5 Surprising Facts About Liposuction

5 Surprising Facts About Liposuction

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), Liposuction procedures are among the most popular of plastic surgery procedures in America. Doctors, including Lubbock Dr. Jane Rowley, have performed these surgeries for years, and yet there are still some things about this surgery that aren’t well understood by most people.


  • You don’t lose a lot of weight.

Although fat cells are removed during the liposuction procedure, the objective of liposuction isn’t to help you lose weight, but rather to shape targeted areas of the body that haven’t responded to diet and exercise. You may notice some weight loss, but most of the impact of liposuction is seen in the mirror and not on the scale.


  • Liposuction is not for obese people.

Although we would all love a true quick fix for unwanted body weight, liposuction is not performed with the intent of being a substitute for a healthy diet and consistent exercise. Suddenly losing a significant amount of weight can be dangerous for your body and general health. So a natural, more gradual approach like diet and exercise will always be recommended. Liposuction is intended to target “problem areas” on your body for cosmetic correction and contouring. You don’t need to be overweight to consider liposuction. A good candidate for liposuction is someone who is prepared to maintain their liposuction results with diet and exercise and is within 30% of the target body weight. The best way to determine if liposuction is for you is to call our Lubbock office and ask.


  • Results aren’t always immediately visible.

While preparing for your procedure, it’s not uncommon to spend time looking at before and after pictures of others who have had liposuction. Not only is it important to remember that everyone’s results will be different, but also that time may have passed in between each of those pictures. You will need to wear bandages or compression garments for days or weeks following your procedure. Results may not settle in for weeks or even months after your surgery. Be patient with your body as it heals.


  • Fat can and does return after the procedure.

It is true that our bodies are born with a specific number of fat cells and that we do not produce more fat cells during our lives; however, even though liposuction removes fat cells, the fat cells that remain can grow large enough to fill in the space left by the removed cells. Without proper diet and exercise, fat can easily expand to areas of the body previously treated by liposuction if we allow the remaining cells to grow uncontrolled.


  • The removed fat can be transferred to other parts of your body.

This may sound weird, but it’s actually a big plus if you’re looking to augment another part of your body to use unwanted fat from one part of your body to fill in another part. The fat removed during liposuction can be used to shape and augment your breasts or butt, rejuvenate and lift the face, or even enhance muscles like abs, pecs, and shoulders.

Dr. Jane Rowley will carefully explain everything you need to know about liposuction. She is the leading board certified plastic surgeon in Lubbock with over twenty years of experience. You can trust you are in good hands at Rowley Plastic Surgery for all your cosmetic procedures. Call today.

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