Lubbock plastic surgery can consider each procedure to discover what is best for your personal situation.


Breast Augmentation

If you are interested in enhancing the appearance, breast size, or shape of your breasts with plastic surgery, Lubbock surgeon Jane Rowley can discuss options with you. Breast Augmentation can help women who feel their breasts are too small or have changed after pregnancy. Some women have breasts that are not symmetrical. Breast Augmentation may be the option you are looking for. This procedure uses implants to achieve the client’s desired look.


Breast Reduction

Women who have too much breast tissue can experience back pain, neck pain, and breathing problems. Large breasts can inhibit exercise and other activities. There is also the difficulty of buying clothing that fits well. Tummy Tucks aren’t the only option if you feel you are carrying around a little extra uncomfortable weight. Breast reductions remove excess breast tissue, fat, and skin to make your breasts shapely and lighter. With a breast reduction, women can feel a new life with unrestricted movement and less chest weight from breasts that are out of proportion with your body size.


Breast Reconstruction

With breast cancer and possible mastectomy, some women face actually losing one or both of their breasts. Lubbock plastic surgery is at its best with Rowley Plastic Surgery to help you look at options for breast reconstruction. With the latest technology, surgeons can create a breast that comes close to the feel and appearance of a natural breast. Women who have reconstructive surgery can experience a faster recovery emotionally from the treatments of breast cancer.


With so many options in breast plastic surgery, Lubbock is the right place to be to see the right doctors at Rowley Plastic Surgery to discuss your individual needs and goals.