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Can Smaller Breast Implants Make You Look and Feel More Natural?


After deciding that breast implants are for you, your next decision is settling on the right size. Unlike people looking into liposuction procedures who often have the belief that smaller is better, those seeking breast implants may or may not think that bigger is better. With the introduction of breast implants this was a common view; however, smaller implants are becoming more and more popular. So, why is bigger not always better?

A More Natural Look and Feel

Larger implants tend to draw more attention and are often identifiable as implants. A smaller implant would mean filling out your clothes comfortably and adding definition to shape without calling excessive attention to your chest.

Your Medium is My Large

Bigger or smaller aren’t always the same in comparison with others because each body type merits an individual approach in determining what looks good and what doesn’t. Dr. Rowley will carefully give you the attention you need at your evaluation appointment to discuss size and all of the facets associated with that conversation,  including shape. Finding a tailored fit for your body is incredibly important because something that looks good and natural on one person can look excessive and unnatural on another.

Too Much of a Good Thing

Getting breast implants does more than impact your appearance, it also impacts your lifestyle and ability to move. When weight is removed through liposuction, people often find that movement and exercise are much easier. Breast implants, however, add weight to your body and change your balance. Aerobic activities can be a bit tricky with larger breasts, and active individuals may find that while their new, larger breasts look great in a dress, they don’t feel great on the treadmill.

There Is No “big” or “small,” There Is Only “Just Right”

Ultimately, you need to get the breasts implants that you want. Most people who have a healthy self-image and realistic expectations of this procedure find that they are incredibly happy with their results. Women who get larger implants at the recommendation of a friend often find themselves eventually unhappy and returning for additional procedures to reduce the size of the implants. So do what makes you happy and love your body, because you’re beautiful!

Dr. Jane Rowley is your board certified Lubbock surgeon that will discuss your personal aesthetic goals with you. Schedule your consultation today.

Is there an Ideal Breast Size?

Breast reduction

Women in Lubbock see the world through individual preferences and tastes. What one person thinks is perfect doesn’t accurately reflect the likes and dislikes of the next person. When you are discussing the ideal breast size, even though people have their opinions, consider a study published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®  that found most people prefer breasts with 45% of their fullness above the nipple line and 55% below the line. Participants also said they like a more natural, teardrop shape.

What Affects Your Breast Size and Shape?

  • Genetics is the biggest factor in determining your breast size and shape. Genes from both your parents influence your breasts’ hormone levels, tissue density, shape, and skin tone.
  • The aging process happens whether we like it or not. You can’t fight the ticking of the clock or the effect of gravity over time. The Cooper ligaments in your breasts are bands of tissue that hold your breast structure and tissue in place. These aren’t true ligaments that are connected to bone so over time they can become stretched like overworked rubber bands. This stretching will eventually cause breasts to have a saggy or droopy appearance.
  • Weight can affect your breasts. A portion of your breast tissue is fat. You can understand why your breasts will expand when your waistline does. If your breast composition has large amounts of fat, your breasts sag when you lose significant amounts of weight.

Some life choices have a greater influence on our breasts’ appearance than others. Pregnancy and breastfeeding have a much more significant effect on our bust than exercise does. And a healthier lifestyle supports your skin elasticity,  muscle tone, and weight consistency.

How Can You Make Changes if Your Breasts aren’t Your Ideal Size?

You may not feel like you have much control over the natural size or shape of your breasts. Ultimately the perfect breast size is the one you feel the most comfortable and confident with.

In Lubbock, women who want to have greater control over their appearance visit Dr. Jane Rowley. She has over 20 years experience with breast plastic surgery options . Patients can consult with her about the benefits of a breast reduction, lift, or implants. Your breast size is a personal choice. For the most caring and experienced plastic surgery in Lubbock, patients come to Rowley Plastic Surgery. Visit ( to learn more about your aesthetic options.  

Do I Need a Breast Lift or Breast Augmentation?

Lubbock plastic surgery

You decided you want to make changes to your appearance, but you’re not sure which breast procedure is right for you. In Lubbock, plastic surgery procedures are carefully explained and planned by Dr. Rowley, so you have the best experience and result from the options you choose.  Whether you want a breast lift, augmentation, or combination of breast procedures, the choice you make depends on a variety of personal needs and cosmetic goals.

Breast Lift

A breast lift will reposition your nipples to a more upward placement. Skin is tightened to reshape the contour of your breast. This procedure gives you a more youthful look and shape but doesn’t increase breast volume. A breast lift refreshes the appearance of your breasts but doesn’t change their size or reposition the nipples.

Breast Augmentation

Implants are intended to increase the size of your breasts. You can choose from a variety of implant sizes, shapes, and materials to get the particular desired look that fits your expectations.  Having implants adds volume to sagging breasts but also adds more weight to stretched skin that is already not supporting breast tissue well.

If you only have mild sagging, implants will give a lift to your breasts. But, if you have more severely sagging breasts, you can discuss the option of implants with a breast lift with your doctor.

Combination of Breast Procedures

Some women will choose a combination of breast procedures. If your breasts have lost volume and show significant sagging, a combination of breast lift with implants can better help you improve your appearance. You can enjoy the benefits of a lift with repositioned nipples and excised extra skin while you also add volume to your breast size.

Ask yourself these questions and discuss your goals with your doctor to better decide which procedure or combination is right for you.

  • Do my nipples point down or out?
  • Am I happy with the size of my breasts?
  • Do I like the fullness of the upper part of my breast?
  • How bad is the sagging of my breast?

An individual consultation is important along with clear communication with your doctor. Dr. Jane Rowley feels the more you know about your procedure and the better she understand your goals, the better your experience will be; that’s why Dr. Rowley is the trusted surgeon in Lubbock for plastic surgery.

Schedule your no-obligation consultation today and see what plastic surgery options are best for you.